English 171A -- Harriet Jacobs

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1813 - 1897
Links to Harriet Jacobs sites:

* San Antonio LitWeb Harriet Jacobs Page
* Harriet Jacobs
* Resources Related to Harriet Jacobs
* chapter entitled "The Loophole of Retreat"
* Linda Brent, Incidents in the Life
* New Critical Essays -- Garfield, Zafar
* Profile on Jacobs
* Harriet A Jacobs, writer and activist
* Biography on Harriet Jacobs (very nice)

NEW! Politics of the Gaze: Peeping Toms and Cursed Beauty
in Alcott's Behind A Mask and Jacob's Incidents
by Louise Bialik

Additional Resources

U.S. Women's History Jim Crow Laws
Anti Fugitive Slave Act, 1793 U.S. Women's History

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