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Hermione Gart

COMITATUS is a watershed of new shiney sparkly gems by HER GART with BARDACID of Walking Cow in Florence, Italy and KRAUTIOPHARM of M.E.K.K.A., Augsburg, Germany, now in record mode with Ultimate Producer... KRAMER ...!


KRAUTIOPHARM: Michael Mayr making music in the early 80s in several bands from Avantgarde New Wave (Wahnvorstellung) via Electronic NDW (Schatten unter Eis) to Psychedelic 60s-Punk (The Trivial Heroes). In his "real life" he is a screenwriter but music is still his favourite waste of time. After almost 20 years of musical silence he thought it was about time to start a new project. It is called "krautiopharm" and aims to build a bridge from German 70s Krautrock to modern electric chill-out/dance music (you'll find the link in my Top 8 friends list) ... but as he still likes to slip into his "oulde dancin' boots" to do the John Travolta every now and then he has recently begun working on a new project ... The Discodelic Orchestra ... It's great music - Michaels's myspace pages are at: Krautiopharm and Discodelic Orchestra ______________________________________________________________________

HERMIONE GART: Los Angeles based poet, Louise Bialik, began fronting a nerdrock art group called THE PHLEMGH PHATALES when she was 16, and was often found at the ANTI-CLUB and THEORETICAL SOCIETY, juggling acts between HAIRCUTS THAT KILL, SAVAGE REPUBLIC, SANDBOX and 17 PYGMIES. She circulated the LA clubs and participated in a number of stage shows including Theatre Carnivale, Anaphoria with Kraig Grady, and spontaneous art performance with Peter Sellars. Louise studied Poetry under the direction of Stephen Yenser and JD McClatchy at UCLA, as well as Javanese Court Gamelan dance under Miroto Martinez. She collects Occupied Japan figurines, is vegetarian and likes smooth flowing pens.


BARDACID: Is SImone Bardazzi, the Florence-Firenze based micro-musician & guitar player. In his normal life Simone is a Research Doctor. He is the former member of indie italian bands like DUM DUM POWER and MIRABILIA. Simone played and recorded his music using different instruments such as: - Arp Solina - Casio SK1 - Siel Cruise - Acetone Beat Box - Gullbransen Teeny Bopper - Commodore 64 - Casio RapMan - Casio CT-510 - Red Poland Lap Steel Guitar - Casio Vl1 Tone - Casio Pt30 - Yamaha Portasound - Eko 6 & 12 strings Guitars - Roland Tr 626 - Suzuki Omnichord - Elka Capri 101 - Eko Tiger Duo - Bontempi - Korg Poly 800 - Stylophone - Galanti Piano - Gibson, Fender & Rickenbacker Electric Guitars - Stomp boxes and devices - Reason - Pro Tools. You can visit his myspace pages at Bardacid, Walking The Cow and guest work on In Yonder Garden.