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14 MAY 1637 Christman COLAS son of Christman COLAS and Catherine CLOUÉ was born in Barr. Godparents: BANSET, CAQUELIN, Catherine BÖHY.

29 FEB 1643 Dimanche son of Nicolas BERNARD MARESCHAL of Waldersbach & Oudile was baptized. Jehanne COLAS is godmother.

03 APR 1643 Marguerite daughter of Gladon MOUGENAT the elder of Wildersbach and Marguerite his wife was baptized. GPs: Marguerite wife of Gladon RINGUELSBACH of Neuvillers and Catherine STEFF of Belmont.

04 JUN 1643 Jehannon dau Christman COLAS. Sr of Solbach, & Catherine CLOUÉ bap. in Walders. GPs: Nicolas SCHMID, Quinelle BERNARD, Marion STEFF.

06 JUN 1643 Jehannon dau of Heirig SCHMID of Truchi was bap. GPs: Benoit BANSET of Solbach, Catherine GEORGE, Jehanon BERNARD of Waldersbach.

27 SEP 1647 Mougette, widow of the late Nicolas Colas (Christmann) from Fouday, died as a Christian in Waldersbach and was buried in the Fouday Cemetery.

?? JUN 1643 Adam the son of Nicolas LUX of Solbach and Christine COLAS was baptized.

?? ??? 1664 The marriage of Hierig SCHMID [George MARESCHAL] & Marguerite BANSET

EASTER 1658 Benoit Banzet of Solbach died on Easter and was buried in Fouday.

15 JUL 1664 Marriage of Colas COLAS [son of Johan Jacob COLAS CHRISTMAN living, & Jehanon daughter of Nicolas CAQUELIN from Waldersbach.

24 FEB 1661 Eve daughter of Nicolas LUX & Claudette his wife of Solbach was baptized. Godparents: Jean son of Nicolas MALAISIE of Wildersbach & Mougeatte, the wife of Nicolas GLADON.

01 NOV 1664 Marriage of Christman COLAS (Christian CHRISTMAN) son of Christman COLAS (Christian CHRISTMAN) of Solbach and Marguerite daughter of Gladon MOUGENAT of Neuvillers at the Church of Waldersbach.

?? ??? 1664 Michel HOLVECH and Mougenon SCHMID.
09 MAY 1665 Gladon RINGUELSBACH of Neuvill. & Salomé dau of Veldin VONIE marry

29 JUN 1665 Didier MOREL & Mougeatte daughter of Gladon RINGUELSBACH of Neuvillers were married.

?? AUG 1665 Marriage of Nicolas PARMENTIER son of Claude PARMENTIER of Neuvillers and Marguerite daughter of GEORGE the tailor.

17 FEB 1665 Christman MALAISE was baptized. Father Jean MALAISE and Mougeatte BEUTRIN is mother, both from Neuvillers. Godparents are CHRISTMAN.

23 MAR 1665 Madeline MARMET dau of Jean Nicolas MARMET & Anne of Rothau bap.GP: Dame Madelon Marguerite Maur-? Predicante, & Anne BECKER wife of Jean GANIER of Rothau. Godfather is Hans WOLF (Jean LUX) of Wildersbach.

28 MAR 1665 Regine VONIE dau of Christian VONIE & Sara MARMET of Wildersbach bap. GP: Jean MARESCHAL of Waldersbach, Regine CAQUELIN miner's wife in Walders. & Barbe GAGNIER wife of Hans WOLF (Jean LOUX) of Wildersbach.

04 FEB 1666 Nicolas son of Christman COLAS & Margueritte of Solbach was baptized in Waldersbach. GPs: Nicolas TABOURIN, Johan son of Johan CAQUELIN of Truchi, Agnes daughter of Nicolas MARMET the parish minister.

22 APR 1666 Jehanne dau of Christman NEUVILLERS & Jehanne MARESCHAL bap. GPs: Jehan TABOURIN son Nicolas TABOURIN Belmont, Quenielle BOULANGER wife Dietrich PARMENTIER Belmont & Mougenat CHALLAN wife Ulrich LANG
24 MAY 1666 Jehan CAQUELIN died in Truchi.

17 MAR 1666 Christian STEFF died in Belmont.

12 JUN 1677 George MARMET married Elizabeth Madeline MAURICE of Montbeliard.

21 JUL 1677 Dietrich SCHMID married Marie J? the widow of Martin GÜNTHER of Barr.

11 AUG 1667 Marie dau of Benedict VASSEM & Catherine LAUËNER bap. GP: Thomas MÜLLER & Marie LE TONNERRE wife of Jehan NEUVILLERS of Bellefosse, and Quenielle KREIGER daughter of Jacob KREIGER of Bellefosse.

25 AUG 1667 Anne Catherine, daughter of Casper SCHEDEKER & Susanne HAUSSENREIT.

17 SEP 1667 Quenielle daughter of Jehan BABILION & Marthane APFFEL baptized. GP: Aseman, son of Jehan ASEMAN of Bellefosse, Quenielle BOULANGER, Jehanne MARESCHAL daughter of Jehan MARESCHAL Jr of Waldersbach.

13 OCT 1667 Marguerite dau of Christman COULAS (Nicolas CHRISTMAN) & Marguerite MOUGENAT baptized by Nicolas ANDRE of Solbach, GP: Salome MOREL.

16 JAN 1668 Madeline daughter of Elie RUPP & Anne baptized. GP is Catherine LUX.

11 FEB 1668 Thomas MÜLLER of Bern, Switz. married Mougeatte NEUVILLERS of Bellefosse.

?? APR 1668 Quenielle dau of George PARMENTIER & Catherine NEUVILLERS baptized. Her godparents are Quenielle BOULANGER and Marguerite APFFEL.

02 JUN 1668 Dimanche MARESCHAL son of Nicolas MARESCHAL of Waldersbach married Mougeatte LUX daughter of Nicolas LUX.

17 OCT 1668 Catherine dau of Christman NEUVILLERS & Jehanne MARESCHAL baptized. GP: Jacob RINGON {SP} & Catherine CHARPENTIER of Tronelle Neuvillers.

26 NOV 1668 Didier son of Thomas MÜLLER & Mougeatte NEUVILLERS was baptized in Waldersbach on. Godparents: Ulrich PARMENTIER and Catherine Mareschal.

31 JAN 1669 Marthane daughter of Jehan BABILION and Marthane APFFEL was baptized. Her Godparents are: Catherine LUX and Oudille HUINGLEOTT

20 JUL 1669 Quenielle daughter of Ulrich ROTT and Barbe CAQUELIN was baptized

07 OCT 1669 Jehanne dau of Dimanche MARESCHAL & Mougeatte LUX baptized. Her godparents are Didier CAQUELIN and Regine --- and Salome MOREL.

14 JUN 1670 Coulas CHRISTMAN son of Christman COULAS of Solbach and Jehanne MARESCHAL the daughter of Jean MARESCHAL baptized in Waldersbach.

07 OCT 1670 Marguerite daughter of Jehan CAQUELIN and Oudile MARESCHAL was baptized. GP: Dimanche MARESCHAL and Catherine MARESCHAL.

18 OCT 1670 Jehan son of Christman COULAS & Marguerite MOUGENAT baptized. GP: Coulas ANDRE and Jehan PRINCE.

23 OCT 1670 Ulrich son of Ulrich ROTT and Barbe RAREN was baptized. Godparents: Ulrich SOMMER and Regine BOULANGER.

8 OCT 1670 Pierre son of Christman NEUVILLERS & Jehanne MARESCHAL bap. GPs: George BERDOT of Waldersbach, & Dietrich PARMENTIER, Jehan Mareschal, Mougeatte GROHENS wife of Coulas TABOURIN.

05 FEB 1672 Oudilla daughter of Dimanche MARESCHAL and Mougeatte was baptized

07 MAY 1672 Jehan son of Ulrich SOMMER & Christine REIS baptized by Jacob BINKEL and Jehan WERLIN, his godparents, and Elizabeth RORBACH his godmother

15 FEB 1672 Dimanche son of Thomas MULLER & Mougeatte NEUVILLERS bap. GPS: Dimanche CAQUELIN & Coulas GLADON, Catherine BABILION wife of Jehan

05 APR 1672 Pierre son of George PARMENTIER & Catherine NEUVILLERS bap. GPs: Tiebaule BOURGEOISE of Barr & George MARESCHAL, Marguerite APFFEL.

27 OCT 1672 Jehan son of Christman TELLENBACH & Anne OUER bap. GPs: Christman NEUVILLERS and Jehan WERLIN of Belmont, Regine BOULANGER.

10 FEB 1673 Bastian ASEMAN son of Jehan ASEMAN of Bellefosse and Marguerite GROSHENS daughter of Michel GROSHENS of Neuvillers was baptized.

11 FEB 1673 Jehan Coulas CHRISTMAN son of COULAS CHRISTMAN of Solbach and Mougeatte CAQUELIN dau of Didier CAQUELIN of Waldersbach baptized.

24 FEB 1673 Claudette dau Dimanche MARESCHAL & Mougeatte bap. GPs: Jehan MARESCHAL of Walsdersbach & Regine BOULANGER of Belmont, and Oudille ASEMAN of Truchi.

05 MAY 1673 Nicolas son of Christman NEUVILLER & Jehan MARESCHAL bap. GPs: Couas ANDRE, George MARESCHAL, Mougeatte & Jehan NEUVILLERS.

22 MAY 1673 Adam LUX son of Nicolas LUX of Solbach died on at 30 years of age.

24 JUL 1673 Coulas STEFF [TEPPE] son of Nicoulas STEFF of Belmont & Jehanne Lang GERIC daughter of Jehan Lang GERIC of Neuvillers was baptized.

05 OCT 1673 Marguerite daughter of Jehan TABOURIN & Marguerite MARESCHAL was baptized on. GPs: George LUX, Marguerite APFFEL & Catherine CAQUELIN.

08 OCT 1673 Catherine daughter of Coulas CHRISTMAN and Jehan MARESCHAL was baptized. GPs: Catherine LUX, Marguerite, & Dimanche CAQUELIN.

28 OCT 1673 Christman son of Christman COULAS and Marguerite MOUGENAT of Solbach was baptized. Godparents: Coulas GLADON son of Coulas GLADON of Bellefosse & Coulas COULAS son of Coulas COULAS of Waldersbach, Regine BOULANGER of Belmont.

09 OCT 1673 Anne Catherine daughter of Jehan BEYLER & Catherine ULRICH was baptized. Her godparents are Didier CAQUELIN of Waldersbach & Jehanne.

13 OCT 1673 Anne daughter of Pierre VERLIN and Madeline GASSER of Solbach bap. GPs: Abraham CA-?rer Barbara LUTIKEOFFER [sp], Anne KESSERLI.

13 JAN 1674 Catherine dau of Coulas CHARPENTIER & Barbel Christina LORENT of Haute Goutte, widow of Ettienne STEFF of Belmont, died in Belmont. 66 yrs.

20 FEB 1674 Christman NEUVILLER son of Joseph NEUVILLER & Anne RINGUELSBACH native of Berne died in Belmont having been ill for some days. 34 years old.

27 FEB 1674? Catherine CHRISTMAN, daughter of Collas CHRISTMAN of Solbach died.

05 MAY 1674 Jean CAQUELIN died in Truchi [Fouday].
20 MAY 1674 Hans NEUVILLER the forester of Bellefosse died in Fouday

03 JAN 1675 Jacob, son of Coulas CHRISTMAN & Jehanne MARESCHAL of Waldersbach is born and baptized. Godparents: Jacob CAQUELIN, Regine CAQUELIN of Waldersbach, and Coulas GLADON of Bellefosse.

11 FEB 1675 Jehanne daughter of Jehanne MARCHAL & Urselle CAQUELIN was baptized. Godparents are George LUX, Mougette LUX & Catherine CAQUELIN.

15 FEB 1675 Judith dau of George BERDOT minister of Waldersbach & Catherine LUX was bap. GPs: Didier MARESCHAL of Waldersbach & Apollonia SION for Marie Madelaine BERDOT her aunt & Mougeatte LUX wife of Dimanche MARCHAL.

16 FEB 1675 Marguerite daughter of Thomas MÜLLER & Mougeatte NEUVILLERS was baptized. Godparents: Christman CAQUELIN son of Didier CAQUELIN & Marguerite COLLA, and Marguerite APFFEL.

30 MAR 1674? Dimanche son of Jean TRUMMENSCHLAGER, a chimney man, & Marguerite SCHMIDT was baptized. GPs: George & Dimanche SCHMIDT of Bellefosse, Anne VERLICH daughter of Hans VERLICH of Belmont.

30 MAR 1674? Catherine CAQUELIN daughter of CAQUELIN & Marguerite of Truchi was baptized. GPs: Ursule CAQUELIN, wife of Jean MARESCHAL of Walders., Regine CAQUELIN daughter of Didier CAQUELIN the miner of Waldersbach, and Jean CHRISTMAN of Waldersbach.

18 APR 1674? Anne Marie daughter of Gladon CLAUDE & Mougeatte NEUVILLERS of Belmont was bap. GPs: Ulrich son of Hans VERLICH Belmont & Apollonia wife of George LUX the Prevost of Belmont, & Jeannon TRUMMELSCHLAG.

29 JAN 1675? Catherine dau of BERNARD (PRINCE) & Jeannon BABYLON bap. GPs: Jean Jacob CAQUELIN of Solbach & Otille Bellefosse, Catherine wife BERNARD.

08 FEB 1675? Oswald son of Le Fourieur of Fontaine & Barbe, bap. GPs: Oswald Becker of Waldersbach, Gladon CLAUDE of Belmont & Anne VERLY of Belmont.

29 FEB 1675? Jeannon daughter of CHRISTMAN & Marguerite of Solbach was baptized. GPs: Dimanche MARESCHAL of Foudai, Jeannon widow of Collas COLLAS of Waldersbach and Evette LOUX daughter of Collas LOUX of Solbach.

29 JUN 1675? Hans George son of Michel MULLER blacksmith and Sara GANIER of Rothau was baptized. Godparentss: Madeline Marguerite Maur-? and the wife of David WIDERMAN from la Roche, & Hans WOLF (Jean Loux) of Wildersbach.

14 MAY 1678 Gladon CLAUDE of Bellefosse married Mougeatte NEUVILLERS.

21 MAY 1678 Jean CAQUELIN of Truchi married Marguerithe HASEMAN of Blunspach.

11 JUN 1678 Jean Jacob CAQUELIN of Walders. Married Regine BERNARD of Solbach.

21 JAN 1679 Oswald BECKER son of Peter Becker of Solbach married Jeannon MARESCHAL widow of Collas CHRISTMAN of Waldersbach.

28 JAN 1679 Michel son of Colas MOREL of Wilders married Benite STEFF of Belmont

11 FEB 1679 Dimanch MOREL of Wilders. Wed Marguerite dau. of Collas CLAULING.

30 OCT 1679 Christman GRANDMATHIS of Neuvillers married Marguerite MOREL

20 MAY 1680 Collas son of Collas CLAUDE the weaver from Bellefosse married Regine MARESCHAL daughter of Collas MARESCHAL the Bourgeoise of Bellefosse.

10 JUN 1680 Collas LOUX of Solbach married Anne WAGNER the oberrotweil en Breisgan

04 APR 1681 Ulrich VERLI married Christine SCHÄFFERIN.

19 APR 1681 Christman CAQUELIN of Waldersbach married Anne VERLI of Belmont.

?? MAY 1681 Christophel BABYLON married Jeannon NEUVILLERS.

04 MAR 1684 Marie CHRISTMAN widow of Michel GROSHEINS died at age 70 in Rothau.

04 MAR 1684 Catherine CLOUÉ wife of Christman COLAS of Solbach died at age 80.

07 MAR 1684 Marguerite MARECHAL wife of Jean MARCHAL elder died at 74 in Foudai.

02 APR 1684 Widow Jean MARCHAL elder died at 78 in Foudai. Buried in Waldersbach.

30 APR 1685 Didier (Dominic) son of Jean LUX the miner of Truchi & Catherine STEFF was baptized in Fouday. GPs: Didier KREIGER of Bellefosse, Jean son of Jean GRANDGEORGE the Bourgeois of Bellefosse, Salome MOREL widow of Pierre CLADON of Bellefosse, living in Wildersbach with her father, Jean LUX. Signed -x- Catherine STEFF - O; Jean Grand George - J; Salome MOREL -x- V, and Jehan George Malmehü (a schoolmaster) and Sebastian Jörg (censer).

?? MAY 1688 CAQUELIN son of Nicolas CAQUELIN bap. GP: Dimanche MARESCHAL

25 JUL 1689 Jean Jaques LOUX mentioned.

20 FEB 1689 Sebastian MARESCHAL of Fouday

1) Commer, son of Balthasar COMMER & Catherine NEUVILLERS born 7 APR 1690.

2) Jacques son of Nicolas YEMAN & Marie BANSET? of Bellefosse was baptized.

3) Anne Marguerite dau of Christman CAQUELIN of Walders. & Anne VERLY.

4) Anne Barbe daughter of David VERLY & Barbe BECK of Bellefosse - born 1687
GPs: Dimanche son of Christman CAQUELIN the miner and Anne VERLY.

5) Anne daughter of David VERLY of Bellefosse & Barbe Beck was born 1690 JAN.

6) Didier son of Jean ROCHEL the weaver of Bellefosse was missed in 1690 registry.

01 APR 1691 Oudille VERLY dau of Jean VERLY oilman & Marguerite RINGUELSBACH was born and baptized. GPs: Ulrich VERLY of Belmont, the elder Anne VERLY wife of Christian VERLY the miner of Waldersbach and Oudille MARECHAL the wife of George Neuvillers. Baptized by Father Kigrin.

18 MAR 1691 Dimanche LOUX of Solbach mentioned

19 JUL 1691 Anne Barbe a daughter of BOURGEOISE of Waldersbach and Anne JANDON (CLAUDE) was baptized. GPs: Jean Michel HOLVECH The Bourgeoise of Rothau and Anne T-CHER of Belmont, Anne Barbe of Fouday

27 AUG 1691 Anne Barbe daughter of Jean VERLIN the Bourgeoise of Belmont and Barbe OVERYST His wife presented in baptism on 4 AUG 1691 at the Church of Belmont. GPs: Ulrich SOMMER of Waldersbach and Anne VERLIN of Waldersbach and Mougette NEUVILLERS of Belmont

23 OCT 1691 Bastian GEORGE son of Bastian GEORGE Justice of Neuvillers married Junon NEUVILLERS the daughter of Christman NEUVILLERS, the Bourgeois of Bellefosse. They married in Waldersbach.

26 OCT 1691 Jean Michel son of Jean LOUX, a miner of Truchi (Fouday) and Catherine STEFF was baptized in Fouday. GPs: Jean BERNARD of Fouday, Michel MOREL of Wildersbach and Marguerite RINGUELSBACH of Wildersbach.

06 OCT 1691 Marguerite dau of Jean ROCHEL, Oudille OULNAT, Dimanche Mareschal

?? OCT 1691 Jean Jacques son of Nicolas CAQUELIN, GP: CHRISTMAN CAQUELIN

?? OCT 1691 Jean Jacques son of Jean Jacques & Oudille BANSET was born and baptized. GPs: Didier CLAUDE & Kenielle BANSET

01 DEC 1691 Bastian George son of Bastian George of Neuvillers & Junon NEUVILLERS, The godparents are Nicolas CAQUELIN and Dimanche Mareschal

08 APR 1692 Marriage of George MARECHAL of Bellefosse and Marguerite Regine GROSHENS daughter of Michel GROSHENS in Waldersbach Church.

27 MAY 1692 Marriage of Martin SCHEITEKER of Fouday, son of Casper SCHEITEKER of Horville, Switzerland, to, Jeanne MARESCHAL the daughter of Dimanche MARESCHAL of Fouday, ceremony in Church of Fouday.

29 OCT 1692 Marriage of Dimanche MARECHAL son of Nicolas MARECHAL of Bellefosse with Ursule CACLIN widow of Jean MARECHAL . Ceremony in Waldersbach.

02 JAN 1693 Bastian, son of Benoit LOUX of Solbach and Catherine NEUVILLERS was baptized in Fouday. GPs: Bastian GEORGE of Fouday and Jean Collas CHRISTMAN of Solbach, Marie GLADON (CLAUDE) of Wildersbach

02 FEB 1693 Marriage of Ulrich SOMMER of Berne, Switzerland, son of Christine REIS to Christine KOMMER, dau of Antoine KOMMER, Swiss native in Waldersbach.

16 APR 1693 Jean RINGUELSBACH son of Nicolas RINGUELSBACH of Wildersbach married Jeanne MARESCHAL dau of Jean MARECHAL of Waldersbach

02 JUN 1693 Jeanne Marguerite daughter of Ulrich VERLI and Marie was born. Bap. 4 JUN in the Belmont church. GPs: Didier MOREL the tailor of Belmont and Jeanne NEUVILLERS and Mougette wife of Jean CHRISTMAN of Waldersbach.

12 JUN 1693 Christman son of Jacques KRIEGER of Bellefosse & Oudille BANSET was born. GPs: Christman CAQUELIN of Walders. & Jean RINGUELSBACH

?? JUN 1693 Agnes daughter of Pierre GEORGE of Neuvillers

?? JUN 1693 Ulrich Commer and Christina Kommer had a son

23 JUN 1693 Marriage of David GONET a mining expert to Marguerite CAQUELIN Fouday

27 JUN 1693 Agnes daughter of Nicolas CAQUELIN & Marie GEORGE was bap. GPs: Jean LUX miner of Truchi, Marguerite CHRISTMAN of Waldersbach & Agnes GEORGE of Neuvillers.

28 JUN 1693 Anne daughter of David BANSET is born

06 JUL 1693 Martin son of Dimanche MARESCHAL -- The Godparent is Martin Scheitker

20 JUL 1693 Magdeline daughter of GLADON CLAUDE – Godparent: Nicolas CAQUELIN

02 AUG 1693 Christophel son of Jean GEORGE is born

?? AUG 1693 Anne Marie daughter of Jacob TRITT is born

23 JUN 1693 Marriage of David GONET the miner to Marguerite CAQUELIN in Fouday.

04 AUG 1693 Jean Jacques son of Nicolas CHRISTMAN and Eve LOUX of Solbach was born and presented in baptism on the 6th of the month. His godparents are Jean Jacques CAQUELIN the elder of Solbach and Jean CHRISTMAN of Waldersbach, Catherine, daughter of Dimanche MARÉCHAL of Fouday.

19 AUG 1693 Marie Magdeline daughter of Pierre VERLY was born and presented the sacrament of baptism on the 13th of the month in the Church of Waldersbach. GPs: Christman CAQUELIN, Miner of Waldersbach, Regine GROHENS wife of George MARESCHAL of Bellefosse and Magdeline, daughter of Jean Michel GANIER Supervisor of Rothau.

30 AUG 1693 Salome daughter of Michel MOREL of Wildersbach was born. Bap. in Neuvillers. GPs: Jean George VONIE of Wildersbach & Catherine wife of Didier MOREL the tailor of Belmont and Marguerite RINGUELSBACH of Wildersbach.

18 OCT 1693 Dimanche, son of Christophel BANSET & Jeannon NEUVILLERS was bap. GPs: Dimanche MÜLLER of Bellefosse & Jean son of Jean ROCHEL of Bellefosse, Anne BANSET dau of Jean BANSET the elder of Bellefosse.

27 OCT 1693 Jean son of Jean Grand GEORGE of Neuvillers & Barbe was born. Baptized NOV 1 in Neuvillers. GPs: Jean George son of Christman VONIE shoemaker of Wildersbach, Jean Michel son of Michel GANIER the Supervisor of Rothau.

29 OCT 1693 Jean Martin an illegitimate bastard of Marguerite CAQUELIN was born. Baptized on 30th. GPs: Jean BERNARD of Fouday & Martin SCHEITEKER of Fouday, Catherine wife of Jean LUX the miner of Truchi

30 OCT 1693 Jean Leopold son of Jean GEORGE bourgeois & Judith MEYRIN born in Waldersbach. GPs: Jean, son of George SCHÜLLER of Ban de la Roche, Anne NARDIN wife of Jean DUVERNOY the minister of Ban de la Roche, and Anne, wife of Christman CAQUELIN the miner from Waldersbach.

07 JAN 1694 Bastian son of Didier KRIEGER & Marie HASEMAN was born and baptized. GPs: Jean MÜLLER of Bellefosse, Bastian MOREL of Belmont, Oudille OULNAT wife of Jean ROCHEL.

08 JAN 1694 Catherine, dau of Jean DUVERNÖY the la Roche minister & Nadin was bap. GPs: Pierre DUVERNÖY, son of Jean Jacques DUVERNÖY of Montbeliard.

21 MAR 1694 Jean, son of Benoit LUX the miner of Neuvillers was born. Bap. on 23rd. GPs: Sebastian GEORGE, a resident of Fouday, and Jean CHRISTMAN of Solbach, Anne Marie, daughter of Hans WOLF CLAUDE of Wildersbach.

27 APR 1694 Marriage of Jean CHRISTMAN of Solbach to Marguerite MOREL, Waldersbach.

10 APR 1694 Oudille, daughter of Oswald Bequer & Jeanne Mareschal. GPs: Jacob TRITT, Jeanne MARESCHAL, wife of Jean RINGUELSBACH.

18 APR 1694 Jeanne, daughter of Nicolas LUX the weaver of Belmont and Anne was born and presented the sacrament of baptism on the 22nd of the month.

08 MAY 1694 Sara dau of Dimanche VONIE & Catherine LUX Bap. on 9th GPs: wife of Jean HOLVECH of Rothau and Sara dau of Jean WOLF CLAUDE of Wilders.

21 JUN 1694 Gladon, son of David BERNARD was born.

19 FEB 1695 Marguerite Sara dau of Jean Christman COLAS of Neuvillers & Marguerite MOREL Bap in Neuvillers. GPs: Bastian son of Didier MOREL of Belmont, Catherine CARRIER of Montbeliard and Sara GLADON of Wildersbach

25 FEB 1695 Didier son Ulrich VERLY & Marie Christine SCHAFFERIN died 15 days old.

25 JUL 1695 Didier son of Jean VERLI & Marguerite NEUVILLERS of Bellefosse was born. Baptized on 31st in Church of Belmont. GPs: Didier CLAUDE MARESCHAL of Waldersbach, David VERLI of Bellefosse and Marie CLAUDE the daughter of Gladon CLAUD the elder of Belmont.

06 MAY 1695 Marguerite, dau of Gladon CLAUDE of Belmont & Mougeatte NEUVILLERS was bap. in Church of Belmont. GPs: Jean CHRISTMAN of Waldersbach & Oudille OULNAT wife of Jean ROCHEL, Marguerite dau of Jean BANSET.

26 MAY 1695 Marie daughter of Dimanche MARESCHAL and wife was baptized in Walders. GPs: Christman CAQUELIN of Waldersbach, Marie George, wife of Nicolas CAQUELIN, & Kenielle the wife of George MARESCHAL of Bellefosse.

05 JUN 1695 Anne, dau of Nicolas HASEMAN & Marie BANSET Bap on 7th in Waldersbach. GPs: Dimanche MÜLLER of Bellefosse, Oudille OULNAT & Jean ROCHEL.

26 JUN 1695 Benoit, son of Jean LUX miner of Truchi & Catherine was born. Bap. 29th in Fouday. GPs: Didier Claude MARESCHAL of Waldersbach & Benoit LUX of Solbach, Anne the wife of Christman CAQUELIN the miner of Waldersbach.

07 OCT 1695 Nicolas BANSET of Belmont died at 7 PM after being ill for a year. He was 41 years of age and was buried in the cemetery of Belmont.

17 OCT 1695 Nicolas BANSET of Belmont is dead at 7 PM after being ill for one year. He was buried on the 20th in the Cemetery of Belmont at age 41 years.

27 FEB 1696 Catherine COLA widow of Claude HASEMAN from Truchi died on and was buried the following Sunday in the Cemetery of Fouday at the age of 80

24 JUL 1696 Christman son of David BANSET & Sara NEUVILLERS was born. Bap. in Belmont. GPs: Didier MOREL Judge of Belmont, Christophel CLAUDE son of Gladon CLAUDE of Belmont, Magdeline dau of Pierre VERLY of Belmont.

17 AUG 1696 Jean, son of David VERLY & Barbe BEQUER of Bellefosse was born. Bap. 24th in St Barthelome church of Waldersbach. Godparents: Andre BEQUER of Hautte Goutte & Jean MÜLLER the Servant of MARESCHAL, Marguerite BANSET, daughter of Jean BANSET the Justice Bellefosse.

12 SEP 1696 Salomé daughter of Benoit LUX & Catherine NEUVILLERS of Solbach born at 8AM. Baptized on Sunday Fouday. GPs: Claude TABOURIN son of Jean TABOURIN of Belmont, Catherine Mareschal, dau of Dimanche MARESCHAL of Fouday & Salome VONIE, dau of Dimanche VONIE of Wildersbach.

20 OCT 1696 Nicolas CHRISTMAN son of Nicolas CHRISTMAN and Eve LOUX of Solbach was born on the, a Saturday night, and was baptized on the 23rd in the Church of Fouday. His godparents are Didier BERNARD, Justice of Solbach, Jean LUX the carpenter and miner of Truchi (Fouday), Catherine CAQUELIN, the daughter of Jacques CAQUELIN, the Prevost of Solbach.

10 FEB 1696 Didier VERLI, son of Ulrich VERLI & Marie Christine SCHAFFERIN was born. Baptized on 13th in Belmont. GPs: Sebastian Didier MOREL, Didier BERNARD of Solbach, Magdeline VERLI wife of Peter VERLY, Belmont, Barbe BECK wife of David VERLY, Bellefosse.

25 FEB 1696 Didier VERLY the son of Ulrich VERLY and Marie Christine SCHAFFERIN of Belmont died on Saturday, and buried in the Belmont cemetery. 15 days old.

08 FEB 1697 Jean Michel COLA son of Jean COLA & Marguerite MOREL was born. Bap. on 10th in Neuvillers. GPs: Jacques CAQUELIN Prevost Solbach, Jean Michel MALAISE son of Jean MALAISE, Neuvillers, & Magdeline MOREL dau of Didier MOREL of Neuvillers.

09 MAR 1697 Anne Marie dau of Michel MOREL & Benitte STEFF of Wilders. born & bap. on 12th. GPs: Nicolas CHARRIER Minister of Ban de la Roche, Junon MALAISI dau of Jean MALAISI of Neuvillers & Junon dau of Benoit MOREL.

28 MAY 1697 Christman VERLI son of Ulrich VERLY & Marie Christine SCHAFFERINE of Belmont born. Baptized on 30th in Belmont. Godparents: Didier BERNARD Solbach Justice, Christman CAQUELIN miner of Waldersbach, Catherine MOREL daughter of Didier MOREL the Justice of Belmont.

07 JUL 1697 Susanne dau of Martin SCHEDEKER & Jeanne MARESCHAL of Fouday was bap. GPs: George NEUVILLERS Waldersbach, Catherine dau of Dimanche MARESCHAL Fouday, Catherine BERNARD dau of Jean BERNARD

?? JUL 1697 Marguerite dau of Nicolas CLAUDE of Bellefosse & Regine MARESCHAL was bap. GPs: Didier KREIGER Justice of Bellefosse, Claudine GROHENS wife of Jon HOLVECH, Catherine STEFF wife of Jean LUX carpenter & miner Truchi.

03 MAR 1699 Jean George KNEIGEUR son of Didier KNEIGEUR & Marie HASEMAN of Bellefosse was born. GPs: George NEUVILLERS, Jean ROCHEL, Catherine NEUVILLERS wife of Balthazar KOMMER of Bellefosse.

03 MAR 1699 Dimanche son of Caspar SCHEDEKER and Jeanne MARESCHAL of Fouday. GPs: Jean LUX master carpenter of Fouday, Jean GRANDGEORGE of Neuvillers and Jeanne CAQUELIN wife of Jacques CAQUELIN of Solbach.

04 MAR 1699 Marie daughter of Nicolas RINGUELSBACH of Wildersbach died at the age of 26 and was buried in the cemetery of Rothau.

20 MAR 1699 Magdeline VONIE daughter of Dimanche VONIE died at 1 year of age.

20 MAR 1699 Dimanche VONIE of Wilders. Died of illness. Buried in Rothau. 15 years.

23 APR 1699 Anne dau of David BANSET & Sara NEUVILLERS of Belmont was born. GPs: Jean VERLY son of Pierre VERLI from Belmont, Mougeatte NEUVILLERS the wife of Gladon CLAUDE, & Oudille MARESCHAL wife George NEUVILLERS.

30 APR 1699 Andre son of John WOLF CLAUDE of Wildersbach died 6 months old.

20 MAY 1699 Benoit MOREL son of Benoit MOREL of Wildersbach died 8 years old.

12 APR 1699 Jeanne MARESCHAL wife of Martin SCHIDEKER elder of Fouday. Buried the following Tuesday in the Cemetery of Fouday at the age of 29 years.

13 APR 1699 Dimanche son of Martin SCHIDEKER died on the and was buried by Jean MARESCHAL in the same Cemetery of Fouday [birth related death?]

21 APR 1699 Magdeline dau of George NEUVILLERS resident of Waldersbach died at noon & was buried the next day in Fouday Cemetery. 3 years and 7 weeks.

12 NOV 1699 Nicolas CHRISTMAN died in Solbach at six hours in the morning and will be buried in the cemetery of Fouday. 26 years old.

12 NOV 1699 Nicolas CHRISTMAN an old man of Solbach died in the morning and was buried the next day in Cemetery of Fouday at age 60 plus some years.

24 NOV 1699 David son of David GONET & Marguerite of Truchi was born in Fouday. GPs: Andre KAYLERD of Barr, Christman CAQUELIN, miner, Jean BERNARD son of Jean BERNARD of Fouday, Anne VERLI of Waldersbach.

18 DEC 1699 Nicolas son of Jean LUX of Truchi and Catherine STEFF born at 5 PM Bap 21st in Fouday. GPs: Didier BERNARD, Justice, Dimanche MARESCHAL of Fouday, Catherine BERNARD, dau of Jean BERNARD of Fouday.