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01 JAN 1700 Jeanne dau of Jean CHRISTMAN of Neuvillers & Marguerite MOREL born. Bap. 3rd. GPs: Nicolas RINGUELSBACH Wildersbach, Jeanne dau of Benoit MOREL of Wildersbach, & Jeanne Cola dau CHRISTMAN Cola of Solbach.

15 MAR 1701 Didier son of Jaques CHRISTMAN and Magdeline ROCHEL was born in Waldersbach. Bap on 17th in Waldersbach. GPs: George MARESCHAL of Bellefosse, Didier CAQUELIN of Waldersbach wife of Oswald BEQUER

03 MAY 1700 Jeanne Marguerite dau of Benoit LUX of Solbach & Catherine NEUVILLERS was born in Fouday. GPs: Nicolas son of Dimanche MARESCHAL & Marguerite MOREL his wife of CHRISTMAN Grandmathis of Neuvillers, and Jeanne CAQUELIN daughter of Jacques CAQUELIN of Solbach.

18 MAY 1700 Marriage of Didier son of Jean MARESCHAL of Waldersbach with Marguerite CHRISTMAN daughter of CHRISTMAN at the Church of Waldersbach

20 MAY 1700 Marriage of Jacques son of Nicolas CHRISTMAN of Waldersbach with Madeline daughter of Jean ROCHEL of Bellefosse in Waldersbach

31 MAY 1700 Marriage of Jean the son of Didier MOREL of Belmont & Madeline BERNARD the daughter of Jean BERNARD of Fouday at the Church of Fouday

03 JUL 1700 Jean Nicolas son of Jean GANIER of Bellefosse & Marguerite BANSET. GPs: Jean ROCHEL, Nicolas CLAUDE, Marie daughter of David VERLY

16 NOV 1700 Jean HOLVECH, an old widower, married Sara CLAUDE daughter of Jean WOLF CLAUDE of Wildersbach in the church of Rothau

22 DEC 1700 Marie Jeanne dau of Nicolas CHRISTMAN & Eve LOUX wife of Solbach was born & baptized on the 25th in Conversion de St Paul Church of Fouday. GPs: Jean Jacques CHRISTMAN son of Nicolas CHRISTMAN of Solbach, Jeanne CAQUELIN daughter of Jacques Cacquelin and Marie BERNARD of Solbach.

19 APR 1701 Marriage of Christman CHRISTMAN son of the widow Nicolas CHRISTMAN of Solbach with Marie daughter of Jean PARMENTIER of Neuvillers.

29 JUN 1701 Jean Jacques VERLY son of David VERLY of Bellefosse and Barbe BEQUER was baptized in Waldersbach. GPs: Jean VERLY of Bellefosse and Jacques CAQUELIN son of Christman CAQUELIN of Waldersbach, Anne BEQUER, the daughter of Oswald BEQUER. {Later died at 1 year of age}

06 OCT 1701 Nicolas LOUX of Benoit LOUX & Jeanne CHRISTMAN of Solbach baptized. GPs: Jean RINGUELSBACH of Waldersbach, Didier son of Jean LOUX of Truchi & Oudille MARESCHAL wife of George NEUVILLERS of Waldersbach.

21 OCT 1702 Jean Jacques CHRISTMAN son of Jacques CHRISTMAN & Magdeline ROCHEL of Waldersbach was born. Baptized on 24th in Waldersbach. GPs: Jean CHRISTMAN and Jean CLAUDE son of Didier CLAUDE of Waldersbach, Jeanne ROCHEL daughter of Jean ROCHEL the weaver of Bellefosse.

22 OCT 1702 Jean Jacques son of David VERLY & Barbe BEQUER of Bellefosse died.

22 OCT 1701 Claude GROSHENS son of Nicolas GROSHENS of Neuvillers married Jeanne MALAISI daughter of Jean MALAISI in Neuvillers.

09 FEB 1702 Jean RINGUELSBACH of Waldersbach married Anne Barbe SCHEIDEKER a widow of Neuvillers. Wedding in the Church of Neuvillers.

01 JAN 1702 Jean Nicolas CHRISTMAN son of Christman CHRISTMAN of Neuvillers & Marie PARMENTIER born and baptized in Neuvillers on Wednesday the 11th. GPs: Jean CHRISTMAN of Waldersbach and Nicolas MARESCHAL of Fouday, Jeanne CHRISTMAN wife of Benoit LUX of Solbach.

22 JUL 1702 Wolfgang Nicolas son of Jean CHRISTMAN of Neuvillers and Marguerite MOREL was born. Bap. on 14th in Church of Rothau. Godparents: Monsieur Wolfgang of Landsberg, a noble gentleman from Nidermai, Nicolas Charrier Minister of Ban de la Roche, and Mademoiselle of Kybenheim, our Dame of Honor, Her Highness the Madam Princess Dorothea Palatine of Veldenz.

29 APR 1703 Didier CHRISTMAN son of Nicolas CHRISTMAN & Eve LOUX was born in the village of Solbach & baptized in Fouday. Godparents: elder Didier Mareschal, son of Dimanche MARESCHAL of Fouday & Jean VONIE son of Dimanche VONIE of Wildersbach, Catherine LOUX, daughter of Jean LOUX of Truchi.

13 MAY 1703 Jean Martin son of Martin GROHENS & Marguerite Valentin of Belmont was baptized in Belmont. GPs: Jean VERLY de la Pile and Martin CLAUDE.

29 MAY 1703 George the weaver, son of Nicolas BANSET & Anne WAGNER of Belmont married Marguerite dau of Thomas MUNIER & Mougeatte NEUVILLERS

05 JUN 1703 Marriage of Nicolas son of Nicolas RINGUELSBACH of Wildersbach to Regine dau of Jean ROCHEL the weaver of Bellefosse—Church of Waldersbach

26 JUN 1703 Marriage of Didier VALENTIN of Belmont to Elizabeth GUILAUME

23 JUL 1703 Jean Jaques CHRISTMAN son of Christman CHRISTMAN & Marie PARMENTIER of Neuvillers was born.

06 APR 1704 Catherine LUX daughter of Dimanche VONIE died in Rothau at 51 years.

14 JUN 1704 Marguerite Sara daughter of Jean CHRISTMAN died in Neuvillers. 10 yrs.


28 OCT 1704 Marie Salome, dau. Jean VERLI & Marguerite MELCKER of Belmont born and baptized in Belmont. GPs: Ulrich WERLI son of Ulrich WERLI of Belmont, Regine Knielle GROSHENS wife of George MARESCHAL of Bellefosse & Marie Salome BERNARD dau of Didier BERNARD the Justice of Solbach.

28 OCT 1704 Catherine daughter of Pierre KOMMER & Marie NEUVILLERS. GPs: Jean an oilman and son of Didier VERLI, Catherine NEUVILLERS wife of Balthazar KOMMER, Marie BANSET daughter of Christophel BANSET of Bellefosse.

25 MAR 1705 George Gustave son of Jean CHRISTMAN of Neuvillers and Marguerite MOREL was baptized in Rothau on the 27th. Godparents: George LAURENT the Lieutenant bailiff of the Ban de la Roche, Jean MOREL, son of Michel MOREL the Justice and auditor of Wildersbach, Sophie Elizabeth of BERING, the DAME of HONOR, and Her Highness Madame PRINCESS DOROTHEA PALENTINE of VALDENZ, and her chambermaid, Mademoiselle Ischeler.

07 APR 1705 Marguerite dau of Nicolas RINGUELSBACH of Neuvillers & Regine Knielle ROCHEL born Neuvillers & bap. GP: Jean RINGUELSBACH, GRANDMATHIS.

10 JUL 1705 Marguerite MOUGENAT widow of Christman COLAS of Solbach died on the 9th in Solbach and was buried in Fouday. Age 62 years.

10 JUL 1705 Nicolas CHRISTMAN son of Jacques CHRISTMAN the tailor of Waldersbach & Marguerithe ROCHEL died & was buried in Cemetery of Foudai. 5 days old.

08 JAN 1706 Jaques son of Christman COLAS of Neuvillers and Marie PARMENTIER was born. GPs: Jaques son of Benoit LOUX of Solbach & Nicolas son of Regine BEUTRIN, auditor, Agnes MARMET wife Christ HALFZINGER.

19 JAN 1706 Christman CHRISTMAN son of Christman CHRISTMAN & Marie PARMENTIER of Neuvillers was born and baptized on the 22nd in Neuvillers. Godparents: Jean CHRISTMAN son of Nicolas CHRISTMAN of Solbach, Dietrich HOLVECH son of Jean Michel HOLVECH the master tailor and Justice of Rothau, Regine Knielle ROCHEL wife of Nicolas RINGUELSBACH of Wildersbach.

29 JUN 1705 Jean George son of Pierre HENN-? and Magdelaine VERLY of Belmont was born & bap in Belmont. GPs: Jean VALENTIN a youth, Jean Pierre son of Pierre VERLY, Catherine MARESCHAL wife Didier MOREL forester of Belmont.

05 JUL 1705 Nicolas CHRISTMAN son of Jacques CHRISTMAN, the blacksmith and Magdelaine ROCHEL of Waldersbach was born in the village on at six in the evening and baptized on the 7th in the Church of Waldersbach. GPs: elder Nicolas CLAUDE, son of Didier CLAUDE, and Jean son of Oswald BECKER, Catherine CHRISTMAN daughter of Nicolas CHRISTMAN of Waldersbach.

29 JUL 1705 Jean WOLF / CLAUDE infant son of Michel WOLF / CLAUDE of Wildersbach died violently by accidentally falling into water and drowning at 9AM. He was buried the next day in Rothau Cemetery at age 12 months and 14 days.

17 AUG 1705 Jean George HOLVECH son of Jean HOLVECH of Rothau died 19 yrs 5 mos

17 OCT 1705 Jean Nicolas son of Jean MARESCHAL and Marie Salome BERNARD, residents of Waldersbach, was born and baptized. GPs: Didier CLAUDE, Michel BERNARD, Marguerite daughter of Christman CAQUELIN.

02 FEB 1706 Nicolas RINGUELSBACH son of Regine Junon LOUX was born. GP: COLAS.

25 FEB 1706 Daughter of Jean CLAUDE of Wildersbach died in her village on and was buried the next day in the Cemetery of Rothau.

07 SEP 1706 Sophie Dorothee daughter of Jean Michel HOLVECH of Rothau died.

21 DEC 1706 Didier VONIE of Wildersbach died at age 62 years. Buried in Rothau.

10 JAN 1707 Jean Michel Holvech, son of Jean Michel HOLVECH died at 3 months of age.

06 FEB 1707 Daughter of Jean CLAUDE of Wildersbach died.

17 FEB 1707 Christman COLAS son of Christman COLAS of Neuvillers died at 1 year and 1 month. Buried in the Cemetery of Rothau.

22 FEB 1707 Marguerite daughter of Nicolas RINGUELSBACH of Neuvillers died and was buried in the Cemetery of Rothau. 1 year, 10 mo 17 days old.

26 FEB 1707 Claude MALAISI son of CHRISTMAN MALAISI of Wildersbach died. 14 months old.

06 APR 1707 Jeanne MOREL wife of Jean VONIE of Wildersbach died. Rothau. 33 1/2 yrs.

15 OCT 1707 Marriage of George the tailor and son of Christophel BANSET & Jeanne NEUVILLERS of Bellefosse to Catherine CHRISTMAN daughter of Colas CHRISTMAN & Jeanne MARESCHAL of Waldersbach in Waldersbach

30 OCT 1707 David Nicolas HOLVECH son of Jean HOLVECH died in Rothau.

16 NOV 1707 Confried Nicolas son of Jean Nicolas HOLVECH Justice died in Rothau.

12 JUN 1708 Marriage of Jean Pierre WERLY son of Pierre WERLY of Belmont to Regine MOREL daughter of Dimanche MOREL of Wildersbach

19 JUN 1708 Marriage of Christman WERLY son of Jean VERLY of Switzerland and Marguerite CHRISTMAN, widow of Didier MARESCHAL of Waldersbach

07 JUL 1708 Marriage of Christman VONIE son of Dimanche VONIE of Wildersbach to Anne Marie HERSLER daughter of David HERSLER.

24 JUL 1708 Marriage of Jean WERLY of Ban de la Roche to Elizabeth ASCHELMANN daughter of Jean ASCHELMANN of Belmont at the Church of Belmont

21 JAN 1709 Marriage of Jean son of Ulrich VERLY of Belmont and Regine CLAUDE daughter of Claude CLAUDE the elder of Belmont. Church of Wildersbach.

16 AUG 1712 Odille Verly married Jean Michel GAGNIER in Rothau.

31 OCT 1713 Jean RINGUELSBACH, Odille’s uncle, is godfather to Peter GANIER.

19 AUG 1715 Christman NAUFINGER born to Christman NAUFINGER and Marie Salome.

24 OCT 1716 Joseph NEUVILLERS and Ester GUILAUME (mentioned, illegible script)

21 APR 1716 Marriage of widower Benoit LOUX , Solbach & widow Madelon PARMENTIER.

21 FEB 1717 Jean CHRISTMAN son of Marguerite dau of Jean GROSHENS. -- Jean Claude GRANDGEORGE, Marguerite NEUVILLERS, Ulrich MOREL, George VONIE Didier VONIER, Jean GEORGE

25 JAN 1718 David Nicolas BOHY, Maria Esther GRANDGEORGE from Wildersbach.

09 FEB 1718 Anne Charlotte LUX, daughter of Didier LUX and Marie his wife was born. Bap. in Fouday. GPs: Benoit LUX of Truchi, Madeleine SCHEDIECKER of Fouday, Madame Charlotte RAYOLTEM the wife of the minister of the Valley.

15 FEB 1718 Odille daughter of Christman VERLY and Marguerite CHRISTMAN was born and baptized on the 20th in Waldersbach. GPs: Jean VERLY of Bellefosse, Odille BEQUER & Marie NEUVILLERS aunts from Vallé Dieu la Benifse.

19 APR 1718 Dimanche LOUX son of Benoit LOUX

07 JUN 1718 Marriage of Claude BERNARD of Solbach son of Didier BERNARD the supervisor with Marguerite MOREL daughter of Michel MOREL.

17 JUL 1718 Son of Michel GROSHENS sponsored by Claudette GEORGE, Jean GROSHENS, Jeandon CHRISTMAN, Jean CHRISTMAN, Jean Michel.

09 AUG 1718 Marriage of Benoit LUX of Truchi with Madeline SCHEIDEKER of Fouday

26 AUG 1718 Didier CAQUELIN widow of Waldersbach married Marguerite BANSET

20 OCT 1718 Christman VONIE baptized. Godparent Jean CHRISTMAN son of Jean CHRISTMAN, Madeline MULLER, Dimanche MULLER.

04 MAY 1719 Marriage of Jean GAGNIER to Anne SCHEIDEKER of Bellefosse.

30 MAY 1719 Hans, son of CHRISTMAN of Fouday & Marguerite Claude HOLVECH of Haute Goutte sponsored by Didier VERLY and Claude GROSHENS.

09 JUN 1719 Jean Michel son of BERNARD & Odille George. Godparent is Benoit LOUX.

18 JUN 1719 Jean Nicolas LOUX son of Benoit LOUX and Madeleine MARMET residents of Solbach was born on and baptized in the Church of Fouday on the 21st. The godparents are Nicolas VONIE garde of his Altesse and resident of Wildersbach, Nicolas GAGNIER of Rothau and Jeanne LUX of Truchi.

01 AUG 1719 Jacques CHRISTMAN son of Collas CHRISTMAN of Solbach married Odille VERLY the widow of Jean Michel Gagnier. They were married at the Church of Rothau.

10 NOV 1719 Jean GROSHEINS baptized. GP: Jean son of Jean CHRISTMAN.

02 APR 1720 Jean Jacques KREIGER of Bellefosse & Marie Salomé MARESCHAL were married.

02 APR 1720 Marriage of Christman BANSET of Belmont with Madeline

06 MAY 1720 Marriage of Jean MÜLLER of Bellefosse with Marguerite CAQUELIN

06 MAY 1720 Jaques CHRISTMAN son of Jean Jaques CHRISTMAN & Odille, his wife, was born on the 4th and baptized. Godparents are Nicolas CHRISTMAN of Solbach, Janidon HOLVECH, Hans WOLF (Jean LOUX), Jean George WIDERMANN and Petreman JAQUELLE.

12 JUN 1720 Agnes dau of Jean VERLY & Anne de Knielle CLAUDE of Belmont was bap on 16th. GPs: Martin CLAUDE, H. SCHEIDECKER, Elizabeth HASCHELMAN.

05 JUL 1720 Christophel son of George MOREL and Oudille CLAUDE of Belmont was bap. in Belmont. GPs: Casper MÜLLER, Christophel BOURGEOIS from Barr.

09 AUG 1720 George Adam HOLVECH was born

16 AUG 1720 Jean MOREL was born.


03 JAN 1721 Catherine NEUVILLERS died in Haute Goutte.

02 JAN 1721 Jean VERLY the Forester died at 63 years. Buried in Church of Belmont.

16 JAN 1721 Jaques CHRISTMAN died on 15th. Buried in Rothau. About 30 years old.

18 JAN 1721 Didier KRIEGER died on at 18 years of age and was buried in Belmont.

24 JAN 1721 Jean HASCHELMAN of Belmont died at 7 years. Buried next day in Belmont

30 JAN 1721 Didier HOLVECH married Marie VONIE

01 FEB 1721 Jean CHRISTMAN of Fouday married Marguerite MOREL

06 FEB 1721 Jean GANIER weds Odille VERLY dau of Jean Adam VERLY of Solbach.

08 FEB 1721 Marie BINKLEY daughter of Jean BINKLEY the shepherd died and was 8 days old

11 FEB 1721 Marie HASEMAN wife of Didier KREIGER of Bellefosse died on at 50 years of age and was buried in the Cemetery of Fouday

11 MAR 1721 Wife of Jean ROCHEL of Bellefosse died. Buried in Belmont Cemetery

14 MAR 1721 A hurdy-gurdy woman from Barr died in Bellefosse on doorstep of Jean CLAUDE's home and was buried in Belmont Cemetery the next day.

15 MAR 1721 Jaques CHRISTMAN the nailmaker of Waldersbach died. Buried in Fouday.

16 MAR 1721 Christophel son of George MOREL of Belmont died and was buried on 17th.

02 MAY 1721 Marriage of Didier VERLY to Elizabeth Madeline ROPP in Belmont

16 OCT 1721 Marriage of George BANSET to Catherine HOUSERA [sp] Church of Belmont

23 OCT 1721 Marriage of Dimanche CACQUELIN to Anne Marguerite COMMER. Waldersbach.

25 OCT 1721 Marriage of Christian VERLY with Irene GUERRI in Wildersbach.

06 OCT 1721 Catherine LOUX sponsors Jean MOREL.

18 JAN 1722 Claudine GEORGE married Jean GROSHENS

19 APR 1722 Jean MOREL of Bellefosse married Madeline VERLY. Witnessed by Krieger, Didier ROCHEL, Leonard MOREL, Anna BANSET, Jean BANSET.

06 APR 1722 George MOREL married – witnessed by BANSET and Marie CLAUDE.


15 FEB 1722 Dietrich VERLY & Elizabeth Roupp married. Oudille CLAUDE, witness.

21 FEB 1722 Marriage of Nicolas BERNARD and Louise CAQUELIN. Witnessed by Marguerite CAQUELIN, Jean VONIE, Jean GEORGE.

24 FEB 1722 Jacob MULLER married Catherine -- Oudille CLAUDE, David NEUVILLER

17 MAR 1722 Michel BERNHARD of Solbach & Oudile BERNHARD. Wit by Dimanche LOUX of Solbach, Catherine LOUX Jean BERNHARD, Nicolas BERNARD

19 MAR 1722 Jean MOREL and Catherine BINGGELI. Witnessed by Oudile VERLY, Jean Michel Dimanche MULLER, Anna Marie HOLVECH.

22 MAR 1722 Nicolas CAQUELIN & Anna Margretha BANSET married. Witnessed by Jean BANSET, Jacob CAQUELIN, Nicolas CAQUELIN.

25 MAR 1722 CHRISTMAN MALAISE and Eva MOREL married. Witnessed by Jean David MOREL, Catherine STEFF, Michel CLAUDE

12 APR 1722 Marriage of Jaques Kreiger & Marie GUILAUME. Witnessed by David NEUVILLER, Anna HASEMAN, Jean BANSET.

26 APR 1722 Jean MOREL and Catherine Beutrin were wed. Witnessed by Ester NAUFINGER, CHRISTMAN Malaise, Jean CLAUDE, Jean CHRISTMAN.

05 MAY 1722 Christman CLAUD of Bellefosse married Oudille Bequer. Witnessed by Margueritte CLAUDE, Jean George NEUVILLERS, signed by Jean VERLY.

08 MAY 1722 Christian TEPPE and Marie Elisabeth HOLVECH married.

17 MAY 1722 Jean GRANDGEORGE & Marguerite MARMET dau of Jean Nicolas MARMET married. Signed by: Nicolas CHRISTMAN, Benoit LOUX, Michel MOREL, Jean GRANDGEORGE, Jean RINGUELSBACH, Marguerite MARMET

19 MAY 1722 Jean LOUX son of Jean LOUX married Marie SCHEIDEKER. Witnessed and signed by Dietrich HOLVECH, Nicolas Mareschal, and Jean

23 MAY 1722 Salome HASEMAN . signed by Nicolas CHRISTMAN

18 JUN 1722 George BANSET and Catherine HOLVECH Signed by Christophel CLAUDE

05 JUL 1722 Christman BANSET and Madeline Muller. Signed by Sebastian CAQUELIN.

21 OCT 1722 Sophia CHRISTMAN sponsors Johannes Christophel PEYERS

08 OCT 1722 Jean WERLY . Catherine CHRISTMAN, RINGUELSBACH, CHRISTMAN WERLY, George Knapp, Christophel CLAUDE.

29 JUN 1723 Jean VERLY & Marguerite CLAUDE of Bellefosse wed in Waldersbach.

14 OCT 1723 Jeanne CHRISTMAN bap. GP: Jean Colas son of Jean VONIE of Neuviller

22 OCT 1723 Jeanne Elisabeth dau of Christian TEPPE of Rothau & Marie Elisabeth HOLVECH bap. GPs: Nicolas LOUX, Jeanne HOLVECH & Elizabeth TEPPE

14 FEB 1724 Jean David, batard, born to Jeanne MULLER, bap. GPs: Jean CHRISTMAN, Sebastian CLAUD of Wildersbach, Marguerite, wife of Benoit MALAISE.

14 FEB 1724 Marriage of Jacques HESLER and Catherine MARESCHAL of Waldersbach.

28 FEB 1724 Marriage of Dimanche KREIGER of Bellefosse & Regine HISSLER of Walders

29 FEB 1724 Marriage of Jean Matthis MORTAMIN{SP} & Agnes SCHEIDEKER of Belmont.

09 MAY 1724 Marriage of HERZOCH and Jeanne BEQUER of Belmont.

17 NOV 1724 Jean Michel son of Claud Nicolas GRANDGEORGE & Jeanne LOUX born.

07 JAN 1725 Marguerite MOREL, widow of Nicolas RINGUELSBACH & Christman GRANDMATHIS, died in Wildersbach. Buried in Rothau. 80 years old.

08 JAN 1725 Ulric SOMMER died & was buried in Rothau. He was 90 years old.

28 JAN 1725 Nicolas GANIER, MARECHAL of Rothau, died & was buried. Age 45.

01 FEB 1725 Marriage of Pierre BINGGELI shoemaker from Berne, Switzerland to Marie Salomé VERLY dau of Jean VERLY the bourgeois and forester of Belmont

13 APR 1725 Marriage of Petreman JAQUELLE the carpenter & Jeanne HOLVECH dau of D. HOLVECH the justice and tailor of Rothau. Ceremony in Rothau.

06 JUN 1725 Marriage of Jean George NEUVILLERS and Catherine VONIE.

17 AUG 1725 Odille VERLY, widow of Jaques CHRISTMAN of Rothau, sponsors Esther HOLVECH, the daughter of George Adam HOLVECH, master cart maker.

03 JAN 1726 Jean AHNNE son of Jean AHNNE Lausanne, Swiss native and Magdelaine MARMET wife of Benoit LOUX from Solbach weds Catherine GEORGE dau of Sebastian GEORGE of Fouday in the Church of Fouday

12 FEB 1726 Pierre BRÜLLHARD the shoemaker, son of Pierre BRÜLLHARD, native of the Canton of Berne, Switzerland and Anne COLY, married Odille VERLY, the widow and spark of Jaques CHRISTMAN a Bourgeois from Rothau. Ceremony officiated by Mr. BINNINGER in the Chappell of Neuvillers.

04 MAR 1726 Jean Michel GANIER, Maréchal of Rothau, son of Nicolas GANIER, Chief Marshal, Bourgeois of Rothau & Jeanne HOLVECH, married Marguerite NEUVILLERS, dau of Jean George NEUVILLERS, Bourgeois of Waldersbach

10 AUG 1727 Didier VONIE son of Jean Nicolas VONIE died at 17 days.

08 SEP 1727 Madeline Esther MOREL wife of Matthias GROSHENS died at 50 years.

10 SEP 1727 Marie Elisabeth, daughter of Jean CHRISTMAN & Marguerite MOREL died in Neuvillers at 5PM. Buried on 12th. Age 19 years, 6 months, 10 days.

15 SEP 1727 Jean Michel CHRISTMAN, son of Jean CHRISTMAN & Marguerite MOREL, joined sister’s flux de sang & died on Monday at 2PM. He was buried the next day at 3PM in Rothau at 30 years, 7 months 9 days.

21 SEP 1727 Marguerite MOREL, wife of Jean CHRISTMAN of Neuvillers, died from the same flux de sang. Buried on 23rd at 56 years, 5 months, 18 days.

02 FEB 1726 Birth of Jean Nicolas CLAUDE son of Michel CLAUDE and Caterina BANSET.

14 FEB 1726 Birth of Jean Pierre TEPP son of Christian TEPP & Marie Holvech. Died 1730.

20 NOV 1726 Pierre BRÜLLHARD son of Pierre BRÜLLHARD & Odille VERLY was born. Baptized in Rothau on 27th. Godparents: Didier VERLY, uncle, Madeline COLY wife of Jean STEMPLY a Swiss shoemaker & resident of Rothau.

25 DEC 1726 Rudolph CHRISTMAN a witness in a baptism. Illegible entry.

11 JAN 1727 Claude son of Claude Nicolas GRANDGEORGE & Janidon LOUX born in Neuvillers. GPs: Mathis GROSHENS, Michel GROSHENS & Sara VONIE.

20 FEB 1727 Jean David son of David GANIER and Sara MULLER was baptized on the 23rd. Godparents: Matthis Grosheins, CHRISTMAN Ganier, Caterine MULLER.

06 MAR 1727 Janidon daughter of Sebastian CLAUDE of Wildersbach and Caterine GRANDMATHIS baptized on the 6th. GPs: Jean RINGUELSBACH & Anne Margurite daughter of widow Claude GROSHENS of Neuvillers.

24 FEB 1728 Jean Michel son of David GANIER and Sara MULLER born and baptized in Neuvillers. GPs: Jean MULLER, uncle, Caterina RUPP, Jean MALAISE.

04 MAR 1728 Anne Marie dau of Jean George VONIE of Neuvillers & Caterine Marguerite MARESCHAL. GPs: Christman son of Christman VERLY & Marguerite CHRISTMAN, Marie daughter of Jean Michel MALAISE forester & hunter of Seigneur in Neuvillers, &, Marie VONIE of Neuvillers, the infant's aunt.

13 SEP 1728 Marguerite, daughter of Didier HOLVECH & Marie VONIE born & bap. GPs: Petreman JAQUELLE, Anne Marguerite GROSHENS wife of Jean George WIDERMAN the MARhal, Madeline HUSELER daughter of Jean HUSELER.

26 SEP 1728 Jean Pierre son of Jean PONTON & Caterine LOUX of Neuvillers. GPs: Jean Pierre HENNY of Switzerland, the son of Jean Pierre HENNY & Madeline VERLY, Benoit LOUX his uncle, &, Jeanne LOUX daughter of Jean LOUX.

08 DEC 1728 Jean BRÜLLHARD son of Pierre BRÜLLHARD the shoemaker and Oudile VERLY was baptized in Rothau's church the following day. Godparents: Petreman JAQUELLE the carpenter, Jean STEMPLY the shoemaker, Marie VONIE, wife of Didier HOLVECH the tailor. All from Rothau.

?? DEC 1728 Jean Nicolas MOREL GPs: by Wolfgang Nicolas CHRISTMAN of Neuvillers.

24 DEC 1728 Didier son of Michel CLAUDE of Wildersbach & Caterine BANSET born & bap on 27th. GPs: Didier HOLVECH tailor of Rothau, Jean CHRISTMAN son of Jean GRANDGEORGE of Wildersbach, Sara, dau of CHRISTMAN VONIE

21 SEP 1729 Caterine Marguerite daughter of Didier MOREL & Jeanne CHRISTMAN was born & bap in Wildersbach. Godparents: WOLF gang Nicolas CHRISTMAN, uncle of the infant, Caterine Marguerite GROSHENS, Caterine MOREL.

20 MAR 1729 Jean Nicolas Grandgeorge son of Claud Grandgeorge & Sara Muller [?] GPs: Benoit LOUX of Solbach, Jean Pierre Huseler, Catherine GROSHENS.

24 JUL 1729 Caterine LOUX wife of Jean PONTON sponsors Quirin MALAISE.

30 JUL 1729 Christian LOUX son of Nicolas LOUX & Eve MOREL of Wildersbach was born and baptized in Rothau. GPs: Chrisitan TEPP of Rothau, Jean MOREL, his uncle, and Oudile LOUX, daughter of Jean LOUX of Truchi [Fouday].

10 MAY 1729 Marriage of Nicolas LOUX, son of Benoit LOUX of Solbach and Jeanne CHRISTMAN with Eve MOREL daughter of Jean David MOREL the Justice of Wildersbach and Caterine CLAUDE in the church of Neuviller.

6 APR 1730 Jean Nicolas MALAISE son of Dimanche MALAISE and Marguerite MOREL is born and sponsored by Nicolas CHRISTMAN, son of Jean CHRISTMAN.

7 APR 1730 Jean Michel LOUX son of Nicolas LOUX and Marie Huseler of Wildersbach was baptized on Easter in Neuvillers. Godparents: Michel BERNARD of Solbach, Jean LOUX of Truchi, his uncle, and Salome HUSELER, his aunt.

23 SEP 1731 Anne, the daughter of Nicolas RINGUELSBACH sponsors baptism of Jean Michel PONTON, son of Jean PONTON & Caterine LOUX of Riengoute.

01 MAR 1731 Jean Nicolas son of Nicolas LOUX & Eve MOREL of Wildersbach baptized in Rothau. Godparents: Jean PONTON of Riengoute & Neuvillers, Benoit LOUX, uncle of Solbach, Jeanne CHRISTMAN wife of Didier MOREL of Wildersbach.

10 NOV 1731 Christian TEPP sponsors Marie M dau of Michel CLAUD & Caterine BANSET.

01 JAN 1732 Didier, son of Christophel COMMER & Elizabeth GROSHENS from Neuvillers. Godparents: Didier GROSHENS & Jean George GROSHEINS his uncles.

17 AUG 1733 Jean Jacques son of Christman CHRISTMAN & – PARMENTIER died in the morning buried in Neuvillers on the 18th age of 30 years & 24 days.

08 OCT 1733 Didier HOLVECH died at the age of 43, buried in Rothau.

01 FEB 1734 Jean George WIDERMAN, Maréchal & bourgeois of Rothau died at 51 years.

17 DEC 1734 Michel, son of Didier CHRISTMAN born in Wildersbach, baptized in Rothau.

10 NOV 1735 Nicolas CHRISTMAN son of Jean CHRISTMAN the bourgeois and his wife, Marguerite MOREL, both residents of Neuvillers, married Marguerite, the daughter of Dimanche MALAISE and Marguerite MOREL of Neuvillers.

17 AUG 1736 Jean Nicolas son of Nicolas CHRISTMAN and Marguerite MALAISE was born and baptized in Rothau. Godfather: Didier CHRISTMAN, brother of the father.

31 JAN 1741 Jean Jacques son of Nicolas CAQUELIN died at 5 years 5 months in Foudai.

14 FEB 1741 Nicolas son of Benoit LOUX & Marie MALAISE died in Foudai. 4 months and 1week old.

02 DEC 1741 Eve LOUX the wife of Nicolas CHRISTMAN of Solbach died at age 80 years, 9 months and 8 days, and is buried in the cemetery of Foudai.

22 OCT 1749 Nicolas CHRISTMAN bourgeois of Solbach died in the village at 1 AM and was buried in the Cemetery of Fouday. Age 83 years, 8 months, 18 days. Signed by the minister, Jean Daniel Brudevy [sp] and Vonier Masson


MÜLLER resided in Walhern before 1668

NEUVILLER from Canton of Bern before 1668

BINGGELI resided in Wahlern before 1725

BRÜLLHARD resided in Wahlern before 1726

VERLY resided in Walhern before 1708

SOMMER resided in Canton of Bern before 1693

SCHEITEKER before 1692

KOMMER before 1693

AHNNE from Lausanne before 1726

STEMPLY before 1726; HENNY resided in Horville before 1728

translated by Louise Chrisman

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