gart pages


imagist trees
ice & light
tick tock
cras amet
halcyon days
walls are closing in

I have been in outer space. Not sleeping but wired on italian cafe from Pete's and the bright light of my Mac, which is pushing it since I have my home to tend to... however, late at night, it's time to push the envelop. For the most part, I have been afraid of Pro Tools. I grew up on Fostex, Teac, Tascam, lots of tape, all kinds of tape from C90 to 24..... when things went digital, it was a freak out all over again, like when I had to accept that my days of vinyl worship would come to a seasonal end as more and more friends held CD parties and not the sweet 45s..... but enough of that..... it is time to move into the future. Time for Missions to Mars and wherever the Urantians go. I am ready to be beamed aboard, Scotty.

So the song... the song... the deal with LUST is this.. I first heard Simone play EL CAN on his myspace page ~ ~ and it really freaked me out. I was mostly embarassed because there was a loop of a girl having a really good time (if you get my drift) so I asked Simone if I could do the usual of laying vocals to one of his Bardacid pieces, he said SURE and was cool to send me the track minus the big O.

I've been rereading Dante's INFERNO, CANTO V over and over again. I don't know why but it's been calling me... I suppose it's because I am picking up my love affair with Ezra Pound-- he has a remakable way of using the word "dross" which is lost in the English vocabulary today.

There is a story in this song about two women who are hell bound, Francesca da Rimini and Lady Guinevere. Francesca is sent to hell for having kissed her husband's brother (and a lot more) which infuriated him to the point of murdering her and his suicide-- but I suppose the bright side of things is that in Hell, the brother, Paolo, wins his seat by Francesca, but she is not that happy and wants to get out... As for Guinevere, she's not there because of her fling with Lancelot but because she was so seductive of a story that it led Paolo to kiss Francesca (thus the book and the author who wrote it are damned as well).

The INFERNO is written in stanzas of three lines called TERCETS (Terza Rima). I've taken creative liberty to adapt the comedy, the Canto V, and turn its essence into a lyric for 2006. From there, wanted to focus on the drums that remind me of Jaki Liebezeit (CAN't get enough of it). Krautiopharm added voodoo swamp potion, and I went into a dark place for a weekend... learning the wonderful world of flanger and chorus, how to burn hertz and manipulate dBs... oh it can get juicy... then something strange happened, all those years of listening to my Armenian father's liturgical hymns just decided to jump out... which made a nice contrast between good and evil. I intend to robotize the middle section of the vocals. Once day I will be Borg, but a nice Borg, of course.


upon my ears
internal storming
infernal warring wind

my heart diseased
plagued by loving
lost to mortal sin

i've been dazed
upon the leaves
pages pale and thin

when kissed my mouth
my lover's brother
and we read no more

in the darkness

love quick to kindle
love inescapable
love the sudden death

fall we blurred by our senses
weep for angel breath
in the darkness

O i saw it...
i saw it...

Hell's floor
is a body, a door
taking us down

breaking us down
taking us
taking us


Come what may
the last agony
My choice is made;

I'll not give you up--
Dross or gold,
I give you all.

The flame of my heart
for your cup
throw it up

my life is flame
in this life
for your damned eyes