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1. Nicolas Marmet, pastor, moved to Wildersbach in 1655, died in 1675
Esther Fassmann, of Sainte Marie aux Mines, his wife, died in 1695
Children: Anna Maria m 1656
Sara born in 1643 married 1670 Christman Vonié
Jean Nicolas born in 1645 married 1670 Anne Schilt
Agnès born in 1646 married1675 Jean-Pierre Pisset, from Rolle
Jean George born in 1649 married 1677 Élisabeth-Madeleine Maurice
Zacharie born in 1651
Abraham born in about 1654, died in Strasbourg in 1729

2. Jehan Bernhard, Maréchal at Waldersbach, godfather in 1649 and 1655
Marguerite, his wife
Children: Catherine married 1656 Sébastien Hierig
Marie born in 1649

3. Hans Hierig, tailor of Neuviller, godfather in 1647 and 1655
Perhaps son of Hainsel, º3, identical to Jean Grandgeorge, º12.
Jehanne Gannière, his wife godmother in 1647 and 1655
Children: Marie born in 1648
Marguerite born in 1652
Jehanne married1669 Hans Hierig Zucker

4. Marion Vonier, dau of Christman Vonier, from Bellefosse, godmother in 1648 & 1651

5. Didier Vonier, of Wildersbach born in 1643 died in 1706
There are other children after 1669 mentioned in1655 (º18) or Veltin (º14, tabl. I).

6. Barbe Banset, daughter of Jehan B. from Belmont, was a godmother in 1650

7. Jehannon Bansette of Belmont was a godmother in 1652

8. David Lienard called also Beurtin, from Haute-Goutte
Catherine Babylon (Banset), his wife
Children: Gladon born in 1648
Jehanne 1650
Barthel born in 1652
This family emigrated from Barr between 1652 and 1655

9. Jehan Gannière, father of two bastards in 1672 & 1673, died in 1673 and is not the son of Michel (º2), who married Anne Peck in 1675

10. Jandon Gladon, of Fouday, born about 1654 and died 1668 at 40 years

11. Catherine, dau of Martin Klein and living in Bellefosse godmother in 1651, 53, 55

12. Urselle, daughter of Nicolas Fondeur lived in Walterspach during 1654, daughter of
Nicolas Jean Pierre and residing in Walterspach 1655

13. Hans Lipp, Chief Provost of the Seigniory
Anne Geyler, his wife
Children: George born in 1641 at Barr, married1674 Apollonia Sieffert
Eva born in 1646 in Barr
Caspar and twin, was born in 1648 at Belmont
Catharina, born in 1650, was from Barr, and married George Berdot

14. Christman Neuvillers, of Belmont, a native of Berne, died in 1674 at 34 years old.
He was 15 years old in 1655 when he lived with his brother, Hainsel, & mother.

15. Gladon Boulangier, from Fouday was a godfather in 1650
Jandon, his grandson, was a godfather in 1654