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HERMIONE GART is Hilda Doolittle's alter ego transported from her 1906 "Paint It Today," into Louise Bialik's psychotropical-fruity-looped brain. A Creek daughter of the Ozarks brought up to believe she was an Armenian from Hollywood, Louise was instructed by her adoptive father, Gomidas, on how to sing the liturgical hymns of St James, Jerusalem. Afterwhich, the girl child was sent out to the streets for carnie living among truck drivers and Gong Show rejects, when she was rescued by Iron Eyes Cody and the vegan animal rights activist, Lucile Lindbergh. Together with her new mentors, Louise set out to save the world by wearing fake fur and standing in front of civil buildings with signs that read EMPATHY NOW!

Louise's first stage appearance occurred in 1976 with the Burbank Children's Choir, moving on to Sweet Adelines. She regularly gave the weather report for Rick Dees 93 KHJ Radio and danced on Wolfman Jack's Midnight Special with Warren Zevon, and secretly listened to the Dr Demento radio show through her pillow, becoming intrigued by the world of Barnes and Barnes, Weird Al, and the Plasmatics. Louise and her three brothers began podcasting over sideband radio and fuzzyphone, recording hundreds of hours of nerd electronica. By 1978, the braided teen was clubbed by new wave, only to cut off all her hair and join THE PHLEMGH PHATALES.

Around 1982, Louise changed her name to Dye Morbid and became a regular at the ANTI-CLUB and THEORETICAL SOCIETY, juggling gigs with HAIRCUTS THAT KILL and SAVAGE REPUBLIC, when she was befriended by poet, Jack Brewer of SACCHARINE TRUST. Together, Jack and Louise formed SANDBOX and she stopped being Dye. Come 1985, Louise moved from Savage Republic and into 17 PYGMIES, signing on with Island Records. There were also a number of stage shows including THEATRE CARNIVALE and ANAPHORIA with Kraig Grady. While at UCLA, Louise majored in Poetics under Stephen Yenser and JD McClatchy, minoring in art performance with Peter Sellars, and Javanese court gamelan dance under Miroto Martinez.

Today, Louise is pleased as a peach to present new tunes by COMITATUS, a watershed of new shiney sparkly gems with BARDACID of Walking Cow in Florence, Italy and KRAUTIOPHARM of M.E.K.K.A., Augsburg, Germany, now in record mode with the Ultimate Producer... KRAMER. AND... WAIT, THERE'S MORE.... revisit this page because never before released 4-TRACK demos from long ago and current projects are being uploaded for your downloading pleasure.... The flavors will or soon shall include collaborations with NICO VOLVOX, JACK BREWER, RUNNING WOMAN IDEA, SANDBOX, BRAD LANER, ROSZ MANTRA, OVER TURNER, JEZ, SPARKLEGIRL, ZWEI ZUM BEAMAN, and PHASME. If you are an experimental musician and would like to trade files, email me! I love sound. All the best from the Wiggy West, Her Gart