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1. Andreu or Annereu 1682, extinct by 1695.

2. Appel 1648, extinct by the 18th century. Henri Appel had been a shepherd or "Hoffman" from Belmont. In Barr, where the name Apffel was widespread at the time, there is a 1649 marriage of Heinrich Apffel, a shepherd and bourgeois of Forbelsberg, in Haut-Palatinate.

3. Aseman 1648, as Hazemann since 1534, but also Hasemann in the Belmont area.

4. Banset 1643, Bantzet, became Banzet in 1534 in Waldersbach. A branch of this family carried the nickname of Babilon or Babilion when found in Barr (Christman Babylon, son of Nicolas Banset of Bellefosse, married a Barr woman in 1641).

5. Bernhard, before 1639 known as Bernhard or Bernard. A line of this family through the 17th and 18th centuries held the nickname of Prince, while another took on the name of Mareschal or Marchal, which became Schmid for some time.

6. Beurtrin 1647, this surname became extinct by 18th century. Beurtrin, from Hautte Goute, appeared in the registers from 1648 to 1652. Emigrated towards Barr.

7. Boulangier 1650, Boulanger (Baker) remains widespread in the Vallée de la Bruche, but does not seem to come from Boulangier found in Fouday about 1650.

8. Cacquelin 1640, known as Caquelin, is sometimes Caclin.

9. Colai, seen in 1643 was sometimes Coulas. By 18th century became Christman. First seen in 1534 with record of Dimanche Colla of Waldersbach. Cola> Colai> Collas>Coulas >Christman or Christmann (Christian). Maybe even Georg.

10. Claude 1652, or Glade, and sometimes Gladon.

11. Gladon 1648, also known as Claude. Surnames appear to be two distinct families, but may be of same origin. Name seen in 16th century: Munschina Clawe 1534 in Waldersbach.

12. Didier 1661, disappears thereafter.

13 Ganniere 1648, then Gagnier, Ganier, Ganière, Gagnière.

14 Grandmatthis 1647.

15 Groshaintz 1647, later known as Groshens and Grohens, like the Philipp Grosheintz of 1534 from Belmont.

16 Hierig 1643, set as George, is also known as Jörg and can be attached to Barr where this name was widespread.

17 Holveck 1649 (Didier Holveck, of Barr). Perhaps from Petite Pierre. Holvech.

18 JehanPierre 1654, this name disappears by 17th century.

19 Klein seen in 1651.

20 Krieger 1653, also spelled Krieguer.

21 LangHerig 1673, later becomes Grandgeorge.

22 Lienard, known as Beurtrin 1648, emigrated to Barr after 1652.

23 Lipp 1648, the grand provost of the seigniory, is not reproduced on the list of the subjects, and the name disappears at the end from the 17th century. Lipp’s descendents born in Barr in 1641, 1646 , 1650, Belmont in 1648, 1659 , 1660.

24 Lux 1643, fixed as Loux. Sometimes Wolf as well.

25 Malaisier 1644, set as Malaise, and known 1534 in Waldersbach Hanns Malesy.

26 Marmet . Pasteur Marmet, a Lutheran, was born in Glay (Doubs) 1590. His wife, Esther Fassmann of Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, was born in 1617. They settled in Ban de La Roche, but their name did not remain beyond 1718.

27 Matthieu 1649, extinct before the end of the 17th century.

28 Morel 1643, seen in 1534 in Belmont (Colin More).

29 Mougenat 1643, name disappears in 18th century.

30 Muller 1668. It is doubtful that Thomas Muller of Bern, Switz is related to Hans Muller listed in 1655 in Fouday, but may be connected with Jandon Boulangier.

31 Neuviller (Neuwiller, Neuwiller) 1649, set as Neuvillers. Example: From 1674 the death of "Christman Neuvillers son of Joseph Neuvillers and Anne native Ringelsbach of the Seigniory of Bern... 34 years old".

32 Parmentier 1643. This name refers to three distinct families, distinguished by trade (like tailor or widow or greater person).

33 Ringelsbach 1643 or Ringuelsbach. For Christman Neuvillers, there seems to be a Swiss origin that continues in Switzerland. Yet perhaps the name has a relationship with the ancient name of Riangoutte, a hamlet in Ban between Neuvillers and Hautte-Goute where name Ringelsbach was known during Middle Ages.

34 Rochelle 1649, known as Rochel. At the time of his death in 1670, Jean Rochelle is registered as Jehan La Rochelle.

35 Schmid 1643, very widespread name with the Ban de la Roche, replaced by Mareschal at the end of the 17th century and by Marchal at the beginning of18th.

36 Steff, Stephen, 1643, extinct by the 17th century, known in Fouday around1534 by Schan Steffan. Also known by Teppe or Tepp.

37 Tabourin seen in 1645, also Trummelschlag or Trumschlag; name replaced by 18th century with Valentin.

38 Vonier 1640, also known as Vonié. A Franche-Comté name seen in 1534 with the name of Wanne. Origin obscure.

39 Vouliat 1663, disappears around 17th century.

40 Maiden names of some 1655 women which were not carried after their marriages: Millan 1643, Charpentier 1647, Hainseligott 1648, Grand Stophel 1650, Claulin, Estienne 1678 (Steff), Christmann (reappears at the end of the century (see Colas), Thonhanns 1685, Herriatte or Herriette, Cloué 1684, Brosius 1673, Jennin 1682, could be a Swiss name (Jenni) or Huguenot (Genin), this last existing at that time in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines. Martin 1684 (Catherina Martina). Le Maire 1708