Burbank High School Class of 1983
Read this site and you will be 18 years younger!

Hey Bulldogs! How are the best years of your lives working out?

Kids? Baldness? Custody battles? Taxes, weight gain, happy? I bet you are! And I bet some of you are still living in Burbank, or have returned which only proves that Burbank is still cool.

So I'm so glad to see you've run a search through the web or have been emailed by one of our beloved Bulldoggies. Do you know that we had to search your name, like, dozens of times? But now that you've been found, please jump on the bandwagon to locate old friends. By the way, have you any idea when the reunion is? And who's organizing it?

Wanna collaborate on an interactive scrapbook? If you're game, email Louise .

And like, have you ever quit overusing the word "like" like ever???

Burbank High School

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Class of 1983 PAGE !!!
Burbank High School Class of 1983
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Rob Edenzon
Louise Bialik
Michael Skewes as seen today
Westside Story BHS musical
BHS Spice Girls, 1983
prom court was nots
school notes
(or what I was really doing in History)

Looking for an old friend? Then check out the Where Is? listings for classes 1980 to 1985. Over fifty bulldogs have been located and are looking forward to getting your email.

Dedicated in loving memory to
Carl Bailey, Michael Mattor, and the Purcells: Craig, Tracy and Scott.
May their memories in each of us live long and prosper.
Yer Hostess Circa 83

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