Welcome to the wonderful world of Gart. These pages were scripted by hand and buttered with Gimp. No MSG, no crashy browsing. The software cost me nada and what you see here is what I learned from pulling pages, tweaked to taste, then loaded for fun viewing. May the source be with you!
Now about some of these articles: One of my favourite magazines is Cool Beans by boy wonder Matt Kelly who recently quit cabbing and hauled out of San Fran for greener pastures in Oregon. Do check out his zine and read my stories:
  • Just Say No To Beanie Babies: survey on how nutty consumers are w/ collecting junk. Cool Beans #9
  • The Dharma of Eating: Cool Beans #10 article explores religons and their relationships with food. This issue is chiefly focused on vegetarian eats and also features a swell pullout cookbook. Yum.
Also available on the Gart Pages are my industrial web projects created in Geneva, Switzerland for the United Nations LEG/REL branch, and feminist online projet, Violsecours. Plus, my original stories and papers: Continuing on the theme of weirdness is an entire site called The Weird Page which has a bunch of links to ghost stories, extraterrestrial encounters, Big Foot and the sort. But if you prefer something more down to earth, try either The Life Page which links you to humanitarian / self-development sites or, The Poetry Page which is rather self-explanatory. NEW to the Gart Pages are photographs of the World Trade Center and St Peter's Cemetery after 9/11, CMS, Collages, Une Semaine de Barbie, and BEAUTIFUL!-- photos from Vaud. And for other tips, remember to:
  • Drink plenty of water like eight glasses per day.
  • Look both ways when crossing the street.
  • And conserve electricity wherever possible.

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