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By Louise Bialik Chrisman

All roads in the genealogical databases have lead to Rodan, Steinthal, as the originating place for Jacob Christman, the Moravian of Guilford, North Carolina. However, not only would all roads lead to Rodan, but could go no further as by chance one day, a person entering Old Jacob's birth place made a spelling error, and thereafter, subsequent researchers quoted and published the same misprint. Rodan was never meant to be Rodan but Rothau,a small village nestled in a French valley called Ban de la Roche on the western side of the Rhine River. But were it not for Steinthal the actual name, Steintal (Stone Valley) would not have been found.

Steintal, founded in 1059 upon a former Celtic settlement plundered and assimilated by Romans, borders the Strasbourg diocesan land of the VallŽ Rothaine where churches were established in Belmont, Fouday and Rothau before 1200. When the family of Rupe (Stein) became Steintal's landlord, a castle called Stein (Rock) was erected and the domain then became known as Ban de la Roche when the French inherited it in 1584.

The new owner, Georges Jean the Count of Veldenz, purchased the area for 47,000 florins and got his money's worth for the poor and arid ground brought about metal bearing wealth.

Elevated at 387 meters, Ban de la Roche is situated in a green valley surrounded by running streams. With constant moving water around the perimeter, the topsoil most fertile for agriculture is washed away, producing mediocre soil. While the soil is not ideal for farming, its topography offered its inhabitants opportunities for industrial mining, pottery and accessible travel via rivers. In some ways, it was an early suburban lifestyle; one could comfortably live in a hamlet and maintain a small farm while commuting to work some three kilometers away. Such lifestyle was bourgeois or middle-class. Noted in the vital registries, the Christmans of Waldersbach, Neuvillers, Solbach and Rothau were bourgeois, and held positions in the justice system and were associates of the nobility.

In 1649, Ban de la Roche encountered a bloody rampage lead by GuerotheŽ the Younger, and so the administrative center for the area was moved to Waldersbach and Rothau where Jacob's family lived. Because of this move, two centuries documenting the activities of the Christmans and their associates were protected. The earliest Christman vital record dates to 1632 when Jacob's great-grandfather, Georg Christmann of Fouday was given the nickname of Salm [2] for his thirty years of service to the Count of Salm. Like so many other Christman records, Georg Christmann's name was inverted to become Christman Georg.

What Georg Christmann and his son must have witnessed in their community of 1200 is a tragic tale of mass hysteria. For between the years of 1607 to 1630, over one hundred people were accused of practicing witchcraft. Eighty individuals were found guilty and publicly executed by the hands of Meister Bernhardt who charged 10 florins per witch to be ignited[4]of Rothau who named her mother, brother and a young girl. Five more couples were accused, and perished in flames, leaving behind seventeen orphans.

After the lunacy of the Ban witch killings, many families fled to the city of Barr. To restore order to the community, the French-speaking Lutheran Pastor of Waldersbach, Nicolas Marmet, set up a tribunal to prevent future acts of intolerance. Pastor Marmet developed the Protestant identity during times of crisis, and was responsible for vital records of his parishioners from 1612-1675. Because of his notes, three generations of family history exist. Additionally, prior to the great 1736 exodus, Pastor Marmet laid a foundation in his church of Waldersbach that would be succeeded by Jean Oberlin, the Lutheran pastor who established the first kindergartens, orphanages and pharmacies. Pastor Oberlin resided in Waldersbach from 1767 until his death in 1826 and is buried in the small Fouday cemetery beside the Christmans.

One presumes that Pastor Oberlin moved to Waldersbach because it had been vacated thirty years before. The rise and fall of the Ban's population had everything to do with whether there was a war going on. After the witch killings and Thirty Years War the Christmans moved from Fouday and Waldersbach to Barr. Old Jacob's great-grandfather, Christian Christman, also known as Colas Colas, was born in Barr on May 14, 1637, and his family remained there until 1664 when they moved into the smaller populated village of Solbach to become Solbachois. Prior to their return, the population of the Ban had dwindled down to 250 residents for the entire region. Yet the War of Holland, ravaged Alsace and burned down the village of Belmont in 1675. Therefore families fled once again, but the Verly and Ringuelsbach families remained. Sixteen years later, Odille Verly, daughter of Jean Verly and Marguerite Neuvillers, was born in Belmont.

Odille Verly's father, Jean Verly, was from the Walhern village in the Canton of Bern, Switzerland. Jean Verly immigrated to Belmont with the Binggeli, BrŸllhard, and MŸller families. They had been neighbors in Guggisberg, Switzerland and continued their relationships into Pennsylvania and Salem, North Carolina some decades down the road.

While the family of Christian Christman resided in Solbach, they celebrated their baptisms in Waldersbach, and laid to rest their loved ones in Fouday, suggesting that the family plot is in Fouday. This pattern continued until Old Jacob's father, Jacques, moved in 1719 with his bride, Odille Verly, to Rothau where their first and only child Jacob was born on May 4,1720. Eight months later, Odille lost her father on New Year's Day, and then her husband the next week. Records do not indicate cause of death, but several young people died in January 1721, so there may have been a viral epidemic at the time.

The new mother, second time widow, grieving daughter, Odille, at age thirty had to carry on. For five years she remained single, raising her son, Jacob, attending to requests for stepping in as godmother to friends and family. Prior to her marriage with Jacques, Odille was married to Jean Michel Gagnier on 16 AUG 1712. But sometime between 1712 and 1719, Jean Ganier died, leaving Odille in Rothau. One wonders whether she had children from her first marriage. While the notes collected here are focused on the Christmans, there is mention of Odille's probable uncle, Jean Ringuelsbach, sponsoring an infant by the name of Peter Ganier on 31 OCT 1713. Could this Peter Ganier possibly be an older half-brother to Jacob? Of note, in 1721, another Odille Verly, the daughter of Jean Adam Verly of Solbach, married a Jean Ganier. Such duplication of names is common.


From reviewing parochial records of the Ban de la Roche communities of Fouday to Rothau, circa 1550 - 1760, along with the 1655 Ban de la Roche Census, and Robert Lutz's paper, The Population of Ban de la Roche After the Thirty Years War[5]. However, the ministers of the Ban did their best to preserve names while residents lived their lives unaware that while Mr. Loux might have called his son "Jean" at home, in the church (owned by government), Jean was known as "Hans Wolf" or sometimes "John Wolf."

Depending on which Seignory was in power, the Ban's Lutheran ministers, Marmet and Binninger, were forced to switch from French to German, creating a hybrid language called Patois. The Patois method was not just reflective of the Ban's bi-lingual culture, but inspired by a need to preserve records that would revert back to German. Thus the registries were a problem for French-literate ministers to maintain as their handwriting shows strain and disinterest until names and dates are recorded.

How a resident of Rothau, or Rothauqois, survives name translation is interesting to follow because residents were generally illiterate and could not sign their own name, therefore the ministers would write the participant's name and have the participant mark an X. Also, it was common practice for ministers to use two notebooks, one private ledger in native French, and the other in Patois-German for the official record. Since a secondary record is sometimes available, intended names are better verified.

Complicating intended names is the cultural and religious behaviors of the Ban residents. When a child may be given two names-- a first and middle, the first is a Christian name to honor their patron saint while the second is the name the child is to be called by. Yet this rule changes if a child is not given two names. Then, a child is called by his or her saint's name. Thus "Jean Jacob" would be known as "Jacob," and his mother, Odille, would be called "Odille" because she did not have a middle name but Alsace's saint, Odille (the 8th century girl who was a blind but restored to sight after baptism).

Further adding to the complication of naming patterns is how parents paid homage to their ancestors by naming their children after their parents and grandparents. The homage Jacob Christman paid his family, was shown by how he named his first son, Johannes Jacob, after his father, and his second son, Johannes, after his father-in-law, Johannes Heckendorn. This is why there can be two Johns in the same family. The naming order goes something like this:


  1st son - named after father's father

  2nd son - named after mother's father

  3rd son - named after father

  4th son - father's paternal grandfather

  5th son - mother's paternal grandfather

  6th son - father's maternal grandfather

  7th son - mother's maternal grandfather


  1st dau - named after mother's father

  2nd dau - named after father's father

  3rd dau - named after mother

  4th dau - mother's paternal grandfather

  5th dau - father's paternal grandfather

  6th dau - mother's maternal grandfather

  7th dau - father's maternal grandfather

Perhaps this seems like a very well ordered system with naming a child, however, if there are two brothers creating children every year and they are following this naming pattern, then there will be multiple children with identical names. This is why the ministers tried to personalize their entries by including additional notes on the participant's village, vocation, and whether elder or younger. As there were many repeated names for Jacob Christman's family, one finds not just one Jean Christman nor one Odille Verly, but several. And so it is important to take a closer look within each registry to notice the details, especially the notes on godparents as usually these people were also family.

Another naming system utilized by the St Blaise ministers occurred when there were two people of the same name mentioned in a single event. In such cases, a minister would invert one of the participant's names to differentiate one from the other. This was a sensible method until dealing with a name like Christman because "Christman" is interchangeable with "Christian" and sometimes "Nicolas." In the entries of Christian Christman, the son of Nicolas Christman, the Patois translation reads "Colas Colas son of Colas Colas." Does this mean that Nicolas Christman's father's surname was Colas? Evidently not because Nicolas' grandfather, Georg Christman, had his name inverted when called "Christman Georg." And so, when "Colas" is used as a first name, it means "Nicolas," but when used as a surname, it means "Christman." And when "Christman" is used as a first name it means "Christian," while the second name becomes "Christman." And if a third name is thrown into the mix to honor Saint Nicolas, to make "Colas Colas Colas," the name would then be known as "Nicolas Christian Christman," and the child's parents would probably call him "Chris" at home.


In 1736, the family of Jacob Christman had to stick together since the Church they knew and loved was challenged when their landlord, d'Angevilliers' created a Counter-Reformation against the Lutherans. D'Angevilliers installed a Catholic church in 1724 and ordered its Protestant neighbors to maintain the Catholic Church even though the church was empty. The new pastor, LŽopold Georges Pelletier, was an advocate of Spencer's Doctrine of Pietism, which was not well received by the Lutheran Reformists. Many devoted St Blaise parishioners quit attending church and so there was a sudden drop of reportage of sacramental events for the years of 1707 to 1712 when Pelletier was its pastor. Pietism so outraged the elder Sebastian Caquelin, to the point where he rallied his neighbors to join him in a pilgrimage to Pennsylvania [6] . One wonders whether he would have changed his mind given the gift of foresight as such a pilgrimage cost him the life of his eldest son.

To stay in Rothau or leave for Pennsylvania must not have been too difficult of a decision for Jacob's stepfather, Peter BrŸllhard. Peter himself was trying to find his place in the world, having been a Swiss immigrant residing in the home of his wife, Odille. They had married when Jacob was a five-year-old boy, and the following years, brought Jacob two half-brothers named Peter and Jean in 1726 and 1728. Peter was a shoemaker from Walhern, and possibly an old family friend as Odille's father was also from Walhern, and the people with whom she associated, were formerly from Walhern. One such friend is Peter Binkeley, whom in the New World, asked Odille and Peter BrŸllhard to godparent his daughter, Christina, at the Holy Trinity Church of Lancaster, on February 17, 1738 [7] . This church, a Moravian congregation, would later invite Old Jacob into the order and bring him from Pennsylvania to North Carolina.

When Jacob and his family left Rothau in the Spring of 1736, Rothau had been a flourishing agricultural and metallurgic community that managed to recover from several wars and a sudden influx of foreigners settling into their villages. As a result of these new residents, the better established 50 families with their small harvests could not feed the population that had grown from 700 in 1723 to 2,300 inhabitants by 1750. Coupled with the sudden population boom and the subsequent famine was the religious intolerance of the Catholic-Protestants against the Lutherans. So when Jacob and his family began their journey to the New World, while their future was unknown, it couldn't have been worse than what they already experienced. And at least there would be some comfort in knowing that the trip would not be made without the support of friends.

Journeying to Pennsylvania, the families of Binggeli, BrŸllhard, Cacquelin, Christman, Ganier, Jacob, Jaquelle, Kommer, Mareschal, MŸller, Schlechter, Schmid, Teppe, and Verly, left their colombaged homes and headed north along the Rhine to Rotterdam. They traveled the river for two weeks and stationed at the port for three, preparing to trade their possessions in Cowes as they were warned that England would tax them for foreign goods although most of their belongings were handmade.


Of the families represented in the Ban de la Roche Registry included within this section, is Jacob's next of kin found on the Princess Augusta Ship Manifest of 1736 [8] -- his stepfather, Peter BrŸllhard; uncles Didier Verly, Peter Binggeli and Jacob MŸller; cousin, Christian Teppe; and, future in-laws, the Heckendorns. Were it not for the St Blaise vital records of Ban de la Roche, the ship manifest of the Princess Augusta that sailed in 1736 may have looked like a document about individuals and not an entire region from Alsace. However, placing the manifest alongside the Ban de la Roche records, one sees that such a journey was not individual but collective. The people on the ship were not strangers to one another but a community making an exodus out of harm's way.

While many relatives of Jacob Christman are listed in the published records of the Princess Augustus Manifest of 1736, he is probably omitted because he was 16 years old and therefore represented by his head of house, Peter BrŸllhard, as it was the order that all children 16 and under, along with the females no matter what age they were, to be represented by head of house and not reported by name. Thus Jacob is omitted from the list, but there is a Jacob Christman, age 25. Efforts have been made to locate this person in the St Blaise registries but no record has been found for him nor a 40-year-old Jean Christian (Christman). Current discovery suggests that the Jacob Christman and Jean Christian mentioned in the Augusta manifest may have originated from the neighboring Plaine community east of Fouday, or closer to Barr where some Christmans migrated after 1700. Barr is in proximity to WŸrttemberg where Christman researchers claim as the place of origin, while others favor Rotterdam where Jacob of 1711 departed on the Princess Augusta.

The Ban families made their exodus along the Rhine for a three-week journey to Rotterdam, Holland. Once settled, the elders went about securing a passenger ship that would first take them to Cowes, England where they would exchange their possessions even though they were handmade. With newly acquired English-made products, the families believed they would be spared of taxation in Pennsylvania as England decreed all foreign goods would be subject to an import tax.

With their belongings stowed among the cattle and freight merchandise, the passengers boarded the Augusta and patiently sailed for three long months through summer weather. The ship, while called Princess, was not a luxury liner. Some three hundred and thirty passengers along with fifty or so crew sailed across the Atlantic in the most dreadful of conditions. Only the strong survived. One who did not was Sebastian Caquelin, age 22[9]. From the letter of a passenger who sailed the Princess Augusta, there is this accounting:

"Philadelphia, October 20, 1736 [10]

My friendly greetings and service to you, my much beloved Reverent Mr. Candidate Annoni and your beloved wife Ester Annoni, born in Zwingerin.


I cannot desist from writing to you and to tell you in a few words that I with my family - the loving faithful Father in Heaven be praised for that - have come into this land fresh and healthy. But at sea our two younger sons became sick with ship fever but, thank God, have regained their previous health. But I now know nothing further to write because we have come so late into this country and everything has already been harvested.


As to the journey, we were detained for 5 weeks, have slept on the Rhine for 2 weeks and traveled from Rotterdam across the sea for 12 weeks and 4 days until Philadelphia, but only 8 weeks from land to land, and we did not have good wind save for 8 days, more contrary winds than side wind. And as we saw land a new pilot came to us and we thought all was well and won. All evening we got good wind from behind so that the ship moved vigorously. The new pilot, however made cast anchor because it was not far (from there) dangerous; in the morning when the anchor was lifted again and on had barely gone 30 feet the boat ran into a rock, and it crashed that one thought it would break in the middle. The anxious crying began, and one could see where there was faith or not. Then the captain had a warning shot fired and had a flag of distress hoisted, but we drove far out to the sea so that we saw no land anymore for days and even thought we would never see it again.


As far as illness are concerned, the Mannheim skippers had two of the boats sidewise together; in the one besides ours 7 children died of small pox and a woman of spotted fever, and in our boat 19 people died until Rotterdam. Those people who have means and are interested in this land and need not go into debt, those I advise to stay where they are because the journey is onerous and very dangerous. Thus who wants to come to this land shall be well provided with butter and bacon, dried apple snips and plums, and flour, wine and brandy and dried bread, tea and sugar. And if young people come and cannot pay fare, there are enough people to redeem them from the boat, and they must serve them a certain time for it. There are people with whom I have talked myself who had brought not a penny into the land and had to serve for their fare, now (they) are very rich people. But I do not know to write much of the land because we came into it quite late and everything had already been harvested, and one should not rely much on the talk of other people, thus am willing, if it were to please the Lord in Heaven, to send very accurate news in the future when I have investigated things my self.


But I have not yet taken up the land, but I am also willing to wait until I know the land better or have approached trusted friends so that I may believe them. I could have already taken up, however, more than to 3 to 400 acres that have been much planted, and there would remain in my hands quite a good portion of my imported wealth. What has already been cleared of that place, meadow and fields, is for 6 horses, 8 cows, 12 goats, 14 pigs. We are very sorry that at home we have not lived according to Christ's demand on occasion, as we should have done.

Durs Thommen formerly of Niederdorff your servant."


Having arrived to the New World, and eager to take their belongings to their new homes, the passengers were detained and their belongings, every scrap, seized. In other words, they were pirated. In the following document from the German-Swiss Ancestors' Forfeited Goods and Disposal of the Same[11], there is this accounting of the pilgrims losses:

"The following petition (4 Col. Rec. 173) and the added item show how our ancestors fared in the difficulties mentioned in the preceding item. "To the Honorable Charles Read, Esq., Judge of the Court of Vice Admiralty of the Province of Pennsylvania. The humble petition of Nicholas Tainy, Benedict Youghly, Bastian Graffts and George Braffts, passengers in the plea of the aforesaid Samuel Merchant, mentioned on behalf of themselves and others, the passengers aforesaid, humbly showeth:

That the said petitioners and others, the passengers aforesaid whose names are contained in a schedule hereunto annexed, were owner and now claim property in Thirty Stoves, in the information exhibited, called Chimney backs, five hundred and ninety-six Syths, One hundred and three large Iron Instruments called Strawknives, Fourteen Iron Instruments called Drawing knives, Twenty seven Iron stew pans, eighty one Iron Ladles, Five dozen and three Iron Shovels, Twenty-seven Iron pot lids, Twelve Iron dripping pans and frying pans, Thirteen axes and one hatchet, three small and one large crosscut saws, one gross of Shoemakers' and two of Saddlers' awls, six box Irons and six Chissels, Six Iron baking stove pans, Twenty three dozen of Clasp-knives, One dozen of Steels, One dozen of Plyers and Hammers, Six Iron Lamps, Six Trowels, One spade, One cask of nails and a smith's Vice, Fourten copper kettles, Five Copper stills, Two dozen scissors, one packet of sleeve buttons and Studs, four Umbrellas, Four dozen and one half of Worsted Caps, Two dozen of printed linen caps, Six pair of worsted stockings, Four pieces of Striped cotton Handkerchiefs, Twenty five pieces of Tape, Two dozen black Girdles, One piece of black Crepe, One piece of striped Cotton, Nineteen pieces of Bedtick, Two pieces of brown Linen, One piece of blue and white Lined, Two dozen of ivory Combs, Two dozen and one half of tobacco Pipes with brass covers and a brass box, Two dozen of Ivory needle cases, Three handbrushes, Three dozen of Pewter Spoons, Three dozen of Spectacles, Eight looking Glasses, Eight Flutes, Six wooden Clocks, and one dozen briarhook Sickles, in the information aforesaid mentioned; that to them they belong and were imported for their own private use, and not for sale; And say they are advised and hope to prove that the sentence against the Goods, Wares, and Merchandise aforesaid ought not to be put in execution, for that the proceedings in the cause aforesaid against the said goods are Null, void, invalid, and of not force and effect in the law, for the several causes following, viz: for that it appears by the plea of the said Samuel Marchant the goods aforesaid were the goods of those Claimants, and therefore, ought not to have been condemned with a hearing first given them, And also an opportunity of examining witnesses, by which it might have appeared to the Court here that the said goods were not liable to be condemned as forfeited; also, for that by the practice of this Court and Law in such cased, at least a third proclamation ought to have been made before the goods aforesaid could legally be condemned; also for that the information aforesaid is altogether uncertain and illegal, which has rendered the sentence grounded thereupon, altogether null and void; the said information being exhibited on behalf of the Governor or President, whereas, at the time of exhibiting of that information, the Government, by the death of the late Lieutenant Governor and the laws of this province, devolves upon and still continues in the President and Council and not in the President only, and therefore the information aforesaid ought to have been in the name of the President and Council of the Province of Pennsylvania(in whom the power and authority of a Governor of this Province, by the death of the said late Lieutenant Governor, Patrick Gordon, Esq., deceased, is vested) and sentence ought to have been pronounced accordingly. And even had this been done, as your Honor is a member of that very Council, and consequently interested in the event of the forfeiture, if any be, They submit it to your Honor whether it be consistent with the rules of Justice and Equity that any sentence should be given in the premises at this time and in this Court.

For which reason they humbly pray, that the said sentence may be reviewed, reheard, & not put in execution; but that the proceedings for the causes aforesaid may be declared invalid, null and void, & that the goods, wares, and merchandise aforesaid be restored to their owners. And they, as in duty bound pray.

Nicholas Tainy    Benedict Youghly    Bastian Graffts     George Graffts.

A schedule or list was likewise annexed to the foregoing petition, containing the names of One hundred and sixteen foreigners. Which petition and papers annexed, are contained under consideration. All of these goods were condemned and sold and the moneys given to the use of the English Government.

Perhaps the pilgrims would take some comfort in knowing that while all their worldly possessions had been outright stolen from them and they were left without the clothes on their backs, that as luck would have it, they were not on board the ship that chartered them from Europe to Pennsylvania when it sank in 1738[12]:


German ship Princess Augusta, Captain Brook, carrying 350 German immigrants from Amsterdam to New York was wrecked on the northern tip of Sandy Point, Block Island. Previous to the disaster, 250 immigrants and some of the crew died from contaminated water. The ship was reported to be carrying a considerable amount of personal treasures belonging to the immigrants.

How Jacob came to settle into Guilford is a story about a man who while just trying to stay afloat in life, managed to do so through upheavals in his homeland, an exodus across the great Atlantic, and arrive to manhood with hardly a scrap to call his own. His mother, a daughter of a man who left his home in Walhern for religious freedom, passed on his stamina and trust in God that would make their survival possible. Little did Jacob know that the silver lining journeyed beside him as they sailed summer over the Atlantic on a ship that would not last another voyage. Come September 1736, two teenagers, Jacob Christman and Barbara Heckendorn, arrived to a new world-- an Adam and Eve in their own right.


Nž 8             Jacques CHRISTMAN

Born 4 MAY 1720 in Rothau, France

Emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1736 on Princess Augustus

Died Guilford, North Carolina

1st Marriage 1741 in York, Pennsylvania to Barbara HECKENDORN

2nd Marriage to Barbara KRAEMER


Nž 16           Jean Jacques CHRISTMAN

Born 4 AUG 1693 in Solbach, France

Married nž 17 Odille VERLY 1 AUG 1719 in Rothau

Died 15 JAN 1721 in Rothau


Nž 17           Odille VERLY

Born 1 APR 1691 in ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Belmont, France

1st marriage 16 AUG 1712 in Rothau to Jean Michel GAGNIER

3rd marriage 12 FEB 1726 to Pierre BR†LLHARD in Neuviller la Roche

Emigrated with BR†LLHARD to Pennsylvania in 1736 on Princess Augustus


Children of Odille VERLY and Jean Jacques CHRISTMAN:


1.   Jacques CHRISTMAN (nž 8), their only child


Nž 32           Nicolas CHRISTMAN

Born 4 FEB 1666 in Solbach

Died 22 OCT 1749 in Solbach

Married nž 33 Eve LOUX about 1692


Nž 33           Eve LOUX

Born 24 FEB 1661 in Solbach

Died 2 DEC 1741 in Solbach

1st Marriage in 1682 to Jean George GRANDGEORGE

The children of Eve LOUX and Jean George GANDGEORGE are:

    Jean and SalomŽ GRANDGEORGE  born 1683 and 1685 in Solbach


Children of Eve LOUX and Nicolas CHRISTMAN are:


1.   Jean Jacques CHRISTMAN

 Born 4 AUG 1693 in Solbach

 Died 15 JAN 1721 in Rothau

 Married Odille VERLY on 1 AUG 1719 in Rothau


2.   Nicolas CHRISTMAN

 Born 20 OCT 1696 in Solbach

 Died 29 July 1781 in Solbach

 Married Jeanne M†LLER on 3 AUG 1728 in Rothau


3.    Marie Jeanne CHRISTMANN

Born 22 JAN 1700 in Solbach

Died 8 APR 1766 in Wildersbach

Married Jean M†LLER on 12 NOV 1737 in Rothau

4.   Didier CHRISTMAN

Born 29 APR 1703 in Solbach

Died 7 JUN 1768 in Solbach

Married Catherine VONIE on 16 FEB 1734 in Neuviller la Roche, France


5.  Jean Michel CHRISTMAN

Born 23 MAY 1708 in Solbach

Died 27 DEC 1781 in Solbach

1st Married Marguerite MALAISE 15 NOV 1735 Neuviller la Roche

2nd Marriage to Jeanne CLAUDE on 8 MAY 1753 in Waldersbach, France


Nž 34           Jean VERLY

Born about 1655 in Switzerland

Died 2 JAN 1721 in Belmont. An Oilman and Forest Ranger.

1st Marriage to Marguerite NEUVILLERS in 1691

2nd Marriage to Elisabeth HASCHELMAN in Belmont on 24 JUL 1708


Nž 35           Marguerite NEUVILLERS (nee Ringuelsbach)

Born 1663 in Bellefosse, France

Died 18 MAR 1708 in Belmont


Children of Marguerite NEUVILLERS and Jean VERLY are:


1.    Odille VERLY (nž 17)


2.   Christophe VERLY

Born AUG 1693 in Belmont

Died 22 OCT 1701 in Belmont


3.   Didier VERLY

Born 29 JUL 1695 in Belmont

Married on 2 JUN 1721 in Belmont to Elisabeth Ropp

Emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1736 on Princess Augustus


4.   Marie SalomŽ VERLY

Born 28 OCT 1704 in Belmont

Married 28 OCT 1704 in Belmont to Pierre PINKELE

Emigrated with PINKELE in 1736 on Princess Augustus


5.   Jean VERLY

Born 17 MAY 1707 in Belmont

Died 26 MAY 1707 in Belmont


Nž 64           Christian CHRISTMAN (COLAS, Nicolas CHRISTMAN)

Born 14 MAY 1637 in Barr, France

Died 12 NOV 1699 in Solbach

Married on 1 NOV 1664 in Waldersbach to Marguerite MOUGENAT (nž 65)


Nž 54           Marguerite MOUGENAT

Born 3 APR 1643 in Neuviller la Roche

Died 9 JUL 1705 in Solbach



Children of Marguerite MOUGENAT and Christian CHRISTMAN are:

1.   Nicolas CHRISTMAN (nž 32)


2.   Marguerite CHRISTMAN

Born 13 OCT 1667 in Solbach



Born 18 SEP 1670 in Solbach

Died 21 MAR 1737 in Neuviller la Roche

1st Marriage on 27 APR 1694 in Waldersbach to Marguerite MOREL

2nd Marriage on 21 AUG 1728 in Rothau to Anne Barbe MOREL


4.   Christian CHRISTMAN

Born 28 SEP 1673 in Solbach

Married on 19 APR in 1701 in Fouday to Marie PARMENTIER


5.   Catherine CHRISTMAN

Born 13 DEC 1677 in Solbach

Married 24 FEB 1679  


6.   Jeanne CHRISTMAN

Born 29 FEB 1680 in Solbach

Died between 1712 and 1716

Married on 2 NOV 1700 in Fouday to Benoit LOUX


Nž 66           Nicolas LOUX

Born 1617 outside of Ban de la Roche, France

Died 1669 in Solbach

1st marriage to ChrŽtienne CHRISTMAN (alias COLAS)

Daughter of George CHRISTMAN

Died about 1648 in Solbach

2nd Marriage in 1649 to Jeanne HERRIATTE

Died about 1658 in Solbach

3rd Marriage to Claude NN, the widow of Benoit BANZET (nž 67)


Nž 67           Claudette NN

Born about 1618 in Solbach

Died after 1661 in Solbach

1st Married Benoit BANZET

2nd Marriage on 7 DEC 1658 in Waldersbach to Nicolas LOUX (nž 66)


The children of Claude NN and Nicolas LOUX are:


1.   Benoit LOUX

Born about 1660 in Solbach

Died 24 SEP 1735 in Solbach

1st Marriage to Catherine NEUVILLERS about 1685

2nd Marriage to Jeanne CHRISTMAN in Fouday on 2 NOV 1700

3rd Marriage to Madeline MARMET in Rothau on 21 APR 1716


2.   Eve LOUX (nž 33)

Nž 68           David WERLI

Born 3 May 1613 in Walhern, Canton of Bern, Switzerland

1st Marriage to Anna ZANDT in Walhern

2nd Marriage on 9 JAN 1646 to Barbara PORTNER in Walhern


Nž 69           Barbara PORTNER

Born about 1623 most likely in Walhern


The children of Barbara PORTNER and David WERLI are:


1.   Anna WERLI  -- born 15 NOV 1646 in Walhern

2.   Elisabeth WERLI  -- born 12 DEC 1647 in Walhern

3.   Hans WERLI  -- born 4 FEB 1649 in Walhern

            -- Died 2 JAN 1721 in Belmont (nž 34)

4.   David WERLI - born 11 AUG 1650 in Walhern

5.   Barbe WERLI - born 26 SEP 1652 in Walhern

6.   Barbe WERLI - born 24 MAY 1655 in Walhern

7.   Christian WERLI - born 12 APR 1657 in Walhern

8.   Christine WERLI - born 29 MAY 1659 in Walhern

9.   Christine WERLI - born 3 MAR 1661 in Walhern

10. Barbe WERLI - born 2 AUG 1663 in Walhern

11. Marguerite WERLI - born 2 AUG 1663 in Walhern

12. Benedicte WERLI - born 5 MAR 1665 in Walhern

13. Benedicte WERLI - born 14 APR 1667 in Walhern


Nž 70           Jean NEUVILLERS

Born about 1625 in Canton of Bern, Switzerland

Died about 1707 in Bellefosse

Vocations: Forest Ranger and Cheese Maker

Married about 1652 to Marie THON (alias LE TONNERRE)

2nd Marriage on 23 NOV 1682 in Waldersbach to Catherine BANZET

 3 sons & 1 daughter together: Joseph?, David?, Jean George? & Catherine?


Nž 71           Marie THON (alias LE TONNERRE)

Born about 1620 in Fouday, France

Died 21 MAY 1679 in Bellefosse


The children of Marie THON and Jean NEUVILLERS are:


1.   Dimanchette (Mougeatte) NEUVILLERS

Born about 1653 in Bellefosse

Died 19 NOV 1704 in Belmont

Married 14 MAY 1678 in Belmont to Claude CLAUDE


2.   Catherine NEUVILLERS

Born 19 AUG 1655 in Bellefosse

Died 3 JAN 1721 in Haute Goutte, France

Married before 1690 to Balthazar KOMMER


3.   Jeanne NEUVILLERS

Born 8 SEP 1657 in Bellefosse

Died 3 OCT 1710 in Bellefosse

Married 31 MAY 1681 to Christophe BANZET



Born 14 JUL 1661 in Bellefosse

Died 24 DEC 1712 in Bellefosse

Married 31 MAY 1692 to Pierre KOMMER


5.   Marguerite NEUVILLERS (nž 35)

Born 1663 in Bellefosse

Died 18 MAR 1708 in Belmont

Married about 1691 to Jean VERLY


Nž 128         Christian CHRISTMAN (alias COLAS)

Born about 1608 in Fouday

Died earlier than NOV 1664

Married earlier than 1637 to Catherine CLOUƒ


Nž 129         Catherine CLOUƒ

Born about 1604 in Fouday

Died 2 MAR 1684 in Solbach


The children of Catherine CLOUƒ and Nicolas CHRISTMAN are:


1.    Christian CHRISTMAN (alias COLAS) (nž 64)


2.    Nicolas CHRISTMAN

Born about 1641 in Solbach

Died 9 MAR 1676 in Waldersbach

Married 14 JUN 1670 in Waldersbach to Jeanne MARESCHAL


3.    Jehannon CHRISTMAN

Born 4 JUN 1643 in Solbach

Married before 


4.    Catherine CHRISTMAN

Born about 1644 in Solbach

Died 14 APR 1707 in Solbach


5.    Jean CHRISTMAN

Born 22 NOV 1648 in Solbach

Died 10 NOV 1731 in Solbach

Married 11 FEB 1673 in Waldersbach to D. (Mougeatte) CAQUELIN


Nž 130         Claude MOUGENAT

Born earlier than 1600

Died 28 OCT 1670 in Solbach

1st Married about 1630 to Marguerite NN (nž 131)

2nd Marriage about 1650 to Claudette NN


Nž 131         Marguerite NN


The children of Marguerite NN and Claude MOUGENAT are:

1.    Claudette MOUGENAT

Born earlier than 1640


2.    Esther MOUGENAT

Born about 1640

Married 27 JUN 1663 in Waldersbach to George VOULIAT


3.    Marguerite MOUGENAT (nž 65)

Nž 132 and Nž 133             UNKNOWN

Nž 134 and Nž 135             UNKNOWN

Nž 136         David WERLI

Born about 1575

1st Marriage earlier than 1595 to Elisabeth ZWALEN (5 children)

2nd Marriage earlier than 1613 to Elisabeth STURLER (nž 137)


The children of Elisabeth STURLER and David WERLI:


1.    David WERLI (nž 68) - only child


Nž 138         Jeremias PORTNER

Born 04 DEC 1580 in Wahlern


Nž 139         Elisabeth ZANDT

Born 17 NOV 1606 in Wahlern


       The children of Elisabeth ZANDT and Jeremias PORTNER:


                   1. Barbara PORTNER (nž 69)

Nž 140         Joseph NEUVILLERS (NEUWEILER)

Born earlier than 1600 in the Canton of Bern CHECK

Died earlier than 1655 in Bellefosse. Vocation: Cheese Maker

Married about 1625 in Switzerland to Anne RINGUELSBACH (nž 141)


Nž 141         Anne RINGUELSBACH

Born about 1602 in Canton of Bern CHECK

Died after 1655 in Bellefosse


The children of Anne RINGUELSBACH and Joseph NEUVILLERS are:


1.    Jean NEUVILLERS (nž 70)


2.    Marie NEUVILLERS

Born about 1627 in Switzerland

Married about 1647 to Jacques KREIGUER


3.    Christian NEUVILLERS

Born about 1639 in Switzerland

Died 20 JAN 1674 in Belmont

Married about 1663 to Jeanne MARESCHAL (MARCHAL)



4.    Catherine NEUVILLERS

Born about 1641 in Switzerland

Died 18 JAN 1710 in Bellefosse

Married 11 FEB 1668 in Waldersbach to Thomas M†LLER


Nž 142         Jean THON from Fouday

Nž 143         Mother UNKNOWN


Nž 256         Nicolas CHRISTMAN (alias COLAS)

Born before 1590

Died before 1647 in Fouday

Married Dimanchette (Mougeatte) NN (nž 257)


Nž 257         Dimanchette (Mougeatte) NN

Born before 1590

Died 27 SEP 1647 in Fouday


The children of Dimanchette (Mougeatte) NN and Nicolas CHRISTMAN are:


1.    Nicolas CHRISTMAN (nž 128)


2.    Jean Jacques CHRISTMAN

Born about 1610 in Fouday

Died 31 JAN 1676 in Waldersbach

Married about 1630 to Catherine NN

Nž 276         Michel PORTNER

Born about 1551 in Wahlern


Nž 277         Anna ROHRBACH

                 Born about 1555 in Wahlern

The children of Anna ROHRBACH and Michel PORTNER are:


 1.    Ulrich PORTNER -- born 07 JUL 1555 in Wahlern

 2.    Peter PORTNER -- born 22 FEB 1579 in Wahlern

 3.   Jeremias PORTNER -- born 04 DEC 1580 in Wahlern

         4.   Michel PORTNER -- born 30 SEP 1582 in Wahlern

                                     5.   Hans PORTNER -- born 23 AUG 1584 in Wahlern

                                     6.   Elsi PORTNER -- born 17 JUL 1586 in Wahlern

                                     7.   Uli PORTNER -- born 05 MAY 1588 in Wahlern

                                     8.   Hans PORTNER  -- born 22 FEB 1590 in Wahlern

Nž 278         ZANDT Father UNKNOWN

Nž 279         Mother UNKNOWN

                 Nž 512         Georges CHRISTMAN (alias Salm)

                 Born before 1570

                 Served the Count of Salm for 30 years

                 Resident of Fouday by 1623

                 Nž 513         Mother UNKNOWN


                 Nž 1024       George CHRISTMANN (alias Christmann GEORG)

                 Born before 1550, Perhaps from Fouday or Salm


14 MAY 1637   Christman COLAS son of Christman COLAS and Catherine CLOUƒ was born in Barr. Godparents: BANSET, CAQUELIN, Catherine - B…HY.

29 FEB 1643   Dimanche son of Nicolas BERNARD MARESCHAL of Waldersbach & Oudile was baptized. Jehanne COLAS is godmother.

03 APR 1643   Marguerite daughter of Gladon MOUGENAT the elder of Wildersbach and Marguerite his wife was baptized. GPs: Marguerite wife of Gladon RINGUELSBACH of Neuvillers and Catherine STEFF of Belmont.

04 JUN 1643   Jehannon dau Christman COLAS. Sr of Solbach, & Catherine CLOUƒ bap. in Walders. GPs: Nicolas SCHMID, Quinelle BERNARD, Marion STEFF.

06 JUN 1643    Jehannon dau of Heirig SCHMID of Truchi was bap. GPs: Benoit BANSET of Solbach, Catherine GEORGE, Jehanon BERNARD of Waldersbach.

27 SEP 1647   Mougette, widow of the late Nicolas Colas (Christmann) from Fouday, died as a Christian in Waldersbach and was buried in the Fouday Cemetery.

?? JUN 1643    Adam the son of Nicolas LUX of Solbach and Christine COLAS was baptized.

?? ??? 1664    The marriage of Hierig SCHMID [George MARESCHAL] & Marguerite BANSET

EASTER 1658 Benoit Banzet of Solbach died on Easter and was buried in Fouday.

15 JUL 1664    Marriage of Colas COLAS [son of Johan Jacob COLAS CHRISTMAN living, & Jehanon daughter of Nicolas CAQUELIN from Waldersbach.

24 FEB 1661   Eve daughter of Nicolas LUX & Claudette his wife of Solbach was baptized. Godparents: Jean son of Nicolas MALAISIE of Wildersbach & Mougeatte, the wife of Nicolas GLADON.

01 NOV 1664   Marriage of Christman COLAS (Christian CHRISTMAN) son of Christman COLAS (Christian CHRISTMAN) of Solbach and Marguerite daughter of Gladon MOUGENAT of Neuvillers at the Church of Waldersbach.

?? ???  1664   Michel HOLVECH and Mougenon SCHMID.

09 MAY 1665   Gladon RINGUELSBACH of Neuvill. & SalomŽ dau of Veldin VONIE marry

29 JUN 1665   Didier MOREL & Mougeatte dau. Gladon RINGUELSBACH of N'villers marry.

?? AUG 1665   Marriage of Nicolas PARMENTIER son of Claude PARMENTIER of Neuvillers and Marguerite daughter of GEORGE the tailor.

17 FEB 1665   Christman MALAISE was baptized. Father Jean MALAISE and Mougeatte BEUTRIN is mother, both from Neuvillers. Godparents are CHRISTMAN. 

23 MAR 1665   Madeline MARMET dau of Jean Nicolas MARMET & Anne of Rothau bap.GP: Dame Madelon Marguerite Maur-Predicante, & Anne BECKER wife of Jean GANIER of Rothau. Godfather is Hans WOLF (Jean LUX) of Wildersbach.

28 MAR 1665   Regine VONIE dau of Christian VONIE & Sara MARMET of Wildersbach bap. GP: Jean MARESCHAL of Waldersbach, Regine CAQUELIN miner's wife in Walders. & Barbe GAGNIER wife of Hans WOLF  (Jean LOUX) of Wilders.

04 FEB 1666   Nicolas son of Christman COLAS & Margueritte of Solbach was baptized in Waldersbach. GPs: Nicolas TABOURIN, Johan son of Johan CAQUELIN of Truchi, Agnes daughter of Nicolas MARMET the parish minister.

22 APR 1666   Jehanne dau of Christman NEUVILLERS & Jehanne MARESCHAL bap. GPs: Jehan TABOURIN son Nicolas TABOURIN Belmont, Quenielle BOULANGER wife Dietrich PARMENTIER Belmont & Mougenat CHALLAN wife Ulrich LANG

24 MAY 1666   Jehan CAQUELIN died in Truchi.

17 MAR 1666   Christian STEFF died in Belmont.

12 JUN 1677    George MARMET married Elizabeth Madeline MAURICE of Montbeliard.

11 AUG 1667   Marie dau of Benedict VASSEM & Catherine LAUčNER bap. GP: Thomas M†LLER & Marie LE TONNERRE wife of Jehan NEUVILLERS of Bellefosse, and Quenielle KREIGER daughter of Jacob KREIGER of Bellefosse.

25 AUG 1667   Anne Catherine, dau of Casper SCHEDEKER & Susanne HAUSSENREIT.

17 SEP 1667   Quenielle daughter of Jehan BABILION  & Marthane APFFEL baptized. GP: Aseman, son of Jehan ASEMAN of Bellefosse, Quenielle BOULANGER, Jehanne MARESCHAL daughter of Jehan MARESCHAL Jr of Waldersbach.

13 OCT 1667   Marguerite dau of Christman COULAS (Nicolas CHRISTMAN) & Marguerite MOUGENAT baptized by Nicolas ANDRE of Solbach, GP: Salome MOREL.

16 JAN 1668    Madeline daughter of Elie RUPP & Anne baptized. GP is Catherine LUX.

11 FEB 1668   Thomas M†LLER of Bern, Switz. married Mougeatte NEUVILLERS of B'fosse.

?? APR 1668   Quenielle dau of George PARMENTIER & Catherine NEUVILLERS baptized. Her godparents are Quenielle BOULANGER and Marguerite APFFEL.

02 JUN 1668    Dimanche MARESCHAL son of Nicolas MARESCHAL of Waldersbach married Mougeatte LUX daughter of Nicolas LUX.

17 OCT 1668   Catherine dau of Christman NEUVILLERS & Jehanne MARESCHAL baptized. GP: Jacob RINGON {SP} & Catherine CHARPENTIER of Tronelle Neuvillers.

26 NOV 1668   Didier son of Thomas M†LLER & Mougeatte NEUVILLERS was baptized in Waldersbach on. Godparents: Ulrich PARMENTIER and Catherine Mareschal.

31 JAN 1669    Marthane daughter of Jehan BABILION and Marthane APFFEL was baptized- Godparents: Catherine LUX and Oudille HUINGLEOTT

20 JUL 1669    Quenielle daughter of Ulrich ROTT and Barbe CAQUELIN was baptized

07 OCT 1669   Jehanne dau of Dimanche MARESCHAL & Mougeatte LUX baptized. Her godparents are Didier CAQUELIN and Regine --- and Salome MOREL.

14 JUN 1670    Coulas CHRISTMAN son of Christman COULAS of Solbach and Jehanne MARESCHAL the daughter of Jean MARESCHAL baptized in Waldersbach.

07 OCT 1670   Marguerite daughter of Jehan CAQUELIN and Oudile MARESCHAL was baptized. GP: Dimanche MARESCHAL and Catherine MARESCHAL.

18 OCT 1670   Jehan son of Christman COULAS  & Marguerite MOUGENAT baptized. GP: Coulas ANDRE and Jehan PRINCE.

23 OCT 1670   Ulrich son of Ulrich ROTT and Barbe RAREN was baptized. Godparents: Ulrich SOMMER and Regine BOULANGER.

8 OCT 1670     Pierre son of Christman NEUVILLERS & Jehanne MARESCHAL bap. GPs: George BERDOT of Waldersbach, & Dietrich PARMENTIER, Jehan Mareschal, Mougeatte GROHENS wife of Coulas TABOURIN.

05 FEB 1672   Oudilla daughter of Dimanche MARESCHAL and Mougeatte was baptized

07 MAY 1672   Jehan son of Ulrich SOMMER  & Christine REIS baptized by Jacob BINKEL and Jehan WERLIN, his godparents, and Elizabeth RORBACH his godmother

15 FEB 1672   Dimanche son of Thomas MULLER & Mougeatte NEUVILLERS bap. GPS: Dimanche CAQUELIN & Coulas GLADON, Catherine BABILION wife of Jehan

05 APR 1672   Pierre son of George PARMENTIER & Catherine NEUVILLERS bap. GPs: Tiebaule BOURGEOISE of Barr & George MARESCHAL, Marguerite APFFEL.

27 OCT 1672   Jehan son of Christman TELLENBACH & Anne OUER bap. GPs: Christman NEUVILLERS and Jehan WERLIN of Belmont, Regine BOULANGER.

10 FEB 1673   Bastian ASEMAN son of Jehan ASEMAN of Bellefosse and Marguerite GROSHENS daughter of Michel GROSHENS of Neuvillers was baptized.

11 FEB 1673   Jehan Coulas CHRISTMAN son of COULAS CHRISTMAN of Solbach and Mougeatte CAQUELIN dau of Didier CAQUELIN of Waldersbach baptized.

24 FEB 1673    Claudette dau Dimanche MARCHAL & Mougeat bap. GPs: Jehan MARCHAL of Walsders & Regine BOULANGER of Belmont, & Oudille ASEMAN of Truchi.

05 MAY 1673   Nicolas son of Christman NEUVILLER & Jehan MARESCHAL bap. GPs: Coulas ANDRE, George MARESCHAL, Mougeatte & Jehan NEUVILLERS.

22 MAY 1673   Adam LUX son of Nicolas LUX of Solbach died on at 30 years of age.

24 JUL 1673    Coulas STEFF  [TEPPE] son of Nicoulas STEFF of Belmont & Jehanne Lang GERIC daughter of Jehan Lang GERIC of Neuvillers was baptized.

05 OCT 1673   Marguerite daughter of Jehan TABOURIN & Marguerite MARESCHAL was baptized on. GPs: George LUX, Marguerite APFFEL & Catherine CAQUELIN.

08 OCT 1673   Catherine daughter of Coulas CHRISTMAN and Jehan MARESCHAL was baptized. GPs: Catherine LUX, Marguerite, & Dimanche CAQUELIN.

28 OCT 1673   Christman son of Christman COULAS and Marguerite MOUGENAT of Solbach was baptized. Godparents: Coulas GLADON son of Coulas GLADON of Bellefosse & Coulas COULAS son of Coulas COULAS of Waldersbach, Regine BOULANGER of Belmont.

09 OCT 1673   Anne Catherine daughter of Jehan BEYLER & Catherine ULRICH was baptized. Her godparents are Didier CAQUELIN of Waldersbach & Jehanne.

13 OCT 1673   Anne daughter of Pierre VERLIN and Madeline GASSER of Solbach bap. GPs: Abraham CA-rer & Barbara LUTIKEOFFER [sp], Anne KESSERLI.

13 JAN 1674    Catherine dau of Coulas CHARPENTIER & Barbel Christina LORENT of Haute Goutte, widow of Ettienne STEFF of Belmont, died in Belmont. 66 yrs.

20 FEB 1674   Christman NEUVILLER son of Joseph NEUVILLER & Anne RINGUELSBACH native of Berne died in Belmont having been ill for some days. 34 years old.

27 FEB 1674? Catherine CHRISTMAN, daughter of Collas CHRISTMAN of Solbach died.

05 MAY 1674   Jean CAQUELIN died in Truchi [Fouday].

20 MAY 1674   Hans NEUVILLER the forester of Bellefosse died in Fouday

03 JAN 1675    Jacob, son of Coulas CHRISTMAN & Jehanne MARESCHAL of Waldersbach is born and baptized. Godparents: Jacob CAQUELIN, Regine CAQUELIN of Waldersbach, and Coulas GLADON of Bellefosse.

11 FEB 1675   Jehanne daughter of Jehanne MARCHAL & Urselle CAQUELIN was baptized. Godparents are George LUX, Mougette LUX & Catherine CAQUELIN.

15 FEB 1675   Judith dau of George BERDOT minister of Waldersbach & Catherine LUX was bap. GPs: Didier MARESCHAL of Waldersbach & Apollonia SION for Marie Madelaine BERDOT her aunt & Mougeatte LUX wife of Dimanche MARCHAL.

16 FEB 1675   Marguerite daughter of Thomas M†LLER & Mougeatte NEUVILLERS was baptized. Godparents: Christman CAQUELIN son of Didier CAQUELIN & Marguerite COLLA, and Marguerite APFFEL.

30 MAR 1674? Dimanche son of Jean TRUMMENSCHLAGER, a chimney man, & Marguerite SCHMIDT was baptized. GPs: George & Dimanche SCHMIDT of Bellefosse, Anne VERLICH daughter of Hans VERLICH of Belmont.

30 MAR 1674? Catherine CAQUELIN daughter of CAQUELIN & Marguerite of Truchi was baptized. GPs: Ursule CAQUELIN, wife of Jean MARESCHAL of Walders., Regine CAQUELIN daughter of Didier CAQUELIN the miner of Waldersbach, and Jean CHRISTMAN of Waldersbach.

18 APR 1674? Anne Marie daughter of Gladon CLAUDE & Mougeatte NEUVILLERS of Belmont was bap. GPs: Ulrich son of Hans VERLICH Belmont & Apollonia wife of George LUX the Prevost of Belmont, & Jeannon TRUMMELSCHLAG.

29 JAN 1675?  Catherine dau of BERNARD (PRINCE) & Jeannon BABYLON bap. GPs: Jean Jacob CAQUELIN of Solbach & Otille Bellefosse, Catherine wife BERNARD.

08 FEB 1675? Oswald son of Le Fourieur of Fontaine & Barbe, bap. GPs: Oswald Becker of Waldersbach, Gladon CLAUDE of Belmont & Anne VERLY of Belmont.

29 FEB 1675? Jeannon daughter of CHRISTMAN & Marguerite of Solbach was baptized. GPs: Dimanche MARESCHAL of Foudai, Jeannon widow of Collas COLLAS of Waldersbach and Evette LOUX daughter of Collas LOUX of Solbach.

29 JUN 1675?  Hans George son of Michel MULLER blacksmith and Sara GANIER of Rothau was baptized. Godparentss: Madeline Marguerite Maur- and the wife of David WIDERMAN from la Roche, & Hans WOLF (Jean Loux) of Wildersbach.

14 MAY 1678   Gladon CLAUDE of Bellefosse married Mougeatte NEUVILLERS.

21 MAY 1678   Jean CAQUELIN of Truchi married Marguerithe HASEMAN of Blunspach.

11 JUN 1678    Jean Jacob CAQUELIN of Walders. Married Regine BERNARD of Solbach.

21 JAN 1679    Oswald BECKER son of Peter Becker of Solbach married Jeannon MARESCHAL widow of Collas CHRISTMAN of Waldersbach.

28 JAN 1679    Michel son of Colas MOREL of Wilders married Benite STEFF of Belmont

11 FEB 1679   Dimanch MOREL of Wilders. Wed Marguerite dau. of Collas CLAULING.

30 OCT 1679   Christman GRANDMATHIS of Neuvillers married Marguerite MOREL

20 MAY 1680   Collas son of Collas CLAUDE the weaver from Bellefosse married Regine MARESCHAL daughter of Collas MARESCHAL the Bourgeoise of Bellefosse.

10 JUN 1680    Collas LOUX of Solbach married Anne WAGNER the oberrotweil en Breisgan

04 APR 1681   Ulrich VERLI married Christine SCH€FFERIN.

19 APR 1681   Christman CAQUELIN of Waldersbach married Anne VERLI of Belmont.

?? MAY 1681   Christophel BABYLON married Jeannon NEUVILLERS.

04 MAR 1684   Marie CHRISTMAN widow of Michel GROSHEINS died at age 70 in Rothau.

04 MAR 1684   Catherine CLOUƒ wife of Christman COLAS of Solbach died at age 80.

07 MAR 1684   Marguerite MARECHAL wife of Jean MARCHAL elder died at 74 in Foudai.

02 APR 1684   Widow Jean MARCHAL elder died at 78 in Foudai. Buried in Waldersbach.

30 APR 1685   Didier (Dominic) son of Jean LUX the miner of Truchi & Catherine STEFF was baptized in Fouday. GPs: Didier KREIGER of Bellefosse, Jean son of Jean GRANDGEORGE the Bourgeois of Bellefosse, Salome MOREL widow of Pierre CLADON of Bellefosse, living in Wildersbach with her father, Jean LUX. Signed-Catherine STEFF - O; Jean Grand George - J; Salome MOREL - V, and Jehan George MalmehŸ (a schoolmaster) and Sebastian Jšrg (censer).

?? MAY 1688   CAQUELIN son of Nicolas CAQUELIN bap. GP: Dimanche MARESCHAL

25 JUL 1689    Jean Jaques LOUX mentioned.

20 FEB 1689   Sebastian MARESCHAL of Fouday

1) Commer, son of Balthasar COMMER & Catherine NEUVILLERS born 7 APR 1690.

2) Jacques son of Nicolas YEMAN & Marie BANSET? of Bellefosse was baptized.

3) Anne Marguerite dau of Christman CAQUELIN of Walders. & Anne VERLY.

4) Anne Barbe daughter of David VERLY & Barbe BECK of Bellefosse - born 1687

                 GPs: Dimanche son of Christman CAQUELIN the miner and Anne VERLY.

5) Anne daughter of David VERLY of Bellefosse & Barbe Beck was born 1690 JAN.

6) Didier son of Jean ROCHEL the weaver of Bellefosse was missed in 1690 registry.

01 APR 1691   Oudille VERLY dau of Jean VERLY oilman & Marguerite RINGUELSBACH was born and baptized. GPs: Ulrich VERLY of Belmont, the elder Anne VERLY wife of Christian VERLY the miner of Waldersbach and Oudille MARECHAL the wife of George Neuvillers. Baptized by Father Kigrin.

18 MAR 1691   Dimanche LOUX of Solbach mentioned

19 JUL 1691    Anne Barbe a daughter of BOURGEOISE of Waldersbach and Anne JANDON (CLAUDE) was baptized. GPs: Jean Michel HOLVECH The Bourgeoise of Rothau and Anne TŲCHER of Belmont, Anne Barbe of Fouday

27 AUG 1691   Anne Barbe daughter of Jean VERLIN the Bourgeoise of Belmont and Barbe OVERYST His wife presented in baptism on 4 AUG 1691 at the Church of Belmont. GPs: Ulrich SOMMER of Waldersbach and Anne VERLIN of Waldersbach and Mougette NEUVILLERS of Belmont

23 OCT 1691   Bastian GEORGE son of Bastian GEORGE Justice of Neuvillers married Junon NEUVILLERS the daughter of Christman NEUVILLERS, the Bourgeois of Bellefosse. They married in Waldersbach.

26 OCT 1691   Jean Michel son of Jean LOUX, a miner of Truchi (Fouday) and Catherine STEFF was baptized in Fouday. GPs: Jean BERNARD of Fouday, Michel MOREL of Wildersbach and Marguerite RINGUELSBACH of Wildersbach.

06 OCT 1691   Marguerite dau of Jean ROCHEL, Oudille OULNAT, Dimanche Mareschal

?? OCT 1691   Jean Jacques son of Nicolas CAQUELIN, GP: CHRISTMAN CAQUELIN

?? OCT 1691   Jean Jacques son of Jean Jacques & Oudille BANSET was born and baptized. GPs: Didier CLAUDE & Kenielle BANSET

01 DEC 1691   Bastian George son of Bastian George of Neuvillers & Junon NEUVILLERS, The godparents are Nicolas CAQUELIN and Dimanche Mareschal

08 APR 1692   Marriage of George MARECHAL of Bellefosse and Marguerite Regine GROSHENS daughter of Michel GROSHENS in Waldersbach Church.

27 MAY 1692   Marriage of Martin SCHEITEKER of Fouday, son of Casper SCHEITEKER of Horville, Switzerland, to, Jeanne MARESCHAL the daughter of Dimanche MARESCHAL of Fouday, ceremony in Church of Fouday.

29 OCT 1692   Marriage of Dimanche MARECHAL son of Nicolas MARECHAL of Bellefosse with Ursule CACLIN widow of Jean MARECHAL-ceremony in Waldersbach.

 02 JAN 1693   Bastian, son of Benoit LOUX of Solbach and Catherine NEUVILLERS was baptized in Fouday. GPs: Bastian GEORGE of Fouday and Jean Collas CHRISTMAN of Solbach, Marie GLADON (CLAUDE) of Wildersbach

02 FEB 1693   Marriage of Ulrich SOMMER of Berne, Switzerland, son of Christine REIS to Christine KOMMER, dau of Antoine KOMMER, Swiss native in Waldersbach.

16 APR 1693   Jean RINGUELSBACH son of Nicolas RINGUELSBACH of Wildersbach married Jeanne MARESCHAL dau of Jean MARECHAL of Waldersbach

02 JUN 1693    Jeanne Marguerite daughter of Ulrich VERLI and Marie was born. Bap. 4 JUN in the Belmont church. GPs: Didier MOREL the tailor of Belmont and Jeanne NEUVILLERS and Mougette wife of Jean CHRISTMAN of Waldersbach.


12 JUN 1693    Christman son of Jacques KRIEGER of Bellefosse & Oudille BANSET born- GPs: Christman CAQUELIN of Walders. & Jean RINGUELSBACH

?? JUN 1693    Agnes daughter of Pierre GEORGE of Neuvillers

?? JUN 1693    Ulrich Commer and Christina Kommer had a son

23 JUN 1693    Marriage of David GONET a mining expert to Marguerite CAQUELIN Fouday

27 JUN 1693    Agnes daughter of Nicolas CAQUELIN & Marie GEORGE was bap. GPs: Jean LUX miner of Truchi, Marguerite CHRISTMAN of Waldersbach & Agnes GEORGE of Neuvillers.

28 JUN 1693    Anne daughter of David BANSET is born

06 JUL 1693    Martin son of Dimanche MARESCHAL -- The Godparent is Martin Scheitker

20 JUL 1693    Magdeline daughter of GLADON CLAUDE - Godparent: Nicolas CAQUELIN

02 AUG 1693   Christophel son of Jean GEORGE is born

?? AUG 1693   Anne Marie daughter of Jacob TRITT is born

23 JUN 1693   Marriage of David GONET the miner to Marguerite CAQUELIN in Fouday.

04 AUG 1693   Jean Jacques son of Nicolas CHRISTMAN and Eve LOUX of Solbach was born and presented in baptism on the 6th of the month. His godparents are Jean Jacques CAQUELIN the elder of Solbach and Jean CHRISTMAN of Waldersbach, Catherine, daughter of Dimanche MARƒCHAL of Fouday.

19 AUG 1693   Marie Magdeline daughter of Pierre VERLY was born and presented the sacrament of baptism on the 13th of the month in the Church of Waldersbach. GPs: Christman CAQUELIN, Miner of Waldersbach, Regine GROHENS wife of George MARESCHAL of Bellefosse and Magdeline, daughter of Jean Michel GANIER Supervisor of Rothau.

30 AUG 1693   Salome daughter of Michel MOREL of Wildersbach was born. Bap. in N'villers. GPs: Jean George VONIE of Wildersbach & Catherine wife of Didier MOREL the tailor of Belmont and Marguerite RINGUELSBACH of Wildersbach.

18 OCT 1693   Dimanche, son of Christophel BANSET  & Jeannon NEUVILLERS was bap. GPs: Dimanche M†LLER of Bellefosse & Jean son of Jean ROCHEL of Bellefosse, Anne BANSET dau of Jean BANSET the elder of Bellefosse.

27 OCT 1693   Jean son of Jean Grand GEORGE of Neuvillers & Barbe was born. Baptized NOV 1 in Neuvillers. GPs: Jean George son of Christman VONIE shoemaker of Wildersbach, Jean Michel son of Michel GANIER the Supervisor of Rothau.

29 OCT 1693   Jean Martin an illegitimate bastard of Marguerite CAQUELIN was born. Baptized on 30th. GPs: Jean BERNARD of Fouday & Martin SCHEITEKER of Fouday, Catherine wife of Jean LUX the miner of Truchi

30 OCT 1693   Jean Leopold son of Jean GEORGE bourgeois & Judith MEYRIN born in Waldersbach. GPs: Jean, son of George SCH†LLER of Ban de la Roche, Anne NARDIN wife of Jean DUVERNOY the minister of Ban de la Roche, and Anne, wife of Christman CAQUELIN the miner from Waldersbach.

07 JAN 1694    Bastian son of Didier KRIEGER & Marie HASEMAN was born and baptized. GPs: Jean M†LLER of Bellefosse, Bastian MOREL of Belmont, Oudille OULNAT wife of Jean ROCHEL.

08 JAN 1694    Catherine, dau of Jean DUVERN…Y the la Roche minister & Nadin was bap. GPs: Pierre DUVERN…Y, son of Jean Jacques DUVERN…Y of Montbeliard.

21 MAR 1694   Jean, son of Benoit LUX the miner of Neuvillers was born. Bap. on 23rd. GPs: Sebastian GEORGE, a resident of Fouday, and Jean CHRISTMAN of Solbach, Anne Marie, daughter of Hans WOLF CLAUDE of Wildersbach.

27 APR 1694  Marriage of Jean CHRISTMAN of Solbach to Marguerite MOREL, Walders.

10 APR 1694   Oudille, daughter of Oswald Bequer & Jeanne Mareschal. GPs: Jacob TRITT, Jeanne MARESCHAL, wife of Jean RINGUELSBACH.

18 APR 1694   Jeanne, daughter of Nicolas LUX the weaver of Belmont and Anne was born and presented the sacrament of baptism on the 22nd of the month.

08 MAY 1694   Sara dau of Dimanche VONIE & Catherine LUX Bap. on 9th GPs: wife of Jean HOLVECH of Rothau and Sara dau of Jean WOLF CLAUDE of Wilders.

21 JUN 1694    Gladon, son of David BERNARD was born.

19 FEB 1695   Marguerite Sara dau of Jean Christman COLAS of Neuvillers & Marguerite MOREL Bap in Neuvillers. GPs: Bastian son of Didier MOREL of Belmont, Catherine CARRIER of Montbeliard and Sara GLADON of Wildersbach

25 FEB 1695   Didier son Ulrich VERLY & Marie Christine SCHAFFERIN died 15 days old.

25 JUL 1695    Didier son of Jean VERLI & Marguerite NEUVILLERS of Bellefosse was born. Baptized on 31st in Church of Belmont. GPs: Didier CLAUDE MARESCHAL of Waldersbach, David VERLI of Bellefosse and Marie CLAUDE the daughter of Gladon CLAUD the elder of Belmont.

06 MAY 1695   Marguerite, dau of Gladon CLAUDE of Belmont & Mougeatte NEUVILLERS was bap. in Church of Belmont. GPs: Jean CHRISTMAN of Waldersbach & Oudille OULNAT wife of Jean ROCHEL, Marguerite dau of Jean BANSET.

26 MAY 1695   Marie daughter of Dimanche MARESCHAL and wife was baptized in Walders. GPs: Christman CAQUELIN of Waldersbach, Marie George, wife of Nicolas CAQUELIN, & Kenielle the wife of George MARESCHAL of Bellefosse.

05 JUN 1695    Anne, dau of Nicolas HASEMAN & Marie BANSET Bap on 7th in Waldersbach. GPs: Dimanche M†LLER   of Bellefosse, Oudille OULNAT & Jean ROCHEL.

26 JUN 1695    Benoit, son of Jean LUX miner of Truchi & Catherine was born. Bap. 29th in Fouday. GPs: Didier Claude MARESCHAL of Waldersbach & Benoit LUX of Solbach, Anne the wife of Christman CAQUELIN the miner of Waldersbach.

07 OCT 1695   Nicolas BANSET of Belmont died at 7 PM after being ill for a year. He was 41 years of age and was buried in the cemetery of Belmont.

17 OCT 1695   Nicolas BANSET of Belmont is dead at 7 PM after being ill for one year. He was buried on the 20th in the Cemetery of Belmont at age 41 years.

27 FEB 1696   Catherine COLA widow of Claude HASEMAN from Truchi died on and was buried the following Sunday in the Cemetery of Fouday at the age of 80

24 JUL 1696    Christman son of David BANSET & Sara NEUVILLERS was born. Bap. in Belmont. GPs: Didier MOREL Judge of Belmont, Christophel CLAUDE son of Gladon CLAUDE of Belmont, Magdeline dau of Pierre VERLY of Belmont.

17 AUG 1696   Jean, son of David VERLY & Barbe BEQUER of Bellefosse was born. Bap. 24th in St Barthelome church of Waldersbach. Godparents: Andre BEQUER of Hautte Goutte & Jean M†LLER the Servant of MARESCHAL, Marguerite BANSET, daughter of Jean BANSET the Justice Bellefosse.

12 SEP 1696   SalomŽ daughter of Benoit LUX & Catherine NEUVILLERS of Solbach born at 8AM. Baptized on Sunday Fouday. GPs: Claude TABOURIN son of Jean TABOURIN of Belmont, Catherine Mareschal, dau of Dimanche MARESCHAL of Fouday & Salome VONIE, dau of Dimanche VONIE of Wildersbach.

20 OCT 1696   Nicolas CHRISTMAN son of Nicolas CHRISTMAN and Eve LOUX of Solbach was born on the, a Saturday night, and was baptized on the 23rd in the Church of Fouday. His godparents are Didier BERNARD, Justice of Solbach, Jean LUX the carpenter and miner of Truchi (Fouday), Catherine CAQUELIN, the daughter of Jacques CAQUELIN, the Prevost of Solbach.

10 FEB 1696   Didier VERLI, son of Ulrich VERLI & Marie Christine SCHAFFERIN was born. Baptized on 13th in Belmont. GPs: Sebastian Didier MOREL, Didier BERNARD of Solbach, Magdeline VERLI wife of Peter VERLY, Belmont, Barbe BECK wife of David VERLY, Bellefosse.

25 FEB 1696    Didier VERLY the son of Ulrich VERLY and Marie Christine SCHAFFERIN of Belmont died on Saturday, and buried in the Belmont cemetery. 15 days old.

08 FEB 1697   Jean Michel COLA son of Jean COLA & Marguerite MOREL was born. Bap. on 10th in Neuvillers. GPs:  Jacques CAQUELIN Prevost Solbach, Jean Michel MALAISE son of Jean MALAISE, Neuvillers, & Magdeline MOREL dau of Didier MOREL of Neuvillers.

09 MAR 1697   Anne Marie dau of Michel MOREL & Benitte STEFF of Wilders. born & bap. on 12th. GPs: Nicolas CHARRIER Minister of Ban de la Roche, Junon MALAISI dau of Jean MALAISI of Neuvillers & Junon dau of Benoit MOREL.

28 MAY 1697   Christman VERLI son of Ulrich VERLY & Marie Christine SCHAFFERINE of Belmont born. Baptized on 30th in Belmont. Godparents: Didier BERNARD Solbach Justice, Christman CAQUELIN miner of Waldersbach, Catherine MOREL daughter of Didier MOREL the Justice of Belmont.

07 JUL 1697    Susanne dau of Martin SCHEDEKER & Jeanne MARESCHAL of Fouday was bap. GPs:  George NEUVILLERS Waldersbach, Catherine dau of Dimanche MARESCHAL Fouday, Catherine BERNARD dau of Jean BERNARD

?? JUL 1697    Marguerite dau of Nicolas CLAUDE of Bellefosse & Regine MARESCHAL was bap. GPs: Didier KREIGER Justice of Bellefosse, Claudine GROHENS wife of Jon HOLVECH, Catherine STEFF wife of Jean LUX carpenter & miner Truchi.

03 MAR 1699   Jean George KNEIGEUR son of Didier KNEIGEUR & Marie HASEMAN of Bellefosse was born. GPs: George NEUVILLERS, Jean ROCHEL, Catherine NEUVILLERS wife of Balthazar KOMMER of Bellefosse.

03 MAR 1699   Dimanche son of Caspar SCHEDEKER and Jeanne MARESCHAL of Fouday. GPs: Jean LUX master carpenter of Fouday, Jean GRANDGEORGE of Neuvillers and Jeanne CAQUELIN wife of Jacques CAQUELIN of Solbach.

04 MAR 1699   Marie daughter of Nicolas RINGUELSBACH of Wildersbach died at the age of 26 and was buried in the cemetery of Rothau.

20 MAR 1699   Magdeline VONIE daughter of Dimanche VONIE died at 1 year of age.

20 MAR 1699   Dimanche VONIE of Wilders. Died of illness. Buried in Rothau. 15 years.

23 APR 1699   Anne dau of David BANSET & Sara NEUVILLERS of Belmont was born. GPs: Jean VERLY son of Pierre VERLI from Belmont, Mougeatte NEUVILLERS the wife of Gladon CLAUDE, & Oudille MARESCHAL wife George NEUVILLERS.

30 APR 1699 Andre son of John WOLF CLAUDE of Wildersbach died 6 months old.

20 MAY 1699 Benoit MOREL son of Benoit MOREL of Wildersbach died 8 years old.

12 APR 1699   Jeanne MARESCHAL wife of Martin SCHIDEKER elder of Fouday. Buried the following Tuesday in the Cemetery of Fouday at the age of 29 years.

13 APR 1699   Dimanche son of Martin SCHIDEKER died on the and was buried by Jean MARESCHAL in the same Cemetery of Fouday [birth related death?]

21 APR 1699   Magdeline dau of George NEUVILLERS resident of Waldersbach died at noon & was buried the next day in Fouday Cemetery. 3 years and 7 weeks.

12 NOV 1699   Nicolas CHRISTMAN died in Solbach at six hours in the morning and will be buried in the cemetery of Fouday. 26 years old.

12 NOV 1699   Nicolas CHRISTMAN an old man of Solbach died in the morning and was buried the next day in Cemetery of Fouday at age 60 plus some years.

24 NOV 1699   David son of David GONET & Marguerite of Truchi was born in Fouday. GPs: Andre KAYLERD of Barr, Christman CAQUELIN, miner, Jean BERNARD son of Jean BERNARD of Fouday, Anne VERLI of Waldersbach.

18 DEC 1699   Nicolas son of Jean LUX of Truchi and Catherine STEFF born at 5 PM Bap 21st in Fouday. GPs: Didier BERNARD, Justice, Dimanche MARESCHAL of Fouday, Catherine BERNARD, dau of Jean BERNARD of Fouday.

01 JAN 1700    Jeanne dau of Jean CHRISTMAN of Neuvillers & Marguerite MOREL born. Bap. 3rd. GPs: Nicolas RINGUELSBACH Wildersbach, Jeanne dau of Benoit MOREL of Wildersbach, & Jeanne Cola dau CHRISTMAN Cola of Solbach.

15 MAR 1701   Didier son of Jaques CHRISTMAN and Magdeline ROCHEL was born in Waldersbach. Bap on 17th in Waldersbach. GPs: George MARESCHAL of Bellefosse, Didier CAQUELIN of Waldersbach wife of Oswald BEQUER

03 MAY 1700   Jeanne Marguerite dau of Benoit LUX of Solbach & Catherine NEUVILLERS was born in Fouday. GPs: Nicolas son of Dimanche MARESCHAL & Marguerite MOREL his wife of CHRISTMAN Grandmathis of Neuvillers, and Jeanne CAQUELIN daughter of Jacques CAQUELIN of Solbach.

18 MAY 1700   Marriage of Didier son of Jean MARESCHAL of Waldersbach with Marguerite CHRISTMAN daughter of CHRISTMAN at the Church of Waldersbach

20 MAY 1700   Marriage of Jacques son of Nicolas CHRISTMAN of Waldersbach with Madeline daughter of Jean ROCHEL of Bellefosse in Waldersbach

31 MAY 1700   Marriage of Jean the son of Didier MOREL of Belmont & Madeline BERNARD the daughter of Jean BERNARD of Fouday at the Church of Fouday on the.

03 JUL 1700    Jean Nicolas son of Jean GANIER of Bellefosse & Marguerite BANSET. GPs: Jean ROCHEL, Nicolas CLAUDE, Marie daughter of David VERLY

16 NOV 1700   Jean HOLVECH, an old widower, married Sara CLAUDE daughter of Jean WOLF CLAUDE of Wildersbach in the church of Rothau.

22 DEC 1700   Marie Jeanne dau of Nicolas CHRISTMAN & Eve LOUX wife of Solbach was born & baptized on the 25th in Conversion de St Paul Church of Fouday. GPs: Jean Jacques CHRISTMAN son of Nicolas CHRISTMAN of Solbach, Jeanne CAQUELIN daughter of Jacques Cacquelin and Marie BERNARD of Solbach.

19 APR 1701   Marriage of Christman CHRISTMAN son of the widow Nicolas CHRISTMAN of Solbach with Marie daughter of Jean PARMENTIER of Neuvillers.

29 JUN 1701    Jean Jacques VERLY son of David VERLY of Bellefosse and Barbe BEQUER was baptized in Waldersbach. GPs: Jean VERLY of Bellefosse and Jacques CAQUELIN son of Christman CAQUELIN of Waldersbach, Anne BEQUER, the daughter of Oswald BEQUER. {Later died at 1 year of age}

06 OCT 1701   Nicolas LOUX of Benoit LOUX & Jeanne CHRISTMAN of Solbach baptized. GPs: Jean RINGUELSBACH of Waldersbach, Didier son of Jean LOUX of Truchi & Oudille MARESCHAL wife of George NEUVILLERS of Waldersbach.

21 OCT 1702   Jean Jacques CHRISTMAN son of Jacques CHRISTMAN & Magdeline ROCHEL of Waldersbach was born. Baptized on 24th in Waldersbach. GPs: Jean CHRISTMAN and Jean CLAUDE son of Didier CLAUDE of Waldersbach, Jeanne ROCHEL daughter of Jean ROCHEL the weaver of Bellefosse.

22 OCT 1702   Jean Jacques son of David VERLY & Barbe BEQUER of Bellefosse died.

22 OCT 1701   Claude GROSHENS son of Nicolas GROSHENS of Neuvillers married Jeanne MALAISI daughter of Jean MALAISI in Neuvillers.

09 FEB 1702   Jean RINGUELSBACH of Waldersbach married Anne Barbe SCHEIDEKER a widow of Neuvillers. Wedding in the Church of Neuvillers.

01 JAN 1702    Jean Nicolas CHRISTMAN son of Christman CHRISTMAN of Neuvillers & Marie PARMENTIER born and baptized in Neuvillers on Wednesday the 11th. GPs: Jean CHRISTMAN of Waldersbach and Nicolas MARESCHAL of Fouday, Jeanne CHRISTMAN wife of Benoit LUX of Solbach.

22 JUL 1702    Wolfgang Nicolas son of Jean CHRISTMAN of Neuvillers and Marguerite MOREL was born. Bap. on 14th in Church of Rothau. Godparents: Monsieur Wolfgang of Landsberg, a noble gentleman from Nidermai, Nicolas Charrier Minister of Ban de la Roche, and Mademoiselle of Kybenheim, our Dame of Honor, Her Highness the Madam Princess Dorothea Palatine of Veldenz.

29 APR 1703   Didier CHRISTMAN son of Nicolas CHRISTMAN & Eve LOUX was born in the village of Solbach & baptized in Fouday. Godparents: elder Didier Mareschal, son of Dimanche MARESCHAL of Fouday & Jean VONIE son of Dimanche VONIE of Wildersbach, Catherine LOUX, daughter of Jean LOUX of Truchi.

13 MAY 1703   Jean Martin son of Martin GROHENS & Marguerite Valentin of Belmont was baptized in Belmont. GPs: Jean VERLY de la Pile and Martin CLAUDE.

29 MAY 1703   George the weaver, son of Nicolas BANSET & Anne WAGNER of Belmont married Marguerite dau of Thomas MUNIER & Mougeatte NEUVILLERS

05 JUN 1703    Marriage of Nicolas son of Nicolas RINGUELSBACH of Wildersbach to Regine dau of Jean ROCHEL the weaver of Bellefosse-Church of Waldersbach

26 JUN 1703    Marriage of Didier VALENTIN of Belmont to Elizabeth GUILAUME

23 JUL 1703    Jean Jaques CHRISTMAN son of Christman CHRISTMAN & Marie PARMENTIER of Neuvillers is born.

06 APR 1704   Catherine LUX daughter of Dimanche VONIE died in Rothau at 51 years.

14 JUN 1704    Marguerite Sara daughter of Jean CHRISTMAN died in Neuvillers.  10 yrs.


28 OCT 1704   Marie Salome, dau. Jean VERLI & Marguerite MELCKER of Belmont born and baptized in Belmont. GPs: Ulrich WERLI son of Ulrich WERLI of Belmont, Regine Knielle GROSHENS wife of George MARESCHAL of Bellefosse & Marie Salome BERNARD dau of Didier BERNARD the Justice of Solbach.

28 OCT 1704   Catherine daughter of Pierre KOMMER & Marie NEUVILLERS. GPs: Jean an oilman and son of Didier VERLI, Catherine NEUVILLERS wife of Balthazar KOMMER, Marie BANSET daughter of Christophel BANSET of Bellefosse.

25 MAR 1705   George Gustave son of Jean CHRISTMAN of Neuvillers and Marguerite MOREL was baptized in Rothau on the 27th. Godparents: George LAURENT the Lieutenant bailiff of the Ban de la Roche, Jean MOREL, son of Michel MOREL the Justice and auditor of Wildersbach, Sophie Elizabeth of BERING, the DAME of HONOR, and Her Highness Madame PRINCESS DOROTHEA PALENTINE of VALDENZ, and her chambermaid, Mademoiselle Ischeler.


07 APR 1705   Marguerite dau of Nicolas RINGUELSBACH of Neuvillers & Regine Knielle ROCHEL born Neuvillers & bap. GP: Jean RINGUELSBACH, GRANDMATHIS.

10 JUL 1705    Marguerite MOUGENAT widow of Christman COLAS of Solbach died on the 9th in Solbach and was buried in Fouday. Age 62 years.

10 JUL 1705    Nicolas CHRISTMAN son of Jacques CHRISTMAN the tailor of Waldersbach & Marguerithe ROCHEL died & was buried in Cemetery of Foudai. 5 days old.

08 JAN 1706    Jaques son of Christman COLAS of Neuvillers and Marie PARMENTIER was born. GPs: Jaques son of Benoit LOUX of Solbach & Nicolas son of Regine BEUTRIN, auditor, Agnes MARMET wife Christ HALFZINGER.

19 JAN 1706    Christman CHRISTMAN son of Christman CHRISTMAN & Marie PARMENTIER of Neuvillers was born and baptized on the 22nd in Neuvillers. Godparents: Jean CHRISTMAN son of Nicolas CHRISTMAN of Solbach, Dietrich HOLVECH son of Jean Michel HOLVECH the master tailor and Justice of Rothau, Regine Knielle ROCHEL wife of Nicolas RINGUELSBACH of Wildersbach.

29 JUN 1705    Jean George son of Pierre HENNŲ and Magdelaine VERLY of Belmont was born & bap in Belmont. GPs: Jean VALENTIN a youth, Jean Pierre son of Pierre VERLY, Catherine MARESCHAL wife Didier MOREL forester of B'mont.

05 JUL 1705    Nicolas CHRISTMAN son of Jacques CHRISTMAN, the blacksmith and Magdelaine ROCHEL of Waldersbach was born in the village on at six in the evening and baptized on the 7th in the Church of Waldersbach. GPs: elder Nicolas CLAUDE, son of Didier CLAUDE, and Jean son of Oswald BECKER, Catherine CHRISTMAN daughter of Nicolas CHRISTMAN of Waldersbach.

29 JUL 1705    Jean WOLF  / CLAUDE infant son of Michel WOLF  / CLAUDE of Wildersbach died violently by accidentally falling into water and drowning at 9AM.  He was buried the next day in Rothau Cemetery at age 12 months and 14 days.

17 AUG 1705   Jean George HOLVECH son of Jean HOLVECH of Rothau died 19 yrs 5 mos

17 OCT 1705   Jean Nicolas son of Jean MARESCHAL and Marie Salome BERNARD, residents of Waldersbach, was born and baptized. GPs: Didier CLAUDE, Michel BERNARD, Marguerite daughter of Christman CAQUELIN.

02 FEB 1706   Nicolas RINGUELSBACH son of Regine Junon LOUX was born. GP: COLAS.

25 FEB 1706   Daughter of Jean CLAUDE of Wildersbach died in her village on and was buried the next day in the Cemetery of Rothau.

07 SEP 1706   Sophie Dorothee daughter of Jean Michel HOLVECH of Rothau died.

21 DEC 1706   Didier VONIE of Wildersbach died at age 62 years. Buried in Rothau.

10 JAN 1707    Jean Michel Holvech, son of Jean Michel HOLVECH died 3 months old.

06 FEB 1707   Daughter of Jean CLAUDE of Wildersbach died.

17 FEB 1707   Christman COLAS son of Christman COLAS of Neuvillers died at 1 year and 1 month. Buried in the Cemetery of Rothau.

22 FEB 1707   Marguerite daughter of Nicolas RINGUELSBACH of Neuvillers died and was buried in the Cemetery of Rothau. 1 year, 10 mo 17 days.

26 FEB 1707   Claude MALAISI son of CHRISTMAN MALAISI of Wildersbach died. 14 mos.

06 APR 1707   Jeanne MOREL wife of Jean VONIE of Wildersbach died. Rothau. 33 1/2 yrs.

15 OCT 1707   Marriage of George the tailor and son of Christophel BANSET & Jeanne NEUVILLERS of Bellefosse to Catherine CHRISTMAN daughter of Colas CHRISTMAN & Jeanne MARESCHAL of Waldersbach in Waldersbach

30 OCT 1707   David Nicolas HOLVECH son of Jean HOLVECH died in Rothau.

16 NOV 1707   Confried Nicolas son of Jean Nicolas HOLVECH Justice died in Rothau.

12 JUN 1708    Marriage of Jean Pierre WERLY son of Pierre WERLY of Belmont to Regine MOREL daughter of Dimanche MOREL of Wildersbach

19 JUN 1708    Marriage of Christman WERLY son of Jean VERLY of Switzerland and Marguerite CHRISTMAN, widow of Didier MARESCHAL of Waldersbach

07 JUL 1708    Marriage of Christman VONIE son of Dimanche VONIE of Wildersbach to Anne Marie HERSLER daughter of David HERSLER.

24 JUL 1708    Marriage of Jean WERLY of Ban de la Roche to Elizabeth ASCHELMANN daughter of Jean ASCHELMANN of Belmont at the Church of Belmont

21 JAN 1709    Marriage of Jean son of Ulrich VERLY of Belmont and Regine CLAUDE daughter of Claude CLAUDE the elder of Belmont. Church of Wildersbach.

16 AUG 1712   Odille Verly married Jean Michel GAGNIER in Rothau.

31 OCT 1713   Jean RINGUELSBACH, Odille's uncle, is godfather to Peter GANIER. 

19 AUG 1715   Christman NAUFINGER born to Christman NAUFINGER and Marie Salome.

24 OCT 1716   Joseph NEUVILLERS and Ester GUILAUME (mentioned, illegible script)

21 APR 1716   Marriage of widower Benoit LOUX , Solbach & widow Madelon PARMENTIER.

21 FEB 1717   Jean CHRISTMAN son of Marguerite dau of Jean GROSHENS. -- Jean Claude GRANDGEORGE, Marguerite NEUVILLERS, Ulrich MOREL, George VONIE Didier VONIER, Jean GEORGE 

25 JAN 1718    David Nicolas BOHY, Maria Esther GRANDGEORGE from Wildersbach.

09 FEB 1718   Anne Charlotte LUX, daughter of Didier LUX and Marie his wife was born. Bap. in Fouday. GPs: Benoit LUX of Truchi, Madeleine SCHEDIECKER of Fouday, Madame Charlotte RAYOLTEM the wife of the minister of the Valley.

15 FEB 1718   Odille daughter of Christman VERLY and Marguerite CHRISTMAN was born and baptized on the 20th in Waldersbach. GPs: Jean VERLY of Bellefosse, Odille BEQUER & Marie NEUVILLERS aunts from VallŽ Dieu la Benifse.

19 APR 1718   Dimanche LOUX son of Benoit LOUX

07 JUN 1718    Marriage of Claude BERNARD of Solbach son of Didier BERNARD the supervisor with Marguerite MOREL daughter of Michel MOREL.

17 JUL 1718    Son of Michel GROSHENS sponsored by Claudette GEORGE, Jean GROSHENS, Jeandon CHRISTMAN, Jean CHRISTMAN, Jean Michel.

09 AUG 1718   Marriage of Benoit LUX of Truchi with Madeline SCHEIDEKER of Fouday

26 AUG 1718   Didier CAQUELIN widow of Waldersbach married Marguerite BANSET

20 OCT 1718   Christman VONIE baptized. Godparent Jean CHRISTMAN son of Jean CHRISTMAN, Madeline MULLER, Dimanche MULLER.

04 MAY 1719   Marriage of Jean GAGNIER to Anne SCHEIDEKER of Bellefosse

30 MAY 1719   Hans, son of CHRISTMAN of Fouday & Marguerite Claude HOLVECH of Haute Goutte sponsored by Didier VERLY and Claude GROSHENS.

09 JUN 1719    Jean Michel son of BERNARD & Odille George. Godparent is Benoit LOUX.

18 JUN 1719    Jean Nicolas LOUX son of Benoit LOUX and Madeleine MARMET residents of Solbach was born on and baptized in the Church of Fouday on the 21st. The godparents are Nicolas VONIE garde of his Altesse and resident of Wildersbach, Nicolas GAGNIER of Rothau and Jeanne LUX of Truchi.

01 AUG 1719   Jacques CHRISTMAN son of Collas CHRISTMAN of Solbach married Odille VERLY the widow of Jean Michel Gagnier. They were married at the Church of Rothau.

10 NOV 1719   Jean GROSHEINS baptized. GP: Jean son of Jean CHRISTMAN.

02 APR 1720   Jean Jacques KREIGER of Bellefosse & Marie SalomŽ MARESCHAL marry

02 APR 1720   Marriage of Christman BANSET of Belmont with Madeline

06 MAY 1720   Marriage of Jean M†LLER of Bellefosse with Marguerite CAQUELIN

06 MAY 1720   Jaques CHRISTMAN son of Jean Jaques CHRISTMAN & Odille, his wife, was born on the 4th and baptized. Godparents are Nicolas CHRISTMAN of Solbach, Janidon HOLVECH, Hans WOLF  (Jean LOUX), Jean George WIDERMANN and Petreman JAQUELLE.

12 JUN 1720    Agnes dau of Jean VERLY & Anne de Knielle CLAUDE of Belmont was bap on 16th. GPs: Martin CLAUDE, H. SCHEIDECKER, Elizabeth HASCHELMAN.

05 JUL 1720    Christophel son of George MOREL and Oudille CLAUDE of Belmont was bap. in Belmont. GPs: Casper M†LLER, Christophel BOURGEOIS from Barr.

09 AUG 1720   George Adam HOLVECH was born

16 AUG 1720   Jean MOREL was born.

22 OCT 1720   Salome GRANDMATHIS and Jean GRANDGEORGE.

03 JAN 1721    Catherine NEUVILLERS died in Haute Goutte.

02 JAN 1721   Jean VERLY the Forester died at 63 years. Buried in Church of Belmont.

16 JAN 1721   Jaques CHRISTMAN died on 15th. Buried in Rothau. About 30 years old.

18 JAN 1721    Didier KRIEGER died on at 18 years of age and was buried in Belmont.

24 JAN 1721    Jean HASCHELMAN of Belmont died at 7 years. Buried next day in Belmont

30 JAN 1721    Didier HOLVECH married Marie VONIE

01 FEB 1721   Jean CHRISTMAN of Fouday married Marguerite MOREL

06 FEB 1721   Jean GANIER weds Odille VERLY dau of Jean Adam VERLY of Solbach.

08 FEB 1721   Marie BINKLEY daughter of Jean BINKLEY the shepherd died-8 days old

11 FEB 1721   Marie HASEMAN wife of Didier KREIGER of Bellefosse died on at 50 years of age and was buried in the Cemetery of Fouday

11 MAR 1721   Wife of Jean ROCHEL of Bellefosse died. Buried in Belmont Cemetery

14 MAR 1721   A hurdy-gurdy woman from Barr died in Bellefosse on doorstep of Jean CLAUDE's home and was buried in Belmont Cemetery the next day.

15 MAR 1721   Jaques CHRISTMAN the nailmaker of Waldersbach died. Buried in Fouday.

16 MAR 1721   Christophel son of George MOREL of Belmont died and was buried on 17th.

02 MAY 1721   Marriage of Didier VERLY to Elizabeth Madeline ROPP in Belmont

16 OCT 1721   Marriage of George BANSET to Catherine HOUSERA [sp] Church of Belmont

23 OCT 1721   Marriage of Dimanche CACQUELIN to Anne Marguerite COMMER. Walders.

25 OCT 1721  Marriage of Christian VERLY with Irene GUERRI in Wildersbach.

06 OCT 1721   Catherine LOUX sponsors Jean MOREL.

18 JAN 1722    Claudine GEORGE marries Jean GROSHENS

19 APR 1722   Jean MOREL of Bellefosse married Madeline VERLY. Witnessed by Krieger, Didier ROCHEL, Leonard MOREL, Anna BANSET, Jean BANSET.

06 APR 1722   George MOREL married - witnessed by BANSET and Marie CLAUDE.


15 FEB 1722   Dietrich VERLY & Elizabeth Roupp married. Oudille CLAUDE, witness.

21 FEB 1722   Marriage of Nicolas BERNARD and Louise CAQUELIN. Witnessed by Marguerite CAQUELIN, Jean VONIE, Jean GEORGE.

24 FEB 1722   Jacob MULLER married Catherine -- Oudille CLAUDE, David NEUVILLER

17 MAR 1722   Michel BERNHARD of Solbach  & Oudile BERNHARD. Wit by Dimanche LOUX of Solbach, Catherine LOUX Jean BERNHARD, Nicolas BERNARD

19 MAR 1722   Jean MOREL and Catherine BINGGELI. Witnessed by Oudile VERLY, Jean Michel Dimanche MULLER, Anna Marie HOLVECH.

22 MAR 1722   Nicolas CAQUELIN & Anna Margretha BANSET married. Witnessed by


25 MAR 1722   CHRISTMAN MALAISE and Eva MOREL married. Witnessed by Jean David MOREL, Catherine STEFF, Michel CLAUDE

12 APR 1722   Marriage of Jaques Kreiger & Marie GUILAUME. Witnessed by David NEUVILLER, Anna HASEMAN, Jean BANSET.

26 APR 1722   Jean MOREL and Catherine Beutrin were wed. Witnessed by Ester NAUFINGER, CHRISTMAN Malaise, Jean CLAUDE, Jean CHRISTMAN.

05 MAY 1722   Christman CLAUD of Bellefosse married Oudille Bequer. Witnessed by Margueritte CLAUDE, Jean George NEUVILLERS, signed by Jean VERLY.

08 MAY 1722   Christian TEPPE and Marie Elisabeth HOLVECH married.

17 MAY 1722   Jean GRANDGEORGE & Marguerite MARMET dau of Jean Nicolas MARMET married. Signed by: Nicolas CHRISTMAN, Benoit LOUX, Michel MOREL, Jean GRANDGEORGE, Jean RINGUELSBACH, Marguerite MARMET

19 MAY 1722   Jean LOUX son of Jean LOUX married Marie SCHEIDEKER. Witnessed and signed by Dietrich HOLVECH, Nicolas Mareschal, and Jean

23 MAY 1722   Salome HASEMAN - signed by Nicolas CHRISTMAN

18 JUN 1722    George BANSET and Catherine HOLVECH Signed by Christophel CLAUDE 

05 JUL 1722    Christman BANSET and Madeline Muller. Signed by Sebastian CAQUELIN.

21 OCT 1722   Sophia CHRISTMAN sponsors Johannes Christophel PEYERS

08 OCT 1722   Jean WERLY -: Catherine CHRISTMAN, RINGUELSBACH, CHRISTMAN WERLY, George Knapp, Christophel CLAUDE.

29 JUN 1723    Jean VERLY & Marguerite CLAUDE of Bellefosse wed in Waldersbach.

14 OCT 1723   Jeanne CHRISTMAN bap. GP: Jean Colas son of Jean VONIE of Neuviller

22 OCT 1723   Jeanne Elisabeth dau of Christian TEPPE of Rothau & Marie Elisabeth HOLVECH bap. GPs: Nicolas LOUX, Jeanne HOLVECH & Elizabeth TEPPE

14 FEB 1724   Jean David, batard, born to Jeanne MULLER, bap. GPs: Jean CHRISTMAN, Sebastian CLAUD of Wildersbach, Marguerite, wife of Benoit MALAISE.

14 FEB 1724   Marriage of Jacques HESLER and Catherine MARESCHAL of Waldersbach.

28 FEB 1724   Marriage of Dimanche KREIGER of Bellefosse & Regine HISSLER of Walders

29 FEB 1724   Marriage of Jean Matthis MORTAMIN{SP} & Agnes SCHEIDEKER of Belmont.

09 MAY 1724   Marriage of HERZOCH and Jeanne BEQUER of Belmont.

17 NOV 1724   Jean Michel son of Claud Nicolas GRANDGEORGE & Jeanne LOUX born.

07 JAN 1725    Marguerite MOREL, widow of Nicolas RINGUELSBACH & Christman GRANDMATHIS, died in Wildersbach. Buried in Rothau. 80 years old.

08 JAN 1725    Ulric SOMMER died & was buried in Rothau. He was 90 years old.

28 JAN 1725    Nicolas GANIER, MARECHAL of Rothau, died & was buried. Age 45.

01 FEB 1725   Marriage of Pierre BINGGELI shoemaker from Berne, Switzerland to Marie SalomŽ VERLY dau of Jean VERLY the bourgeois and forester of Belmont.

13 APR 1725   Marriage of Petreman JAQUELLE the carpenter & Jeanne HOLVECH dau of D. HOLVECH the justice and tailor of Rothau. Ceremony in Rothau.

06 JUN 1725    Marriage of Jean George NEUVILLERS and Catherine VONIE.

17 AUG 1725   Odille VERLY, widow of Jaques CHRISTMAN of Rothau, sponsors Esther HOLVECH, the daughter of George Adam HOLVECH, master cart maker.

03 JAN 1726    Jean AHNNE son of Jean AHNNE Lausanne, Swiss native and Magdelaine MARMET wife of Benoit LOUX from Solbach weds Catherine GEORGE dau of Sebastian GEORGE of Fouday in the Church of Fouday

12 FEB 1726   Pierre BR†LLHARD the shoemaker, son of Pierre BR†LLHARD, native of the Canton of Berne, Switzerland and Anne COLY, married Odille VERLY, the widow and spark of Jaques CHRISTMAN a Bourgeois from Rothau. Ceremony officiated by Mr. BINNINGER in the Chappell of Neuvillers.

04 MAR 1726   Jean Michel GANIER, MarŽchal of Rothau, son of Nicolas GANIER, Chief Marshal, Bourgeois of Rothau & Jeanne HOLVECH, married Marguerite NEUVILLERS, dau of Jean George NEUVILLERS, Bourgeois of Waldersbach

10 AUG 1727   Didier VONIE son of Jean Nicolas VONIE died at 17 days.

08 SEP 1727   Madeline Esther MOREL wife of Matthias GROSHENS died at 50 years.

10 SEP 1727   Marie Elisabeth, daughter of Jean CHRISTMAN & Marguerite MOREL died in Neuvillers at 5PM. Buried on 12th. Age 19 years, 6 months, 10 days.

15 SEP 1727   Jean Michel CHRISTMAN, son of Jean CHRISTMAN & Marguerite MOREL, joined sister's flux de sang & died on Monday at 2PM. He was buried the next day at 3PM in Rothau at 30 years, 7 months 9 days.

21 SEP 1727   Marguerite MOREL, wife of Jean CHRISTMAN of Neuvillers, died from the same flux de sang. Buried on 23rd at 56 years, 5 months, 18 days.

02 FEB 1726   Birth of Jean Nicolas CLAUDE son of Michel CLAUDE and Caterina BANSET.

14 FEB 1726   Birth of Jean Pierre TEPP son of Christian TEPP & Marie Holvech. Died 1730.

20 NOV 1726   Pierre BR†LLHARD son of Pierre BR†LLHARD & Odille VERLY was born. Baptized in Rothau on 27th. Godparents: Didier VERLY, uncle, Madeline COLY wife of Jean STEMPLY a Swiss shoemaker & resident of Rothau.

11 JAN 1727    Claude son of Claude Nicolas GRANDGEORGE & Janidon LOUX born in Neuvillers. GPs: Mathis GROSHENS, Michel GROSHENS  & Sara VONIE.

20 FEB 1727   Jean David son of David GANIER and Sara MULLER was baptized on the 23rd. Godparents: Matthis Grosheins, CHRISTMAN Ganier, Caterine MULLER.

06 MAR 1727   Janidon daughter of Sebastian CLAUDE of Wildersbach and Caterine GRANDMATHIS baptized on the 6th. GPs: Jean RINGUELSBACH & Anne Margurite daughter of widow Claude GROSHENS of Neuvillers.

24 FEB 1728   Jean Michel son of David GANIER and Sara MULLER born and baptized in Neuvillers. GPs: Jean MULLER, uncle, Caterina RUPP, Jean MALAISE.

04 MAR 1728   Anne Marie dau of Jean George VONIE of Neuvillers & Caterine Marguerite MARESCHAL. GPs: Christman son of Christman VERLY & Marguerite CHRISTMAN, Marie daughter of Jean Michel MALAISE forester & hunter of Seigneur in Neuvillers, &, Marie VONIE of Neuvillers, the infant's aunt.

13 SEP 1728   Marguerite, daughter of Didier HOLVECH & Marie VONIE born & bap. GPs: Petreman JAQUELLE, Anne Marguerite GROSHENS wife of Jean George WIDERMAN the MARhal, Madeline HUSELER daughter of Jean HUSELER.

26 SEP 1728   Jean Pierre son of Jean PONTON & Caterine LOUX of Neuvillers. GPs: Jean Pierre HENNY of Switzerland, the son of Jean Pierre HENNY & Madeline VERLY, Benoit LOUX his uncle, &, Jeanne LOUX daughter of Jean LOUX.

08 DEC 1728   Jean BR†LLHARD son of Pierre BR†LLHARD the shoemaker and Oudile VERLY was baptized in Rothau's church the following day. Godparents: Petreman JAQUELLE the carpenter, Jean STEMPLY the shoemaker, Marie VONIE, wife of Didier HOLVECH the tailor. All from Rothau.

?? DEC 1728 Jean Nicolas MOREL GPs: by Wolfgang Nicolas CHRISTMAN of Neuvillers.

24 DEC 1728   Didier son of Michel CLAUDE of Wildersbach & Caterine BANSET born & bap on 27th. GPs: Didier HOLVECH tailor of Rothau, Jean CHRISTMAN son of Jean GRANDGEORGE of Wildersbach, Sara, dau of CHRISTMAN VONIE

21 SEP 1729   Caterine Marguerite daughter of Didier MOREL & Jeanne CHRISTMAN was born & bap in Wildersbach. Godparents: WOLF gang Nicolas CHRISTMAN, uncle of the infant, Caterine Marguerite GROSHENS, Caterine MOREL.

20 MAR 1729   Jean Nicolas Grandgeorge son of Claud Grandgeorge & Sara Muller [?] GPs: Benoit LOUX of Solbach, Jean Pierre Huseler, Catherine GROSHENS.

24 JUL 1729    Caterine LOUX wife of Jean PONTON sponsors Quirin MALAISE.

30 JUL 1729    Christian LOUX son of Nicolas LOUX  & Eve MOREL of Wildersbach was born and baptized in Rothau. GPs: Chrisitan TEPP of Rothau, Jean MOREL, his uncle, and Oudile LOUX, daughter of Jean LOUX of Truchi [Fouday].

10 MAY 1729   Marriage of Nicolas LOUX, son of Benoit LOUX of Solbach and Jeanne CHRISTMAN with Eve MOREL daughter of Jean David MOREL the Justice of Wildersbach and Caterine CLAUDE in the church of Neuviller.

6 APR 1730     Jean Nicolas MALAISE son of Dimanche MALAISE and Marguerite MOREL is born and sponsored by Nicolas CHRISTMAN, son of Jean CHRISTMAN.

7 APR 1730     Jean Michel LOUX son of Nicolas LOUX and Marie Huseler of Wildersbach was baptized on Easter in Neuvillers. Godparents: Michel BERNARD of Solbach, Jean LOUX of Truchi, his uncle, and Salome HUSELER, his aunt.

23 SEP 1731   Anne, the daughter of Nicolas RINGUELSBACH sponsors baptism of Jean Michel PONTON, son of Jean PONTON & Caterine LOUX of Riengoute.

01 MAR 1731   Jean Nicolas son of Nicolas LOUX  & Eve MOREL of Wildersbach baptized in Rothau. Godparents: Jean PONTON of Riengoute & Neuvillers, Benoit LOUX, uncle of Solbach, Jeanne CHRISTMAN wife of Didier MOREL of Wildersbach.

10 NOV 1731   Christian TEPP sponsors Marie M dau of Michel CLAUD & Caterine BANSET.

01 JAN 1732    Didier, son of Christophel COMMER & Elizabeth GROSHENS from Neuvillers. Godparents: Didier GROSHENS & Jean George GROSHEINS his uncles.

17 AUG 1733   Jean Jacques son of Christman CHRISTMAN & - PARMENTIER died in the morning buried in Neuvillers on the 18th age of 30 years & 24 days.

08 OCT 1733   Didier HOLVECH died at the age of 43, buried in Rothau.

01 FEB 1734   Jean George WIDERMAN, MarŽchal & bourgeois of Rothau died at 51 years.

17 DEC 1734   Michel, son of Didier CHRISTMAN born in Wildersbach, baptized in Rothau.

10 NOV 1735   Nicolas CHRISTMAN son of Jean CHRISTMAN the bourgeois and his wife, Marguerite MOREL, both residents of Neuvillers, married Marguerite, the daughter of Dimanche MALAISE and Marguerite MOREL of Neuvillers.

17 AUG 1736   Jean Nicolas son of Nicolas CHRISTMAN and Marguerite MALAISE was born and baptized in Rothau. Godfather: Didier CHRISTMAN, brother of the father.

31 JAN 1741    Jean Jacques son of Nicolas CAQUELIN died at 5 years 5 months in Foudai.

14 FEB 1741   Nicolas son of Benoit LOUX & Marie MALAISE died in Foudai. 4 months, 1wk.

02 DEC 1741   Eve LOUX the wife of Nicolas CHRISTMAN of Solbach died at age 80 years, 9 months and 8 days, and is buried in the cemetery of Foudai.

22 OCT 1749   Nicolas CHRISTMAN bourgeois of Solbach died in the village at 1 AM and was buried in the Cemetery of Fouday. Age 83 years, 8 months, 18 days. Signed by the minister, Jean Daniel Brudevy [sp] and Vonier Masson



M†LLER resided in Walhern before 1668; NEUVILLER from Canton of Bern before 1668;

BINGGELI resided in Walhern before 1725; BR†LLHARD resided in Walhern before 1726;

VERLY resided in Walhern before 1708; SOMMER resided in Canton of Bern before 1693;

SCHEITEKER before 1692; KOMMER before 1693; AHNNE from Lausanne before 1726;

STEMPLY before 1726; HENNY resided in Horville before 1728





1.    Andreu or Annereu 1682, extinct by 1695.

2.    Appel 1648, extinct by 18th century. Henri Appel was a shepherd or "Hoffman" from Belmont. In Barr, the name Apffel was widespread--there is a 1649 marriage of Heinrich Apffel, a shepherd and bourgeois of Forbelsberg, in Haut-Palatinate. 

3.    Aseman 1648, as Hazemann since 1534, but also Hasemann in the Belmont area. 

4.    Banset 1643, Bantzet, became Banzet in 1534 in Waldersbach.  A branch of this family carried the nickname of Babilon or Babilion when found in Barr (Christman Babylon, son of Nicolas Banset of Bellefosse, married a Barr woman in 1641). 

5.    Bernhard, before 1639 known as Bernhard or Bernard.  A line of this family through the 17th and 18th centuries held the nickname of Prince, while another took on the name of Mareschal or Marchal, which became Schmid for some time.

6.    Beurtrin 1647, this surname became extinct by 18th century. Beurtrin, from Hautte Goute, appeared in the registers from 1648 to 1652. Emigrated towards Barr. 

7.    Boulangier 1650, Boulanger (Baker) remains widespread in the VallŽe de la Bruche, but does not seem to come from Boulangier found in Fouday about 1650. 

8.    Cacquelin 1640, known as Caquelin, is sometimes Caclin. 

9.    Colai, seen in 1643 was sometimes Coulas. By 18th century became Christman.  First seen in 1534 with record of Dimanche Colla of Waldersbach. Cola> Colai> Collas>Coulas >Christman or Christmann (Christian). Maybe even Georg.

10.  Claude 1652, or Glade, and sometimes Gladon.

11.  Gladon 1648, also known as Claude.  Surnames appear to be two distinct

       families, 16th century:  Munschina  Clawe 1534 in Waldersbach. 

12.   Didier 1661, disappears thereafter.

13    Ganniere 1648, then Gagnier, Ganier, Ganire, Gagnire.

14    Grandmatthis 1647.

15    Groshaintz 1647, later known as Groshens and Grohens.

16    Hierig 1643, set as George, is also known as Jšrg and can be attached to Barr where this name was widespread.

17    Holveck 1649 (Didier Holveck, of Barr).  Perhaps from Petite Pierre. Holvech.

18    JehanPierre 1654, this name disappears by 17th century. 

19    Klein seen in 1651.

20    Krieger 1653, also spelled Krieguer.

21    LangHerig 1673, later becomes Grandgeorge.

22    Lienard, known as Beurtrin 1648, emigrated to Barr after 1652.

23    Lipp 1648, grand provost of the seigniory, disappears at end of 17th century.  Lipp's descendents born in Barr in 1641, 1646, 1650, Belmont in 1648, 1659 , 1660.

24    Lux 1643, fixed as Loux. Sometimes Wolf as well.

25    Malaisier 1644, set as Malaise, and known 1534 in Waldersbach Hanns Malesy. 

26    Marmet . Pasteur Marmet, a Lutheran, was born in Glay (Doubs) 1590. His wife, Esther Fassmann of Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, was born in 1617. They settled in Ban de La Roche, but their name did not remain beyond 1718. 

27    Matthieu 1649, extinct before the end of the 17th century.

28    Morel 1643, seen in 1534 in Belmont (Colin More). 

29    Mougenat 1643, name disappears in 18th century.

30    Muller 1668. It is doubtful that Thomas Muller of Bern, Switz is related to Hans Muller listed in 1655 in Fouday, but may be connected with Jandon Boulangier. 

31    Neuviller (Neuwiller, Neuwiller) 1649, set as Neuvillers. Example: From 1674 the death of "Christman Neuvillers son of Joseph Neuvillers and Anne native Ringelsbach of the Seigniory of Bern... 34 years old". 

32    Parmentier 1643. This name refers to three distinct families, distinguished by trade (like tailor or widow or greater person).

33    Ringelsbach 1643 or Ringuelsbach. For Christman Neuvillers, there seems to be a Swiss origin that continues in Switzerland. Yet perhaps the name has a relationship with the ancient name of Riangoutte, a hamlet in Ban between Neuvillers and Hautte-Goute where name Ringelsbach was known during Middle Ages. 

34    Rochelle 1649, known as Rochel. At the time of his death in 1670, Jean Rochelle is registered as Jehan La Rochelle. 

35    Schmid 1643, very widespread name with the Ban de la Roche, replaced by Mareschal at the end of the 17th century and by Marchal at the beginning of18th.

36    Steff, Stephen, 1643, extinct by the 17th century, known in Fouday around1534 by Schan Steffan. Also known by Teppe or Tepp. 

37    Tabourin seen in 1645, also Trummelschlag  or Trumschlag; name replaced by 18th century with Valentin.

38    Vonier 1640, also known as VoniŽ. Origin obscure.

39    Vouliat 1663, disappears around 17th century.

40    Maiden names of some 1655 women not carried after their marriages: Millan 1643, Charpentier 1647, Hainseligott 1648, Grand Stophel 1650, Claulin, Estienne 1678 (Steff), Christmann (reappears at the end of the century (see Colas), Thonhanns 1685, Herriatte or Herriette, ClouŽ 1684, Brosius 1673, Jennin 1682, could be a Swiss name (Jenni) .





1 - Michel Holwech     fortune = 102 florins

R.P. : Michel Holveck, MarŽchal, died in 1680 at 60 years of age

Barbe, his wife, died around 1664

Children:  Hierig (Georges) born in 1651

Didier born in 1653

Jehan born in 1655

2 - Michel Gangier      fortune = 51 florins

Michel Gannier (Gannier)        

Barbe, his wife, died in 1678 at 52 years of age            

Children:  Jehan born in 1652 died in 1694       

Marie, born in 1655       

Barbe, died in 1693 at 40 years of age             


3 - HŠnsel Jšrg der Schultheis           fortune = 758 florins

Hainsel Hierig, born abt.1668  

Catherine, his wife, born in 1668           

Children:  Bastian, married in 1656 to Catherine Bernhard        

4 - Claus Birtring         fortune = 109 florins

Nicolas Beurtrin           

Jehannon, his wife        

Children:  Mougeatte born in 1652, married in 1671 to Jehan Malaisier             

Kenielle born in 1655, died in 1743       

Catherine, died in 1645, at 50 years of age      

5 - Claus Simmon Wittib         fortune = 126 florins

6 - Michel GrohŠns     fortune = 182 florins

Michel Groshaintz, the elder died in 1670.       

Marion Christmann, his wife, died in 1684          

Children:  Marguerite born in 1647, married in 1673 to Bastian Aseman.           

Kenielle, born in 1648   

Didier, born in 1651       

Nicolas, married in 1671 to Jehannon Aseman  

George, died in 1708, at the age 54 years        

7 - Cristman GrohŠns            fortune = 249 florins

The widow of Christman Groshaintz, Jehannon Bernard         

Children:  Mougeatte, born in 1648, married in 1673 to Dimanche Morel           

Dimanche, born in 1650, died in 1666   

Claudette, born in 1653, married in 1681 to Hans Holvech



8 - Clade Mogenat       fortune = 129 florins

Gladon Mougenat, elder from Wildersbach since 1649, died in Solbach in 1670         

Marguerite, his wife, cited in 1643 as Claudette, his second wife, died in 1666

Children:  Claudette, a godmother in 1653        

Esther, married in 1663 to Hierig Vouliat            

Marguerite, married in 1664 to Christman Colai  

9 - Clade Ringelszbach           fortune = florins

Gladon Ringelspach, forestier from Belmont, 1649-1650         

Marguerite, his wife, died in 1662          

Children:  Benitte, born in 1664, died in 1666   

Catherine born in 1649, died in 1667    

Mougeatte, married in 1665 to Didier Morel, widow (ž15)            

Nicolas, married in 1661, to Marguerite Morel    

10 - Claus Claullings fortune = 102 florins

The widow of Claudin Parmentier, Mongeatte, died in 1664    

Children:  Nicolas, married in 1665 to Mougeatte Vouliat           

George, married in 1661 to Catherine Neuvillers            

11 - Cristman Mattis    fortune = 188 florins

Christman Grandmatthis died in 1674             

Claudine Charpentire, his wife, died in 1694 at 81 years of age

Children:  Christman, born in 1647, died in 1702           

Nicolas, born in 1650    

Marguerite, born in 1652, married Benoit Morel  

Sebastian, born in 1654, p. 1677          

Jehan, married in 1672 to Catherine Schmid     

12 - Hans Lang Jšrg  fortune = 163 florins

Jean Grandgeorge, died in 1692         



13 - Claus Mallessy    fortune = 203 florins

Nicolas Malaisier, messenger, born in 1650, died in 1673       

Mougeatte, his wife, died in 1669          

Children: Didier born in 1644, married in 166-to  Annelle Grim             

Jehan, married in 1671 to Mougeatte Beurtrin   

14 - Weltin Wunia        fort, 495 florins

Veltin Vonier, a miner died around 1665          

SalomŽ, his widowed wife remarried around 1665         

Nicolas, married in 1664 to Benitte Claudin       

Dimanche, died in 1666            

Catherine, married in 1655, then in 1662 married Jean Wolff Glade      

15 - Dietrich Morre      fortune = 212 florins

Didier Morel died in 1692 at 83 years of age    

Mougeatte, his wife, died around 1665  

Children:  Didier, married in 1671 to Catherine Schmid  

Benoit, born in 1645, died in 1695        

Marguerite, born in 1650, married in 1669 to Nicolas Ringelspach         

16 - Claus Morre         fortune = 160 florins

Nicolas Morel   

Mougeatte, his wife, died in 1682 at 80 years of age    

Children:  SalomŽ, born in 1644, married in 1669 to Pierre Claude        

Michel, born in 1650, died in 1718        

Dimanche, married in 1673 to Mougeatte Groshains     


17 - Sontag Colla Claud          fortune = 151 florins

Mougeon Colas Claude (probably Dimanche Claude, the messenger for the 

   Seigneurie) died in 1677 at 60 years of age   

Valentine (Valpurg), his wife, died in 1672         

Hans Wolf, from Wildersbach, left in 1653, was born around 1632, Claud's son?

18 - Weynacht Wunia  fortune = 269 florins

Noe Vonier, died around 1677  

Catherine, his wife, died in 1680 at 60 + some years     

Children:  Christman, born in 1647, died in 1703, married Sara Marmet             

Dimanche, born in 1650, died in 1699, married Catherine Lux   

19 - Clade Claulling    fortune = 36 florins


20 - Jšrg Schmit der gerichtsbott       fortune = 289 florins

Hierig Schmid, from Belmont, later called George Mareschal, died in 1667

at 64 years of age

Mougeatte Millan, was his wife  

Children:  Jehannon, born in 1643, married in 1659      

Marguerite, born in 1651, married in 1671 to Jehan Tabourin    

21 - Steffan Steff         fortune = 270 florins

ƒtienne Steff, or Steff Stephen was died in 1667 at 89 years of age  

Catherine Charpentier, his wife, died in 1674    

22 - Claus Steffen       fortune = 253 florins

Nicolas Steff or Stefen died in 1667 at 48 years of age         

And married in 1650 to Marion Grandstophel    

Children:  Dimanche, born in 1615        

Apolonia, born in 1654  

Nicolas, married in 1673 to Jeanne Lang Herig  

23 - Dietrich Schneider           fortune = 439 florins

Didier Parmentier, elder           

Quenielle Boulanger, his wife died in 1675 at 80 years of age  

24 - Claus Trommenschlager             fortune = 215 florins

Nicolas Tabourin, died in 1675 at 84 years of age       

Mougeatte Lienarde, his wife    

Children:  Gladon, born in 1648, a godfather in 1675    

Catherine, born in 1650, died in 1667   

Anne, born in 1652       

Didier, born in 1654, married in 1682 to Christine Perschi          

25 - Maria Firot (?)       fortune = 56 florins

26 - Diebold Mediats fortune = 79 florins


27 - Hans Schmit der jung     fortune = 149 florins

Jehan Mareschal, Justice & Elder of Waldersbach, married

In 1674 to Ursule Caquelin      

28 - Jšrg Wullia           fortune = 111 florins

Hierig Vouliat, tailor      

ƒlisabeth, his wife, died in 1663            

29 - Hans Schmit        fortune = 754 florins

Hainsel Schmid, or Jehan Mareschal the younger, was born in 1665             

   and married in 1645 to Jehannon Mareschal (Junon Marchal)            

Children:  Jehanne, born in 1651, married in 1670 to Coulas Christman

Catherine, married in 1671 to Didier MorrŽ

Didier, born in 1654, was a tailor from Barr. He died in 1708.

Jehan (ž27)

George, married in 1668 to RŽgine Krieger

30 - Dietrich Caqulin   fortune = 517 florins

Didier Cacquelin, miner, married in 1640 to Marguerite Vonier died in 1672   

Children:  ?born in 1651            

Kenielle, born in 1654, married in 1683 to Didier Claude           

Catherine, born in 1655, married. 1683 Didier Bernard  

31 - Sontag Caqulin    alias Dimanche Cacquelin      fortune = 308 florins




32 - Claus Caqulins               fortune = 304 florins

Jehannon Le Maire (ž35), widow of Nicolas Cacquelin died in 1654  

Children:  Hans Heinrich, born in 1649   

Urselle, born in 1655, died in 1701        

Jean Jacob, godparent in 1675            

34 - Claus Schmit        fort 615 florins

Nicolas Mareschal (Bernhart) died in 1681 at 80 years of age            

Oudille Etienne, his wife, died in 1678 at 67 years        

Children:  George, born in 1649, died in 1845   

Dimanche, born in 1643, married in 1668 to Mougeatte Lux      


35 - Colla Coullas       fortune = 219 florins

Nicola Colai, (Christman) married in 1663 to Jehannon Le Maire (ž32)            

36 - Hans MŸller          fortune = 305 florins

Jandon Boulangier ?    

37 - Clade Haszman    fortune = 126 florins.

Gladon Aseman alias Grandbois, from Belmont in 1649          

Catherine Cola, his wife, godmother in 1649, died in 1696 at 80 years of age 

Children:  Marguerite, married in 1664 to Matthis Dulason         

38 - Hans Caqulin       fortune = 252 florins

Jehan Cacquelin, a miner from Trouchy, died in 1666 at 58 years of age         

Jehannon Thonhanner, his wife, died in 1685 at 66 years        

Children:  Catherine, born in 1650         

Jehan, married in 1668 to Oudille Mareschal     

39 - Claus Caqulin the younger           fortune = 53 florins

Nicolas Cacquelin, may be the son of Hans Caqulin nž38       

Children:  Esther, born in 1650

Urselle, born in 1654     


40 - Hans Brintz         fortune = 224 florins

Jehan Bernhard, alias Prince  

Catherine, his wife, died in 1685 (63 years old?)           

Children:  Jehan, born in 1652, died in 1694     

Kenielle, born in 1654, married in 1678 Jean Jacques Cacquelin          

42 - David Brintz         fortune = 121 florins

David Bernhard, also known as Prince          

43 - Claus Andres       fortune = 246 florins

Collas Annereu, or Nicolas Andreu died in 1695 at age 80    

Eve, his wife, died in 1682 at 60 years  

Children: Nicolas, a single man, died in 1709 at 70 years          

44 - Claus Lux             fortune = 115 florins

Nicolas Lux, married three times          

Jehannon Herriette, his second wife still lives in 1653, died around 1659          

Children:  Adam born in 1643, died in 1673      

Mougeatte, married 1668 Dimanche Mareschal             

Demanche born in 1650            

Catheline born in 1653, married 1674 Dimanche VoniŽ             

45 - Cristman Colla     fortune = 108 florins    

Christman Colai, the elder, died around 1664            

Catherine ClouŽ, his wife, died in 1684 at 80 years of age       

Children:  Jehannon, was born in 1643             

Jehan, was born in 1648, and was a godfather in 1675            

Christman, married in 1664 to Marguerite Mougenat  

Beno”t ?,  died in 1724 at 100 years of age      

46 - Bernhart Bantza   fortune = 116 florins

Benoit Banset mentioned in 1659, probably died as     

Claudette, his wife, remarried in 1659    

Children:  Nicolas, born in 1654, died in 1695.  

47 - Weltin Roschel     fortune = 62 florins.

Mougeatte Brosius, widow of Valentin Rochelle, died in 1673 at age 90          



48 - Ulrich Lang          fortune = 151 florins

Ulrich Parmentier, (Uri le Grand) died in 1682 at age 90        

Mougeatte, his wife       

49 - Hans Haszman    fortune = 136 florins

Hainsel, or Jehan Aseman, alias Bonei or Boney, died in 1673 at 64 years

Jehannon, his wife, died in 1679           

Children:  Bastien, married in 1673 Marguerite Groshaintz         

Jehannon, married1671 Nicolas Groshaintz      

Nicolas,  Died in 1697 at 44 years         

50 - Hans Babilon      fortune = 153 florins

Jandon Banset, alias Babilon died in 1694 & 92 years

(Banzet 1650, Bantzet 1654)  

Marthe-Anne Apffel, his wife, died in 1700 at 85 years  

Children:  Jehan, born in 1648, elder    

Catherine, born in 1650, married in 1682 to Jean Neuvillers      

Anne, born in 1654       

51 - Claulling Lalmellers        fortune = 145 florins

Mougeatte, dau of Claulin Didier with surname of Allenel, married in 1661

to Christman Schabel  

52 - Hans Neuweiller fortune = 103 florins

Hainsel Neuvillers, forestier died in 1679        

Marie, his wife, died in 1679      

Children:  Marie, godmothered in 1654  

Mougeatte, married in 1668 to Thomas Muller   

53 - Jacob Krieger      fortune = 108 florins

Jacob Krieger died in 1705 at 83 years of age            

Marie Neuvillers, his wife, godmothered in 1677            

Children:  Kenielle, born in 1653, married in 1668 to George Mareschal            

54 - Ringelsbacherin  fortune = 94 florins

May be  Anna Ringelsbach, the mother of Hainsel Neuvillers (nž52)      

55 - Colla Clado          fortune = 184 florins

Uicolas Gladon            

Mougeatte Jennin, his wife, died in 1682          

Children:  Nicolas, born in 1651, married in 1679 to RŽgine Mareschal  

Gladon, born in 1653, married in 1678 to Mougeatte Neuvillers             

Mougeatte, godmothered in 1652         

Pierre, married in 1669 to SalomŽ Morel            

56 - Hans Roschel     fortune = 155 florins

Jehan Rochelle, died in 1670  

Oudille Hainseligott, his wife      

Children:  Jehan, born in 1679, married in 1676 to Catherine SchŸrmann         

Nicolas, born in 1652, died in 1673       

and Valentin, twin of Nicolas, was born in 1652 and died in 1674         

Oudille, died in 1674 at 27 years of age            

57 - Collin Bantza        fortune = 121 florins

The widow of Colin Banset       

Marguerite, his daughter, married in 166(3) to Hierig Schmid     (George Mareschal)

58 - Sontag Hans Schmits      fortune = 263 florins

Jehannon, widow of Hans Mougeon Schmid, died in 1657      

Children:  Catherine, married in 1664 to Michel Holveck             

Hierig, married in 166(3) to Marguerite Bandset             

59 - Cathrina Hoffman             fortune = 21 florins

Catherine Martin, widow of Heinrich Appel, Hoffmann from Belmont,

godmothered in 1655,  died in 1684 at 91 years of age -- Children:  Marguerite             




1- Nicolas Marmet, pastor, moved to Wildersbach in 1655, died in 1675

Esther Fassmann, of Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, his wife, died in 1695

Children:  Anna Maria m 1656

Sara born in 1643 married 1670 Christman VoniŽ

Jean-Nicolas born in 1645 married 1670 Anne Schilt

Agns born in 1646 married1675 Jean-Pierre Pisset, from Rolle

Jean-George born in 1649 married 1677 ƒlisabeth-Madeleine Maurice

Zacharie born in 1651

Abraham born in about 1654, died in Strasbourg in 1729

2 - Jehan Bernhard, MarŽchal at Waldersbach, godfather in 1649 and 1655

Marguerite, his wife

Children:  Catherine married 1656 SŽbastien Hierig

Marie born in 1649

3 - Hans Hierig, tailor of Neuviller, godfather in 1647 and 1655

Perhaps son of Hainsel, ž3, identical to Jean Grandgeorge, ž12.

Jehanne Gannire, his wife godmother in 1647 and 1655

Children:  Marie born in 1648

Marguerite born in 1652

Jehanne married1669 Hans Hierig Zucker

4 - Marion Vonier, dau of Christman Vonier, from Bellefosse, godmother in 1648 & 1651

5 - Didier Vonier, of Wildersbach born in 1643 died in 1706

There are other children after 1669 mentioned in1655 (ž18) or Veltin (ž14).

6 - Barbe Banset, daughter of Jehan B. from Belmont, was a godmother in 1650

7 - Jehannon Bansette of Belmont was a godmother in 1652

8 - David Lienard called also Beurtin, from Haute-Goutte

Catherine Babylon, his wife

Children:  Gladon born in 1648

Jehanne 1650

Barthel born in 1652

This family emigrated from Barr between 1652 and 165

9 - Jehan Gannire, father of two bastards in 1672 & 1673, died in 1673 and is not the

            son of Michel (ž2), who married Anne Peck in 1675

10 - Jandon Gladon, of Fouday, born about 1654 and died 1668 at 40 years

11-  Catherine, dau of Martin Klein and living in Bellefosse godmother in 1651, 53, 55

12 - Urselle, daughter of Nicolas Fondeur lived in Walterspach during 1654, daughter of

Nicolas Jean-Pierre and residing in Walterspach 1655

13 - Hans Lipp, Chief Provost of the Seigniory

Anne Geyler, his wife

Children:  George born in 1641 at Barr, married1674 Apollonia Sieffert

Eva born in 1646 in Barr

Caspar and twin, was born in 1648 at Belmont

Catharina, born in 1650, was from Barr, and married George Berdot

14 - Christman Neuvillers, of Belmont, a native of Berne, died in 1674 at 34 years old.

He was 15 years old in 1655 when he lived with his brother, Hainsel, & mother.

15 - Gladon Boulangier, from Fouday was a godfather in 1650

Jandon, his grandson, was a godfather in 1654 




Of 330 passengers on the ship, these were the only families for which the captain made an addition to his ship's passenger list that indicated whether the male passenger had brought a wife and also included a tabulation of the number of children in each family.



[List 42 A] [Palatines imported in the Ship Princess Augusta, Samuel Marchant, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified September 16, 1736.] MEN TO BE QUALIFIED - AGES Gabril Lamle, 26 ; Hance George Bumgartner, 26; Hance Philip Flexer, 31; George Meyer, 27; George Ritter, 17; Johann Jost TUPPS, 18; Stephen Shust, 22; Jacob Meyer, 45; David Bielman, 31; Hance Michall Carle, 23; Hance Thomas Kurr, 19; Gotfried Loudermilch, 28 ; Philip Gutchman, 29; George Meyer, 35; Hance Michall Essich,30; George Essich, 40; Rudolph Essich, 70; Johan Jacob Bush, 26; William Huber, 29; Jacob MULLER, 28; Simon Carel, 36; Jacob Free, 28; Lorance Free, 24; Nicholos Free, 48; Hendrick Free, 17; Leenhard Styen, 46; Hance Nicklos SCHMITT, 28; Lorance Simon, 30; Christian Simon, 60; Friederick Gartner, 35; Hance George Drautman, 27; George Meyer, 63; George Mourer, sick, 29; Hendrick Meyer, 26; Bastian Graff, from Boston, 25; George Graff, 34; Adolph Wensel, 36; Hance Jacob Biedert, 30; Christian Sheybly, 53; Christian Sheibly, 17; Hance HECKENDORN, 50; Hance HECKENDORN, 20; Dannill HECKENDORN, 16; Bastian Stoler, 42; Hance Jacob Grieter, 55; Fredrick Grieter, 21; Martain Grieter, 19; Tielman Hirnschael, 55; Durst Thome, 57; Martain Thome, 32; Hance Jacob Thome, 29; Durst Thome, 24; Jacob Stubes, 25; Joseph Criteer, 24; Jacob Kese, 28; Rudulph Hough, 25; Hance Spietteler, 45; Hance Spietteler, 17; Jacob Domme, sick, 39; Hance George Gerster, 26; Nicholas TENNE, 24; David Lewesteyn, 40; Jacob Paire, 34; Hance JACOBE, 28; Stafen JACOBE, 23; John Books, 23; Christian Ruchty, 74; Abraham JACKE, 26; Diderich MARCHALL, sick, 29; Sebastian CACKELIE, 50; Sebastian CACKELIE, died, 22; Diderick CACKELIE, 20; Hance CACKELIE, 17; Hance COMMER, 46; Dannill COMMER, 19; Diederich WERLIE, 41; Hance TISELER, 23; Hance Imber Marty, 46; Hance Jacob Keller, 30; Nichlos Jewdie, 23; Hance Joner, died, 50; Jonas Joner, 20; Hance Jacob Joner,16; Benedictus Jochlie, 27; Christian TEPPE, 30; Petter BRINHARTT, 39; Walter Bauman, 32; Hance Ebber, 31; Hance Zwalle, 36; Hance Stockie, 26; Hance George Knaap, sick, 43; Hance Rudolph Erb, 26; Jacob Bruderle, sick, 42; Peter  PINKLEY, 28; Melchoir Detwyler, 37; Christian Schlechter, 39; Petter Delo, 40; Rudolph Bumgartner, 55; Francis CHRISTIAN, 40; Nicolas Drasbart, 40; Nichols Gerrard, 30;  Peter  PINKLEY, 32; Hance PINKELIE, 41; Hance PINKELIE, 18; Johannes Keller, 65; Johannes Keller, 21; Francis Ory, 56; Nicholas Oree, 26; Ennos Newell, 36; Joseph Newell, 56; Petter Newell, 16; Jacob CHRISTMAN, 25; Michall Haling, 28; Marcus Markey, 45; Hance David Markey ,17; Jacob Altland, 28; Nichlos Mesling 27; Conerard GAUGER, 22; Nichlos GAUGER ,18; Petter Weeger, 27.

Women & Children making in all Three hundred & thirty Persons.

Francis Ore, a wife 3 children. Nicolas Ore Nicolas Trasbart, a wife and 6 children.

Pierre Dilon, a wife and 4 children.  Nicolas Gerard, a wife and no child

Jean Francois ChrŽtien, a wife and one child. Eneas Newell, a wife and one child

Joseph Newell, a wife and 6 children, of whom Pierre Newell is one.

A true List.

September 16th 1736. Samuel Marchant.

"At the Courthouse of Philadelphia, September 16th, 1736. One hundred and twelve foreigners from the Palatinate, and other places, who, with their families, making in all three hundred thirty persons, were imported here in the ship Princess Augusta, Samuel Merchant, from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes, as by Clearance thence, were this day qualified as usual." From the Minutes of the Provincial Council, printed in Colonial Records, Vol.IV, p.72.

[List 42B] Palatines imported in the Ship Princess Augusta, Samuel Marchant, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes. Qualified the 16th day of September 1736.

Johann Gabriel Lammle, Hans Jorig (X) Bumgartner, Hans Philip Flexser, Jerg Maier, Johann Gorg Ritter, Han Jost Dubs , Stefan Schust , Jacob Meyer, Hanns Davidt Bilmann, Hans Thomas Kurr , Hans Michell Karle, Gottfried Lautermilch, Philip Guttmann , George (X) Meyer, Hanns Michael Essig, Jerg Abraham Esig, Rudolff Essich, Johan JACOB (X) Bush, Wilhelm Huber, Jacob MILLER, Simon Carl, Jacob Fruh, Lorentz Fruh, Niclos (H) Free, Henrich Fruh, Leonhardt Stein, Hans Nickel SCHMITT, Lorance (LS) Simon, Christian (X) Simon, Frederick (X) Gartner, Hance George (H) Drautman, Hendrick (H) Meyer, Sebastian Graff, Hanns Georg Graff , Han Adolff Wenssel, Hans Jacob Beitratt, Christen Scheublein, Christen Schiblien, Hans HECKENDORN, Hans HEGENDORN, Daniell (X) HECKENDORN, Bastian Stoler, Hance JACOB (X) Grieter, Frederick (+) Grieter, Marti Grieder, Thielman Hirnschall, Durst Thommen, Martain (+) Thome, Hans Jacob Domen, Durst Thomen , Hans Jacob Dups, Joseph Kratzer , Jacob (+) Kese, Rudolff Hauch, Hans Spiteler, Hans Spitler, Hans Jerg Gerster, Niclaes Tomen, David Louwenstein, Jacob (O) Paire, Hans (O) Jacob, Stephen (O) Jacob, John (+) Book,s, Christen Ruchty, Abraham (+) JACKE, Sesbastien CAQUELIN, Didier CAQUELIN, Jean CAQUELIN, Jan COMER, Daniel KOMMER, Diderick (D) WERLIE, Hance (O) TISSLER, Hans Imbermord [?], Hans Jacob Keller , Nichlos (+) Jewdie, Jonas Yoner, H. Jacob Yoner , Bandicht Yuchli, Christen DAPPEN, Peter (+) BRINHARTT, Walthart Bumann, Hans Siber, Hance (+) Zwalle, Hance (+) Stockie, Hance Rudolph (+) Erb, Peter (+) PINCKLEY, Melchior (+) Detweiler , Cistiane Schlachter, Pierre Dulon, Rudolph (+) Bumgartner, ean Francois CHRESTIEN, Collas (+) Drasbart, N. Gerard, Peter (+) PINKELIE, Hance (+) PINKELIE, Hance (+) PINKELIE, Johannes Keller , Johannes Keller, Francois Ory, Nicolas Ory, Enoas (+) Nowell, Joseph Noel, Peter (+) Nowell, Jacob (+) CHRISTAMAN, Michel Haalling, Marcus (O) Markey, Hance David (+) Markey, Jacob Altlandt, Nichlos (+) Mesling, Johann Conrath GAUGER, Georg Nicolaus GAUGER,

[List 42 C] At the Courthouse of Philadelphia, September16th 1736. Present The Honorable James Logan, Esq., President. Thomas Lawrence, Thomas Griffits Ralph Asheton, Esqrs. William Allen, Esq., Mayor of the City of Philadelphia.

The Palatines whose Names are underwritten imported in the Ship Princess Augusta, Samuel Marchant, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes, did this day take & subscribe the Oaths to the Government.

Johann Gabriel Lamle, Johan George (X) Baumgarden, Hans Philipp Flexser, Jerg Maier, Johann Gorg Ritter, Han Jost Dubs, Stefahn Schust, Jacob Meyer, Hanns Davidt Bilmann, Hans Thomas Kurr, Hans Joseph Carl, Gottfired Lautermilch, Philipp Guttmann, George (X) Meyer,, Hans Michael Essich, Jerg Abraham Essich, Rudolff Essich, Johan Jacob (O) Bush, Wilhelm Huber, Jacob MULLER, Simon Carl, Jacob Fruh, Lohrentz Fruh, Nicklas (H) Fruh, Henrich Fruh, Leonhardt Stein, Hans Nickel SCHMIDT, Lorentz (S) Simon, Christian (X) Simon, Frederich (X) Gardner, Henrich (H) Meyer, Sebastian Graff, Hanns Georg Graff, Johan Adolph Wenssel, Hans Jacob Beitrat, Christen Scheublein, Senior, Christen Scheublein, Junior, Hans (X) HECKENDORN , Sr , Hans HEGENDORN, Jr , Daniel (X) HECKENDORN, Bastian Stoller, Hans Jacob (X) Grieter, Friederich (+) Grieter, Marti Grieder, Thielman Hirnschall, Durst Thommen, Martin (+) Thomme, Hans Jacob Domen, Durst Thomen, Hans Jacob Dups, Joseph Kratzer, Jacob (+) Kissy, Rudolff Hauch, Hans Spiteler, Hans Spitller, Hans Jerg Gerster, Nicklas Tomen, David Louwenstein, Jacob (O) BARR , Hans (O) Jacob, Stephen (O) Jacob, Hans (+) Bocks, Christen Ruchty, Abraham (X) Jacke, Sebastien CAQUELIN, Didie CAQUELIN, Jean CAQUELIN, Jan COMER, Daniel KOMMER, Diterich (D) WERLLY, Hans (X) DISSLER, Hans Imber Mord, Hans Jacob Keller, Nicklaus Jude, Jonans Yoner, Jacob Yoner, Bandicht Yuchli, Christen DAPPEN, Peter (O) BRILLHART, Walthar Bumann, Hans Siber, Hans (X) Zwalle, Hans (+) Stockie, Hans Rudolf (O) Erb, Pieter (+) PINCKLY, Melchior (+) Dattweyler, Christian SCHLECTER, Pierre Dulon, Rudolff (+) Baumgarden, Jean Francois CHRESITIEN, Collas (+) Prasbart, N. Gerard, Peter (+) BINGLY, Hans (X) BINCKLY, Hans BINCKLY, Jr, Johannes Keller, Johannes Keller, Francois Ory, Nicolas Ory, Ennos (+) Newell, Joseph Noel, Pieter (X) Newell, Jacob (X) CHRISTMAN, Michael Haalling, Marcus (O) Markey, Hans Davit (+) Markey, Jacob Altlandt, Nicklaus (+) Mesling, Johann Conrath GAUGER, Georg Nicolaus GAUGER, Peter Weger.



Here is a breakdown on the population for the villages of the former residences of the Christmans in Fouday, Solbach, Waldersbach, Bellefosse, Belmont, Neuviller, Rothau and Barr. The religious composition for these villages since 1790 has been Lutheran, Name variations are also included for each village.


Name of Village

Name Variant




























































La Hutte


















































4, 839




Jean VERLY born 1655, (Swiss), married 1685 Elisabeth HASCHELMANN, (dau of Jean HASCHELMANN & Elisabeth MICHEL), Belmont (67).  Jean died 2 JAN 1721, Belmont (67).

I. VŽronique VERLY born in 6 JAN 1717, Belmont (67), married, 30 AUG 1735, Christian DEPPEN, born in 1697, (Swiss), (son of Joseph DEPPEN & ChrŽtienne SCHLECHT) + 16 MAR 1769, Rothau (67).  VŽronique died on 5 DEC 1750, Rothau (67).

 A. Jean DEPPEN born in 30 JUL 1746, Rothau (67), profession: butcher, married, 23 JUN 1766, in Rothau (67), Marie Marguerite HOLVECK, born in 21 OCT 1741, Rothau (67), (dau of Jean Michel HOLVECK & Marie Marguerite NEUVILLERS) + 17 MAY 1807, Rothau (67).

  1. Marie SalomŽ DEPPEN born in 28 MAR 1776, Rothau (67), married, 26 OCT 1797, in Rothau (67), Jean Nicolas GROSHENS, born in 16 JAN 1776, Rothau (67), (son of Jean Michel GROSHENS & Madeleine HOLVECK) profession: day laborer, + 29 MAY 1819, Rothau (67), resided: 1801, Rothau (67).  Marie died, 21 OCT 1831, Rothau (67).




Claudette N. x (1) Beno”t BANZET, + 1659, x (2) 7 DEC. 1658, in Waldersbach (67), Nicolas LOUX, born 1615, + 1669, Solbach (67).

I. Beno”t LOUX (son of Nicolas LOUX & Claudette N.) born 1660 x (1) av. 1691, Catherine NEUVILLERS, BAP. : 17 OCT 1668, + 7 AUG 1700, x (2) 2 NOV 1700, in Fouday (67), Jeanne CHRISTMANN, born 29 FEB 1680, (dau of Christmann CHRISTMANN & Marguerite MOUGENAT) x (3) 21 APR 1716, in Rothau (67), Madeleine MARMET, born 23 MAR 1679, Wildersbach (67), (dau of Jean Nicolas MARMET &  Anne SCHILT) +  17 JAN 1740, Solbach (67).  Beno”t Died 24 SEP 1735, Solbach (67).

A. Dimanche LOUX (son of Beno”t LOUX & Catherine NEUVILLERS) born 18 MAR 1691, x 19 JUL 1718, Madeleine HOLVECK, born 20 JAN 1697, (dau of Jean Michel HOLVECK & Marguerite GUNTHER) + 9 DEC. 1775.  Dimanche Died 11 APR 1764.

Anne Catherine LOUX born 1 MAY 1730, Solbach (67), x 3 JUL 1759, in Waldersbach (67), Jean CHRISTMANN, born 7 DEC. 1738, (son of Michel CHRISTMANN & Marguerite MALAISƒ) profession: weaver, + 13 OCT 1807.  Anne Died 15 JUN 1816.

A). Nicolas FortunŽ CHRISTMANN born 11 JUL 1774, x Madeleine FREISS, b. MAY 1776.

B). Jeanne Marguerite LOUX (dau of Beno”t LOUX & Catherine NEUVILLERS) born 3 MAY 1700, x 2 SEP 1721, in Neuviller (67), Claude Nicolas GRANDGEORGE, b. 14 DEC. 1699, (son of Jean GRANDGEORGE & Anne Barbe SCHEIDECKER) + 6 MAY1770, Neuviller (67), From: Neuviller (67).  Jeanne Died 9 JUN 1772, Neuviller (67).

1. Jeanne Marguerite GRANDGEORGE o 5 MAR 1728, Neuviller (67), x 29 AUG 1747 in Neuviller-la-Roche (67), Jean Michel MALAISƒ, born 4 FEB 1724, Neuviller (67), (son of Quirin MALAISƒ & Sara VONIƒ) profession: miner , +  APR 1771, From: Riangoutte (67).

a. Jean Michel MALAISƒ b. 16 JUL 1748, Riangoutte (67), profession: miner, x 27 AUG 1771, in Rothau (67), Marie Elisabeth JACQUEL, b. 16 FEB 1747, Rothau, (dau of Jean JACQUEL & Barbe HOLVECK) + 14 FEB 1831, Rothau. Jean Died 9 JUN 1778, Bruche


Some Notes on Loux Marriages:

Nicolas LOUX 1615-1669 married Chrestienne CHRISTMANN 1618-1648

Mougeatte LOUX married Dimanche MARCHAL

Nicolas LOUX 1615-1669 married Jehannon HERRIATTE 1628-1658

Catherine LOUX married Dimanche VONIƒ

Jean LOUX married Catherine STEFF

Didier LOUX married Anne Marguerite CAQUELIN

Marie Elisabeth LOUX married Jean Martin CLAUDE

Marie Elisabeth LOUX married Abraham SCHEPPLER

Didier LOUX married Anne Marie SOMMER

Odile LOUX married Michel BERNARD 1688-

Beno”t LOUX married BŽnŽdicte Madeleine SCHEIDECKER -1735

Catherine LOUX married Jean Georges HAZEMANN 1719-1788

Beno”t LOUX married Marie MALAISƒ

Nicolas LOUX 1615-1669 married Claudette N.?






SPECIAL THANKS: To my husband's uncle, the Reverend John Aubrey Chrisman, and his son, Paul Chrisman, for their family tree records that helped launch this project. And to James Chrisman for the exceptional records he kept & introducing me to Charles, the author of this book. To Denis Leypold and his amazing details on the history of Ban de la Roche. And to my husband, David Aubrey Chrisman, and our son, Aubrey. - Louise Bialik Chrisman, 2004

                                                                                               Email:    hergart@yahoo.com



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