accustomed to repetition
and threatened with thoughts of change
plans muddle as fear accelerates

soliciting assurance, going door to door
the doubtful lock into their iron homes
and wait for the anchor man to say
that it's quite alright to be feeling uneasy

helpless as an infant suddenly dropped
anxiety swells when the ground jolts
almost on schedule and without warning
we discover a meaning for tolerance

could this compensate for all the times
we shunned our eyes, foolishly ignoring
our responsibilities?

and when catastrophe leaves the living with losses
we find compassion through disaster.
Seeing ourselves in another's reaction;
reems of uncertainties disipate
as we learn to compose all the possibilities

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Copyright 1989 by Louise Bialik and 17 Pygmies. Used with permission of Mothra Music. All rights reserved. No part of this lyric may be reproduced in any form without the written consent of the publisher.