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Of 330 passengers on the ship, these were the only families for which the captain made an addition to his ship's passenger list that indicated whether the male passenger had brought a wife and also included a tabulation of the number of children in each family.

[List 42 A] [Palatines imported in the Ship Princess Augusta, Samuel Marchant, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified September 16, 1736.] MEN TO BE QUALIFIED - AGES Gabril Lamle, 26 ; Hance George Bumgartner, 26; Hance Philip Flexer, 31; George Meyer, 27; George Ritter, 17; Johann Jost TUPPS, 18; Stephen Shust, 22; Jacob Meyer, 45; David Bielman, 31; Hance Michall Carle, 23; Hance Thomas Kurr, 19; Gotfried Loudermilch, 28 ; Philip Gutchman, 29; George Meyer, 35; Hance Michall Essich,30; George Essich, 40; Rudolph Essich, 70; Johan Jacob Bush, 26; William Huber, 29; Jacob MULLER, 28; Simon Carel, 36; Jacob Free, 28; Lorance Free, 24; Nicholos Free, 48; Hendrick Free, 17; Leenhard Styen, 46; Hance Nicklos SCHMITT, 28; Lorance Simon, 30; Christian Simon, 60; Friederick Gartner, 35; Hance George Drautman, 27; George Meyer, 63; George Mourer, sick, 29; Hendrick Meyer, 26; Bastian Graff, from Boston, 25; George Graff, 34; Adolph Wensel, 36; Hance Jacob Biedert, 30; Christian Sheybly, 53; Christian Sheibly, 17; Hance HECKENDORN, 50; Hance HECKENDORN, 20; Dannill HECKENDORN, 16; Bastian Stoler, 42; Hance Jacob Grieter, 55; Fredrick Grieter, 21; Martain Grieter, 19; Tielman Hirnschael, 55; Durst Thome, 57; Martain Thome, 32; Hance Jacob Thome, 29; Durst Thome, 24; Jacob Stubes, 25; Joseph Criteer, 24; Jacob Kese, 28; Rudulph Hough, 25; Hance Spietteler, 45; Hance Spietteler, 17; Jacob Domme, sick, 39; Hance George Gerster, 26; Nicholas TENNE, 24; David Lewesteyn, 40; Jacob Paire, 34; Hance JACOBE, 28; Stafen JACOBE, 23; John Books, 23; Christian Ruchty, 74; Abraham JACKE, 26; Diderich MARCHALL, sick, 29; Sebastian CACKELIE, 50; Sebastian CACKELIE, died, 22; Diderick CACKELIE, 20; Hance CACKELIE, 17; Hance COMMER, 46; Dannill COMMER, 19; Diederich WERLIE, 41; Hance TISELER, 23; Hance Imber Marty, 46; Hance Jacob Keller, 30; Nichlos Jewdie, 23; Hance Joner, died, 50; Jonas Joner, 20; Hance Jacob Joner,16; Benedictus Jochlie, 27; Christian TEPPE, 30; Petter BRINHARTT, 39; Walter Bauman, 32; Hance Ebber, 31; Hance Zwalle, 36; Hance Stockie, 26; Hance George Knaap, sick, 43; Hance Rudolph Erb, 26; Jacob Bruderle, sick, 42; Peter PINKLEY, 28; Melchoir Detwyler, 37; Christian Schlechter, 39; Petter Delo, 40; Rudolph Bumgartner, 55; Francis CHRISTIAN, 40; Nicolas Drasbart, 40; Nichols Gerrard, 30; Peter PINKLEY, 32; Hance PINKELIE, 41; Hance PINKELIE, 18; Johannes Keller, 65; Johannes Keller, 21; Francis Ory, 56; Nicholas Oree, 26; Ennos Newell, 36; Joseph Newell, 56; Petter Newell, 16; Jacob CHRISTMAN, 25; Michall Haling, 28; Marcus Markey, 45; Hance David Markey ,17; Jacob Altland, 28; Nichlos Mesling 27; Conerard GAUGER, 22; Nichlos GAUGER ,18; Petter Weeger, 27.

Women & Children making in all Three hundred & thirty Persons.

Francis Ore, a wife 3 children. Nicolas Ore Nicolas Trasbart, a wife and 6 children.
Pierre Dilon, a wife and 4 children. Nicolas Gerard, a wife and no child
Jean Francois Chrétien, a wife and one child. Eneas Newell, a wife and one child
Joseph Newell, a wife and 6 children, of whom Pierre Newell is one.
A true List.

September 16th 1736. Samuel Marchant.

"At the Courthouse of Philadelphia, September 16th, 1736. One hundred and twelve foreigners from the Palatinate, and other places, who, with their families, making in all three hundred thirty persons, were imported here in the ship Princess Augusta, Samuel Merchant, from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes, as by Clearance thence, were this day qualified as usual." From the Minutes of the Provincial Council, printed in Colonial Records, Vol.IV, p.72.

[List 42B] Palatines imported in the Ship Princess Augusta, Samuel Marchant, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes. Qualified the 16th day of September 1736.

Johann Gabriel Lammle, Hans Jorig (X) Bumgartner, Hans Philip Flexser, Jerg Maier, Johann Gorg Ritter, Han Jost Dubs , Stefan Schust , Jacob Meyer, Hanns Davidt Bilmann, Hans Thomas Kurr , Hans Michell Karle, Gottfried Lautermilch, Philip Guttmann , George (X) Meyer, Hanns Michael Essig, Jerg Abraham Esig, Rudolff Essich, Johan JACOB (X) Bush, Wilhelm Huber, Jacob MILLER, Simon Carl, Jacob Fruh, Lorentz Fruh, Niclos (H) Free, Henrich Fruh, Leonhardt Stein, Hans Nickel SCHMITT, Lorance (LS) Simon, Christian (X) Simon, Frederick (X) Gartner, Hance George (H) Drautman, Hendrick (H) Meyer, Sebastian Graff, Hanns Georg Graff , Han Adolff Wenssel, Hans Jacob Beitratt, Christen Scheublein, Christen Schiblien, Hans HECKENDORN, Hans HEGENDORN, Daniell (X) HECKENDORN, Bastian Stoler, Hance JACOB (X) Grieter, Frederick (+) Grieter, Marti Grieder, Thielman Hirnschall, Durst Thommen, Martain (+) Thome, Hans Jacob Domen, Durst Thomen , Hans Jacob Dups, Joseph Kratzer , Jacob (+) Kese, Rudolff Hauch, Hans Spiteler, Hans Spitler, Hans Jerg Gerster, Niclaes Tomen, David Louwenstein, Jacob (O) Paire, Hans (O) Jacob, Stephen (O) Jacob, John (+) Book,s, Christen Ruchty, Abraham (+) JACKE, Sesbastien CAQUELIN, Didier CAQUELIN, Jean CAQUELIN, Jan COMER, Daniel KOMMER, Diderick (D) WERLIE, Hance (O) TISSLER, Hans Imbermord [?], Hans Jacob Keller , Nichlos (+) Jewdie, Jonas Yoner, H. Jacob Yoner , Bandicht Yuchli, Christen DAPPEN, Peter (+) BRINHARTT, Walthart Bumann, Hans Siber, Hance (+) Zwalle, Hance (+) Stockie, Hance Rudolph (+) Erb, Peter (+) PINCKLEY, Melchior (+) Detweiler , Cistiane Schlachter, Pierre Dulon, Rudolph (+) Bumgartner, ean Francois CHRESTIEN, Collas (+) Drasbart, N. Gerard, Peter (+) PINKELIE, Hance (+) PINKELIE, Hance (+) PINKELIE, Johannes Keller , Johannes Keller, Francois Ory, Nicolas Ory, Enoas (+) Nowell, Joseph Noel, Peter (+) Nowell, Jacob (+) CHRISTAMAN, Michel Haalling, Marcus (O) Markey, Hance David (+) Markey, Jacob Altlandt, Nichlos (+) Mesling, Johann Conrath GAUGER, Georg Nicolaus GAUGER,

[List 42 C] At the Courthouse of Philadelphia, September16th 1736. Present The Honorable James Logan, Esq., President. Thomas Lawrence, Thomas Griffits Ralph Asheton, Esqrs. William Allen, Esq., Mayor of the City of Philadelphia.

The Palatines whose Names are underwritten imported in the Ship Princess Augusta, Samuel Marchant, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes, did this day take & subscribe the Oaths to the Government.

Johann Gabriel Lamle, Johan George (X) Baumgarden, Hans Philipp Flexser, Jerg Maier, Johann Gorg Ritter, Han Jost Dubs, Stefahn Schust, Jacob Meyer, Hanns Davidt Bilmann, Hans Thomas Kurr, Hans Joseph Carl, Gottfired Lautermilch, Philipp Guttmann, George (X) Meyer,, Hans Michael Essich, Jerg Abraham Essich, Rudolff Essich, Johan Jacob (O) Bush, Wilhelm Huber, Jacob MULLER, Simon Carl, Jacob Fruh, Lohrentz Fruh, Nicklas (H) Fruh, Henrich Fruh, Leonhardt Stein, Hans Nickel SCHMIDT, Lorentz (S) Simon, Christian (X) Simon, Frederich (X) Gardner, Henrich (H) Meyer, Sebastian Graff, Hanns Georg Graff, Johan Adolph Wenssel, Hans Jacob Beitrat, Christen Scheublein, Senior, Christen Scheublein, Junior, Hans (X) HECKENDORN , Sr , Hans HEGENDORN, Jr , Daniel (X) HECKENDORN, Bastian Stoller, Hans Jacob (X) Grieter, Friederich (+) Grieter, Marti Grieder, Thielman Hirnschall, Durst Thommen, Martin (+) Thomme, Hans Jacob Domen, Durst Thomen, Hans Jacob Dups, Joseph Kratzer, Jacob (+) Kissy, Rudolff Hauch, Hans Spiteler, Hans Spitller, Hans Jerg Gerster, Nicklas Tomen, David Louwenstein, Jacob (O) BARR , Hans (O) Jacob, Stephen (O) Jacob, Hans (+) Bocks, Christen Ruchty, Abraham (X) Jacke, Sebastien CAQUELIN, Didie CAQUELIN, Jean CAQUELIN, Jan COMER, Daniel KOMMER, Diterich (D) WERLLY, Hans (X) DISSLER, Hans Imber Mord, Hans Jacob Keller, Nicklaus Jude, Jonans Yoner, Jacob Yoner, Bandicht Yuchli, Christen DAPPEN, Peter (O) BRILLHART, Walthar Bumann, Hans Siber, Hans (X) Zwalle, Hans (+) Stockie, Hans Rudolf (O) Erb, Pieter (+) PINCKLY, Melchior (+) Dattweyler, Christian SCHLECTER, Pierre Dulon, Rudolff (+) Baumgarden, Jean Francois CHRESITIEN, Collas (+) Prasbart, N. Gerard, Peter (+) BINGLY, Hans (X) BINCKLY, Hans BINCKLY, Jr, Johannes Keller, Johannes Keller, Francois Ory, Nicolas Ory, Ennos (+) Newell, Joseph Noel, Pieter (X) Newell, Jacob (X) CHRISTMAN, Michael Haalling, Marcus (O) Markey, Hans Davit (+) Markey, Jacob Altlandt, Nicklaus (+) Mesling, Johann Conrath GAUGER, Georg Nicolaus GAUGER, Peter Weger.

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