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Hey Bulldogs! How are the best years of your lives?

Kids? Hair loss? Marital disputes? Taxes, weight gain, happy? Holy wow! As we settle into the prime of our tinsled years, it's nice to know that finding one another is just a search engine away.

So now that you've been found it would be great to hear from you. Visit the Guestbook and say a word or two, and tell your friends to drop by for a Bulldog Howdy. Also, we have a new feature-- the Message Board -- it would be way cool if you would start a thread... You can even make anonymous confessions!

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Looking for an old friend? Then check out the Where Is? listings for classes 1980 to 1985. Over fifty bulldogs have been located and are looking forward to getting your email.

Dedicated in loving memory to
Carl Bailey, Anais Campistrous, Michael Mattor,
Steve Shaw and the Purcells: Craig, Tracy and Scott.
May their memories in each of us live long and prosper.

Yer Hostess Circa 83
not dead, just arthritic

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