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Welcome to our family history project!

On this web site, researchers share and organize their family histories descended from the 16th Century Ban de la Roche commune of Alsace, France. Villages of the Ban region include Rothau, Wildersbach, Waldersbach, Solbach, Fouday, Belmont, Fouday, Neuvillers, Bellefosse and their former Swiss settlements in Basel, Bern, Wahlern and Guggisberg.

The goal of this project is to optimize research on the following families:

Christman, Binggeli, Brullhardt, Verly, Loux, Teppe, Caquelin, Morel, Marmet, Claude, Mareschal, Aseman, Neuvillers, Banset, Babilion, Mougenat, Parmentier, Schedecker, Ringuelsbach, Grandgeorge, Claude, Bernard, Holvech, Gagnier, Groshens.

Also included are friends of the Ban pilgrims who emigrated from Switzerland in the 1730s to Pennsylvania:

Stockburger, Heckendorn, Kraemer

As well as associates from Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

Alpine scenic, Aspen, CO

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You are cordially invited to participate in our online discussions. Our members are more than happy to answer questions you may have about your research. Be sure to visit THE MESSAGE BOARD or THE BAN BLOG to connect with other geneaologists. Click on the global image at right.

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